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2011 年烟台市初中学生学业考试英语试题
说明: 1.本试题分Ⅰ卷和Ⅱ卷两部分。考试时间 120 分钟,满分 150 分。 2.考试结束后,只交答题卡和第Ⅱ卷。 温馨提示: 1.考生答卷前,务必将自己的姓名、准考证号、考试科目涂写在答题卡上。 2.每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上相对应题目的答案标号涂黑;如需改动,须用橡皮 擦干净,再改涂其它答案。21 至 25 小题、66 至 75 小题的答案填写在试卷第 9 页相应位置。 3.1 至 25 小题为听力测试题(听力测试开始前播放 1 分钟音乐)。 第Ⅰ卷(满分 90 分) 一、听力测试(30 分) (一)听对话,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择与画面一致的选项,对话读一遍。 (每小题 1 分)

1.A B C 2.A B C 3.A B C 4. A B C 5. A B C (二)听句子,选择恰当的答语。每个句子读两遍。 (每小题 1 分) 6. A. That's OK. B. The same to you. C. I'm glad you like it. 7. A. I'm thirsty. B. Some orange juice. C. Yes, a cake please. 8. A. Just a little , please. B. That's nice. C. You'd better have a good rest. 9. A.Very well. B. Very good. C. Very hard. 10. A. No, I didn’t. B. Not yet. C. No, I don’t. (三)听下面五组对话和对话后面的问题,选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。 (每小题 1 分) 11. A. Twenty-five minutes. B. Thirty minutes. C. Thirty-five minutes. 12. A. On the right. B. Next to the bookstore. C. Next to the post office. 13. A. He’s a pilot. B. He is a ship captain. C. He is a truck driver. 14. A. Husband and wife. B. Neighbors. C. Father and daughter. 15. A. In a post office. B. In a restaurant. C. In a bank. (四)听一段长对话,根据对话内容选择正确答案。对话读两遍。 (每小题 1.5 分) 16. Why does Mike look worried? A. Because he is not interested in English. B. Because he lost his bag. C. Because he’s having trouble learning English. 17. How should Mike improve his pronunciation? A. By watching TV. B. By listening to the teacher’s tapes. C.By listening to the radio. 18. What should Mike do with the new words? A. Write them in his notebook and study them. B. Repeat them at any time. C.Write them on the blackboard. 19. When does the English club meet? A. On Tuesday. B. On Friday. C. On Tuesday and Friday. 20. Mike should___________ to practice his writing. 第- 1 -页 共 14 页

A. find a pen pal B. write a diary C. join the English club 1.听短文,根据短文内容填空。短文读两遍。 (每小题 1.5 分) When I was fourteen, I was too nervous to talk to anyone. My classmates often laughed at me. I was sad and could do nothing. Later, something happened and 21. my life. My mother asked me to take part in an English speech contest. It 22. I had to speak in front of all the teachers and the students. "Come on, boy. Just believe in yourself. You are sure to win." Then we talked about many 23. . At last I chose the topic "Believe in yourself". I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 times. 24. of my mother's love, I did well in the contest. I could 25.___________ believe my ears when the news came that I had won the first place. 二、基础知识运用(15 分) 26. --Do you know ______ man in blue? --Yes, he’s a professor of_________ university. A. the, a B. a, an C. the, an D. / , the 27. It is true that knowledge_____ rather than being taught. A. learns B. learned C. is learned D. was learned 28. --Well, my sons take great interest in most of the food on the menu. --Thanks. _______________? --Yes, fried fish, beef, chips and cola, please. A. Can I do for you B. At your service C. What to follow D. Shall I take your order 29. _______ you have tried it on, you can’t imagine how pretty the new style skirt is. A. Because B. Although C.Unless D. When 30.--How does Jack usually go to school? --He_____________ride a bike, but now he_______________there to lose weight. A. used to, is used to walk B. was used to, is used to walking C. was used to, is used to walk D. used to, is used to walking 31.--Can a plane fly_______ the Atlantic Ocean? --Yes, but it needs to go_________ the clouds for hours. A. across, through B. through, across C. across, across D. through, through 32. -- Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in the next match? --Yes, they have better players, so I _______ them to win. A. hope B. except C. expect D. prefer 33. Some people waste too much water. They don’t believe that it can__________some day. A. keep out B. run out C. be run out D. run out of 34. --Do you think the rain will stop tomorrow? --______________. It has rained for ten days. It’s too wet everywhere. A. I hope not B. I’m sure it is C. I’m afraid it will D. I hope so 35.When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei________ my homework. I really got_______. A. copying, annoyed B. copying, annoying C. copy, annoyed D. copied, annoyed 第- 2 -页 共 14 页

36.--Do you have enough students to clean the laboratory? --No, I think we need____________ students. A. another B. two others C. more two D. two more 37. A foreign visitor is coming to visit our new house this evening. My mother will offer him _______ to eat. A. anything delicious B. something real Chinese C. something Japanese food D. delicious something 38. --Do you know________ this dictionary belongs to? --Let me see. Oh, it’s__________. A. who does, mine B. who, me C. whose, mine D. who, mine 39. .—I think the man over there must be Bob. -- It_______ be him. He has______ to Australia. A. can’t, gone B. can’t, been C. may not, been D. mustn’t, gone 40. Which of the following signs can be seen on the door of a shopping mall?

A B C D 三、完形填空(15 分) Today, it is a big problem for young graduates to get satisfying jobs. 41 that there are thousands of different kinds of jobs in the world. Choosing the right one itself is not easy. “Finding a job” is not 42 as “choosing a job”. Many young people end up in a job because they are not 43 for it. Sometimes “Chance” may 44 a more important part than “decision”. Here are a few steps to help you think about jobs 45 you might enjoy doing after what kind of person you are, which school or university. First, it is important 46 special qualities 47 you outstanding among people and what you are interested in. There is a difference 48 an interest and a skill. If you like 49 and enjoy looking at pictures, that is an interest. But if you can 50 a horse that looks like a horse not a big dog, that is a 51 . Then ask yourself a question, “ In the following three areas--skills with people, skills with information and skills with things, which are your 52 skills?” After 53 your skills, the next step is research. To 54 as many different kinds of jobs as possible, go to the library and read books, magazines and newspapers for information. Ask your friends 55 the work they do. Finally, trust your own ideas and your own thinking! It is your own life, just find the job you really enjoy doing. 41. A. It’s saying B. It’s say C. It is said D. It says 42. A. same B. as same C. so good D. the same 43. A. suitable B. fitted C. able D. like 44. A. take B. play C. have D. choose 45. A. which B. what C. if D. whether 第- 3 -页 共 14 页

46. A. feel B. realize C. to feel D. to realize 47. A. helps B. makes C. make D. help 48. A. both B. between C. from D. either 49. A. art B. music C. sports D. acting 50. A. ride B. feed C. draw D. treat 51. A. success B. skill C. hobby D. fact 52. A. good B. the best C. better D. best 53. A. examine B. have examined C. examining D. examined 54. A. find out B. look out C. find D. look at 55. A. what do they think of B. how do they think of C. what they think of D. how they think of 四、阅读理解(30 分) A A doctor was once teaching a class of medical students at a famous hospital in Edinburge. An injured man was brought in, and the doctor turned to one of his students and asked him, “What’s wrong with this man ?” “I don’t know, sir,” the student answered. “Shall I examine him and find out?” “There’s no need to examine him,” said the doctor. “You should know without asking questions. He has hurt his right knee. Didn’t you notice the way he walked? He hurt it by burning it in the fire. You see his trousers leg is burnt away at the knee. This is Monday morning. Yesterday was fine, but on Saturday the roads were wet and muddy. The man’s trousers are muddy all over. The man fell down on Saturday night.” The doctor then turned to the man and said, “You had your pay on Saturday and went to a public house and drank too much. You got muddy and wet on the way home. Because you had drunk too much, you fell on the fire and burnt your knee. Is that right? “Yes, sir,” said the man. 56. The medical students were having a lesson ______. A. at the library B. in a classroom C. at a well-known hospital D. in a medical school 57. The man hurt his knee _______. A. on Monday B. on Sunday night C. on Saturday night D. yesterday 58. How did the doctor know that the man burnt his knee? A. From the way he walked. B. By seeing his trousers leg is burnt away at the knee. C. By seeing the man’s trousers are muddy all over. D. Both A and B 59.Which is the right order according to the passage? ① He burnt his knee. ②He got drunk. ③He fell down and got muddy. ④He had his pay. A. ①②③④ B. ④③②① C. ③④①② D. ④②③① 60. From the passage we know that _______ is very important for medical students. A. watching and thinking B. taking good care of others C. learning from others D. teaching B As space science develops, man has learned more and more about space. Space is not only amazing but also dangerous. While working in space, spacemen are facing danger as well as success. 第- 4 -页 共 14 页

Scientists have found out that the radiation(辐射) is the greatest danger to spacemen in space. When spacemen are working in space, they are in danger of the radiation from the sun and other stars, which is bad for their health. The harm of the radiation won’t be found until their children even grandchildren are born. Some special medicine may work a little, but no really effective medicine has been found so far. Space rubbish is also thought to be a great danger to spacemen. It’s reported that there were 9,000 man-made things flying in space. About 30% of these are satellites, 10% are spaceships, and the rest are space rubbish. An explosion(爆炸)in space in 1999 made a cloud of 300,000 fragments, each at least 4mm in size. A small piece of these even knocked fragments, a spaceship window and caused some damage(损坏). Scientists are watching and reporting any possible danger all the time. They are working to deal with space rubbish. Although space is really dangerous, it interests many people on the earth. In the near future, it may become possible for people to spend a few days in a space hotel. We may even choose to leave the earth and live in space in a few years. So we should do something to help improve the space environment. 61. ______ shows the man-made things in space in the correct way.

A. B. C. D. 62. The radiation from the sun and other stars is ______ to spacemen. A. good B. helpful C. useful D. harmful 63. The underlined word “fragments”means “______”. A. 碎片 B. 泡沫 C. 烟雾 D. 飞碟 64. The passage talks about _________ kinds of danger in space. A. two B. three C. four D. five 65. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Scientists have found out ways to solve any problem in space. B. Every one of us can have a travel to space in ten years. C. The harm of the radiation may be found in the spacemen’s children. D. Space is really dangerous, so it doesn’t interest anyone on the earth. C Bill Gates is head of the software company Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men. He was born on October 28, 1955 and grew up in Seattle with his two sisters. He was a very bright boy. Science and math were his two favorite subjects at school. And he dreamed of being a scientist. Bill first started to play on computers at the age of 13. At that time, a computer was a very large machine. Once he was interested in a very old computer. He and some of his friends spent as much time as possible on computers. In the end, they worked out a software program. Bill sold it for 4,200 dollars when he was only 17. In 1973, Bill went to Harvard University. In 1975, Bill and his partners developed a 第- 5 -页 共 14 页

software program called BASIC. This was not the first program ever created, but its inventors were the first to decide that people who wanted to use it should pay for it. BASIC was a success. Then Bill left Harvard to work for Microsoft, a company he started in 1975 with his boyhood friend Paul Allen. They thought the computer would come into every office and every home soon. So they began developing software for personal computers. They improved the software to make it easier for people to use computers. After many years of hard work, Microsoft becomes one of the most successful companies. And Bill Gates also becomes one of the richest businessmen in the world. 根据文章内容将信息卡补充完整。

Information about Bill Gates
October 28, 1955 Official position: Head of Microsoft Dream job in the childhood: 66. _________________________ Thing first done in1968: 67. ____________________________ Name of the software program: 68. ______________________ Reason for developing personal software: 69. _______________ Achievements: 70. ____________________________________

Date of birth:

D American schools are quite different from those in China. In America, at the beginning of the term, students must select their courses and teachers first. While in China students usually have no chances to select their courses and teachers. Selecting is very important for your grades in America. So at the first term, don’t select too many courses, 74.or you’ll feel very nervous and it may or you’ influence your study. Then you have to ask for some teaching plans. There is some information about subjects, time arranging, marks and textbooks. At the same time, you must choose the teachers. Different teachers have different teaching methods. If the teacher is called “killer” by the last grade, many students will give up choosing him. Because this kind of teacher will leave too much homework, too many exams and give too low grades. There is another thing after you select the course and the teacher. How to buy textbooks makes each student feel hard. The textbooks in America are very expensive. Each copy is about $30~50. In order to save money, many students buy some used textbooks, and some students usually borrow textbooks from the school library. You must get enough ready before class. In class, discussing is very important. 75. 老师鼓励你提出问题或展示你自己的观点。 老师鼓励你提出问题或展示你自己的观点。 第- 6 -页 共 14 页

They don’t usually ask you to sit well. Instead they allow you to sit or stand everywhere you like. They don’t give you much homework to do. You can learn some knowledge and do exercises by yourself. So in American schools, you must do almost all things yourself. 根据文章内容,补全 71、72 句中所缺单词、短语或句子。 71. At the beginning of the new term, American students have to ask for some teaching plans and get their textbooks ready besides ____________________. 72. The teacher____________________will always leave too much homework, too many exams and give too low grades. 73. 根据文章内容回答问题。 Why do many students in America buy used textbooks ? 74. 请将文中黑体字译成汉语。 75. 请将划线句子译成英语。 2011 年烟台市初中学生学业考试 英 语 试 题? 题 得 得分 号 分 评卷人 一(五) 四(C、D) 五 六 七 八 九 总 分

一、听力部分(五) (7.5 分)

21. 24. 得分 评卷人

22. 25.


四、阅读理解(C、D) (20 分)

66. ____________________________________________________________________________ 67. ____________________________________________________________________________ 68. ____________________________________________________________________________ 69. ____________________________________________________________________________ 70. ____________________________________________________________________________ 71. ____________________________________________________________________________ 72. ____________________________________________________________________________ 73. ____________________________________________________________________________

第- 7 -页 共 14 页

74. ____________________________________________________________________________ 75. ____________________________________________________________________________ 第 Ⅱ 卷(满分 60 分) 得分 评卷人

五、词汇运用(15 分)

A. 根据句意和所给的中文提示,写出句子中的单词 。 1. After three __________(星期) holiday, we came back to work. 2. Walking on the beach makes you feel___________.(放松) 3. Ten people were killed in the traffic accident, _______(包括) two babies. 4. Sally became a member of the company after the job_________ .(面试) 5. Thanks to the Internet, people in the ___________(现代)world are much closer to each other. B. 根据句意和所给的首字母提示,补全句子中的单词。 6. If there were more trees on the earth, there would be l_______ pollution. 7. I don’t like eating lemon. It t_______ too sour. 8. The injured people were taken to hospital i __________ after the accident. 9. Look, the expression on his face s that something bad must have happened to him. 10. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nong d___________ tea. C. 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。 11. What should we do to help the _________(home) people after the earthquake? 12. We do lots of outdoor _________(active) when spring comes. 13. By the time I got outside, the school bus __________ (leave). 14. Tim was seen _________ (get) out of the subway at the station on Centre Street. 15. I’ve bought a present for my father’s_________(forty)birthday. 得分 评卷人

六、完成句子(10 分)

根据所给汉语将下列句子补充完整 (每空一词) 。 1. 我的宠物狗使我的生活充满了乐趣。 My pet dog ______ my life______ great pleasure. 2. 海伦经常晚上开着灯就睡着了,因为她怕黑。 Hellen often ______ ______ _______ with the bedroom light ______ because she’s terrified of the dark. 3. 这轻音乐使你想起了什么? What does the soft music_______ _______ _______? 4. 我们在伦敦期间,他们想尽办法使我们感到像到了家一样。 They ______ _______ _______ their______ to make us feel at home when we were in London . 5. 飞机起飞的时候天正下着大雨。 It_____ ______ heavily when the plane ______ ______. 6. 我们不应该逃避问题,而应勇敢面对并解决它们。 第- 8 -页 共 14 页

We shouldn’t _____ ______ _______ the problems. We must face and solve them bravely. 得分 评卷人

七、补全对话(5 分)

根据下面提供的对话情景,从下列 7 个选项中选择正确答案,使对话连贯、完整。请将答案代 号写在题后的横线上,其中有两项是多余的。 Nathan: There is a festival in June in our country, it’s Father’s Day. 1 Li Fei: Yes, it’s on the fifth day of the fifth lunar(阴 历)month. We call it Dragon Boat Festival Nathan: 2 Li Fei: We make and eat zongzi and hold dragon boat races. Why do you celebrate Dragon Boat Nathan: 3 Festival? Li Fei: Oh, it is a story about Qu Yuan. He lived about two thousand years ago. His job was to give advice to the emperor. But he wasn’t trusted and often got punishment. So he jumped into the Miluo River and died. Nathan: 4 Was the day that Qu Yuan died on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in that year? Li Fei: 5 From then on , Chinese people began to eat zongzi and have dragon boat races on that day to memorize him. A. What happened to him? B. Is there a Chinese festival in June, too? C. Thank you for telling me. D. Yes, you are very smart. E. It sounds very interesting. F. What do you usually do on that day in China? G. What a pity! 1. 得分 评卷人 2. 3. 4. 5.

八、短文填空(10 分)

阅读下面短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示补全文中所缺的单词, 答案写在题后的横线上。 “Sorry” is a word that people in Britain often say in their daily life. One day while I was w 1 on the street, a young man ran by hurriedly, brushing (轻擦)against my handbag. He continued his way, but turned b 2 and said “sorry” to me. Even in a rush, he didn’t f 3 to say “sorry”. One day, after I bought some bananas, the shopkeeper was passing me the change, but I wasn’t ready for it and a coin bending to pick it up. I was dropped onto the ground. “Sorry, Madam,” he said w 4 第- 9 -页 共 14 页

s 5 why he said “sorry” to me. Another time, I stepped on a man’s f 6 at the said “sorry”. entrance to a cinema. At the same time, we b 7 Slowly, I got to know that when something unpleasant happens in daily life, the British don’t c 8 much about who is wrong. If someone is in trouble, a “sorry” is always n 9 . Perhaps that is w 10 I seldom see people quarrel on the buses or streets in Britain.

1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________ 4. _____________ 5. ______________ 6. _____________ 7. _____________ 8. _____________ 9. _____________ 10. _____________



九、书面表达(20 分)

Life is just like a mirror, you smile at it, and it smiles at you, too. 请你以 “Learn to Smile”为题,根据下表所列的要点写一篇 100 词左右的文章(文章开头已给出) 。 1、面对困难与烦恼学会微笑(考试失利、 学会对自己微笑 被别人误解等) 。 2、 使你自信, 击败你的人有时就是你自己。 3、有益于身心健康。 学会对他人微笑 1、便于与他人之间的交流。 2、给别人带来快乐,自己也快乐。 微笑是一种语言 人人都能懂,传递友谊,拉近距离。 误解 misunderstand

1、参考词汇: 对某人微笑 smile at sb.

2、短文必须包括所有内容要点,不要逐字翻译,可适当发挥,使短文连贯通顺。 , Learn to Smile I remember a song by Westlife, the first sentence of it is “Just a smile and the rain is gone.” Do you like smiling? I think you should learn to smile . ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 第- 10 -页 共 14 页

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2011 年烟台市初中学生学业考试 英语试题参考答案及评分标准 一、听力测试,共 30 分。1~15 每小题 1 分,16~25 每小题 1.5 分。 1—5. BACBC 6—10. CBCAB 11—15. CBABA 16—20. CBACA 21.changed 22.meant 23. different topics 24.with the help 25. hardly 二、基础知识运用, 共 15 分,每小题 1 分。 26-30 ACDCD 31—35 ACBDA 36—40 DBDAC 三、完形填空, 共 15 分,每小题 1 分。 41-45 CDABA 46—50 DCBAC 51—55 BDCAC 四、阅读理解,共 30 分。其中 56~65 每小题 1 分,66~75 每小题 2 分。(66~75 小题为任务型阅读, 有些答案不唯一,观点及文字表述正确即可。) 56—60 CCDDA 61—65B DAAC 66. (a) scientist 67. He/Bill (first ) started to play on computers./ starting to play on computers 68. (The name of the software programe is) Basic/ BASIC 69. They thought the computer would come into every office and every home soon. 70. Microsoft becomes one of the most successful companies. (Bill Gates also becomes) one of the richest businessmen in the world. 71. selecting(their/the)course(s)and(the)teacher(s). 72. called/ named killer/who is called/named killer 73. Because the textbooks in America are very expensive./ Because they want to save money./ (In order )to save money. 74. 否则你会感觉很紧张并且有可能影响你的学习。 75. The teacher encourages you to ask/ raise questions or show your own opinions/ ideas. 五、词汇运用,共 15 分,每小题 1 分。 1. weeks’ 2.relaxed 3. including 4. interview 5.modern 6. less 7.tastes 8. immediately 9. suggests/ shows 10. discovered 11. homeless 12. activities 13. had left 14. to get 15. fortieth 六、完成句子,共 10 分,每空 0.5 分。 1.fills/ filled, with 2. goes to sleep, on 3. remind you of 4. went out of , way 5. was raining, took off 6. run away from 七、补全对话,共 5 分,每小题 1 分。 BFEGD 八、短文填空,共 10 分,每小题 1 分。 第- 11 -页 共 14 页

1. walking 2. back 3.forget/ fail 4. while 5.surprised 6. foot/ feet 7. both 8.care 9. necessary 10. why 九、书面表达,共 20 分。One possible version:? Learn to Smile I remember a song by Westlife, the first sentence of it is “Just a smile and the rain is gone.” Do you like smiling? I think you should learn to smile . First, learn to smile at yourself when something unpleasant happens in your life. If you fail an exam or you are misunderstood by your friends, don’t be sad. Just smile at yourself . Smiling at yourself brings back your confidence . Sometimes the one who beats you is not others, but yourself. And smile can also keep you healthy. Second, learn to smile at others. It will make you communicate better with people. Smiling at others makes yourself happy as well. In a word, smile is a kind of language belonging to everyone. It passes love and friendship and helps shorten the distance between you and other people. Living with a smile ,every day will be shiny. 书面表达评分标准: 1.本题总分为 20 分。按五个档次给分。 2.评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来确定本档次 得分。出现考生个人信息不得分。 3.作文词数不少于 90, 否则扣 1 分。? 4.书写不规范,卷面不整洁,扣 1 分。 5.各档次的给分范围和要求: 第一档 (17-20 分) :要点全,能表述出自己的观点,行文流畅,无语法和词汇错误。 第二档 (14-16 分) :写出绝大部分要点,行文基本流畅,有少量语法和词汇错误。 第三档 (9-13 分) :写出大部分要点,行文尚通顺,有一些语法和词汇错误。 第四档 (4-8 分) :写出部分要点,语言不通顺,有很多语法和词汇错误。 第五档 (0-3 分) :基本上没写出要点,语法及拼写错误太多,不知所云。 附:听力原稿 (一)听对话,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择与画面一致的选项,对话读一遍.(每小题 1 分) 1. A. - When was the car invented? - It was invented in 1885. B. -When was the telephone invented? -I think it was invented in 1876. C. -What was the light bulb used for? -It was used for seeing in the dark. 2. A. -What are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time? -We are supposed to shake hands. B. -When were you supposed to arrive last night? -I was supposed to arrive at 7:00. C.-What are you supposed to do at the meal? -We are not supposed to eat with our hands. 3. A. –What does your sister look like? --She’s short with long curly hair. 第- 12 -页 共 14 页

B. --Is the short girl with long straight hair your classmate? --Yes, she is. C. –Who’s the short girl with glasses? --It must be Ann. 4. A. –Where are you from? --I’m from Australia. B. –Which country would you like to visit? --The United Kingdom. C.--Where have you been? --I have just come back from the United States. 5. A. –What’s your favorite sport? --My favorite sport is football. B. .-- Do you like swimming? --Yeah, it’s my favorite. C. --What do you often do on weekends? --I often go skateboarding. (二)听句子,选择恰当的答语。每个句子读两遍。 (每小题 1 分)? 6. Thank you for your beautiful birthday card. 7. What would you like to drink, please? 8. I'm very tired after the long journey. 9. How are you getting on with your classmates? 10. Have you packed your suitcase, Bob? (三)听下面五组对话和对话后面的问题,选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。 (每小题 1 分) 11. M: Maria, How does your father get to work? W: He usually takes the subway and it takes him thirty-five minutes. Q: How long does it take Maria’s father to get to work by subway? 12. M: Excuse me. Do you know where I can exchange money? W: Sure. Please take the escalator upstairs and turn right. The bank is next to the bookstore. Q: Where is the bank? 13. W: Jack flew to Chicago last night and then took some passengers from there to Dellas. M: Yeah, but he couldn’t land because the airport in Dellas was snowed in. Q: What does Jack do? 14. W: Hello. This is Mary. M: Hello, Mary. This is Tom. Could you help me? I’ve tried to phone my wife several times, but the line is busy all the time. Could you please go next door and give her a message? Q: What’s the relationship between the two speakers? 15. W: I’d like to send this letter to New York. Surface mail, please. M: Ok, that’ll be four dollars. Q: Where are they talking? (四)听一段长对话,根据对话内容选择正确答案。对话读两遍。 (每小题 1.5 分) Ms Paula: Mike, you look worried. 第- 13 -页 共 14 页

Mike: Yes, Ms Paula. I'm having trouble learning English. Ms Paula: You said you liked English. What's the problem? Mike: I can't get the pronunciation right. Ms Paula: Well, why don't you borrow the teacher's tapes? You can listen to them at home after school. Mike: That's a good idea. But what about the new words? Ms Paula: You can write the new words in your notebook and study them at any time. Mike: That might really help! Thanks. Ms Paula: Can you understand when people talk to you? Mike: No, not always. Sometimes I just don't understand what people are saying. Ms Paula: Why don't you join an English club to practice speaking English? The English club meets on Tuesday and Friday. Mike: I will go. The only other problem I have is that I don't get much writing practice. Ms Paula: Maybe you should find a pen pal. Mike: That sounds like a funny way to practice writing. Thanks, Ms Paula. (五)听短文,根据短文内容填空。短文读两遍。 (每小题 1.5 分) When I was 14, I was too nervous to talk to anyone. My classmates often laughed at me. I was sad and could do nothing. Later, something happened and changed my life. My mother asked me to take part in an English speech contest. It meant I had to speak in front of all the teachers and the students . "Come on, boy. Just believe in yourself. You are sure to win." Then we talked about many different topics. At last I chose the topic "Believe in yourself". I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 times. With the help of my mother's love, I did well in the contest. I could hardly believe my ears when the news came that I had won the first place.

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