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2014 高三冲刺卷 21 It was ____ cold day that they had to put on more clothes. A. such a B. such C. so D. so a 22 After he retired from office, Rogers ______ painting for a while, but soon lost interest. A. took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up 23. I know my brother well. Once he has made up his mind, nothing can change it, but instead I usually ____ A. give off B. give away C. give out D. give in 24. —How do you find the health club? —I ______ . Everyone is saying its management is going from bad to worse. A. ought to join B. should have joined C. would rather not have joined D. would like to have joined 25.Remember _____ the lights when you leave the house. A. to turn off B. turning off C. to turn on D. turning on 26. Taobo is Asia's largest retail(零售的) network platform, ______ people can buy and sell many kinds of things. A.where B.when C.that D.whose 27. -- I'm not feeling very well, Barton. To tell you the truth, I'm tired of the present life. -- I suggest you do some ____ exercise to keep fit. A. normal B. general C. common D. regular 28. -- Well, an apple pie, a salad, and anything ____, sir? -- A soup, please. A. to follow B. follows C. followed D, following 29. The little boy entered the classroom without ______. A. noticing B. noticed C. being noticed D. notice 30. The sign reading "No Photos" means that no one ____ take any photos in the Palace Museum. A. need B. might C. must D. shall 31. ---Have you read the timetable ? ---Yes . The train ____ at 10:12 p.m.. A. will start B. is going to start C. should start D. starts 32. Look, ____ the children are having in the games! A. what a fun B. what fun C. how funny D. how fun 33. As is said, it won't be long ____we participate in the 4th Huai An United Exam. A. since B. when C. before D. that 34. ____ to Anne's birthday party. Mr. Brown is now searching shop after shop for a nice present for her. A. Having invited B. Having been invited C. Have been invited D. Being invited 35.__ ______the sports meet might be put off. ___Yes, it all depends on the weather. A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’m told D. I told 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Telling the truth is a very good habit. If you 36 speak the truth, you can save yourself from a lot of 37 ! Here is a story of a man who did a lot of 38 things, but his promise to tell the truth 39 him. Once a man came to a teacher and said, “Excuse me, but I have many bad 40. Which one of them should I 41 first?”The teacher said,“Give up telling 42 first and always speak the truth. ”The man promised to do so and went home. At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out , he thought for a moment about the 43 he made with the teacher.. “44 tomorrow the teacher asks me where I have been, what shall I say?Shall I say that I went out 45?No, I cannot say that. But nor can I lie. If I tell the truth, 46 will start hating me and call me a thief. I would be 47 for stealing.” So the man 48 not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit. The next day, he 49 drinking wine. When he

was about to do so, he said to himself, “What shall I say to the teacher if he asks me what I did during the day?I cannot tell a lie, and if I speak the truth people will 50 me, because a Muslim is not 51 to drink wine.”And so he gave up the 52 of drinking wine. In this way, 53 the man thought of doing something bad, he 54 his promise to tell the truth. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits and became a very 55 person. 36. A. always B. hardly C. sometimes D. never 37. A. time B. money C. trouble D. energy 38. A . great B. bad C. strange D. stupid 39. A. educated B. bothered C. tested D. saved 40. A. habits B. friends C. purposes D. collections 41. A. take in B. bring back C. give up D. depend on 42. A. stories B. truths C. reasons D. lies 43. A. plan B. secret C. promise D. mistake 44. A. Because B. Unless C. Since D. If 45. A. stealing B. drinking C. walking D. dancing 46. A. none B. someone C. anyone D. everyone 47. A. controlled B. admired C. punished D. praised 48. A. refused B. tried C. decided D. agreed 49. A. talked about B. felt like C. adapted to D. broke down 50. A. understand B. like C. hate D. respect 51. A. allowed B. encouraged C. invited D. advised 52. A. chance B. disadvantage C. adventure D. idea 53. A. wherever B. whenever C. whatever D. however 54. A. forgot B. doubted C. regretted D. remembered 55. A. good B. attractive C. practical D. generous 第三部分:阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分) A When middle-aged Alex gave up his job and made up his mind to become a self-employed writer, no one could tell surely whether he would succeed or not.He found a cold storage room in a building, set up a used typewriter and settled down to work. After a year or so, however, Alex began to doubt himself.He found it was difficult to earn his living by selling what he wrote.But Alex determined to put his dream to the test—even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure.This is the shadow land (虚幻世界) of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there. One day Alex got a call, "We need an assistant, and we're paying $ 6,000 a year." $ 6,000 was real money in 1960. It would enable Alex to get a nice apartment, a used car and more. Besides, he could write in his spare time. As the dollars were dancing in Alex's head, something cleared his senses .He had dreamed of being a fulltime writer."Thanks, but no," Alex said firmly and swiftly, "." After Alex got off the phone, he pulled out everything he had: two cans of vegetables and 18 cents.Alex put the cans and cents into a paper bag, saying to himself," There's everything you've made of yourself so far.I'm not sure I ever felt so low." Finally his work was published in 1970.Instantly he had the kind of fame and success that few writers ever experience.The shadows had turned into focus of attention. Then one day, Alex found a box filled with things he had owned years before.Inside was a paper bag with two cans and 18 cents. Suddenly he pictured himself working in that cold storage room. It reminds Alex, and anyone with a dream, of the courage and persistence (坚毅) it takes to stay the course (坚持到底)in the shadow land. 56.Why did Alex give up his job?

A.Because he didn't like the working conditions.B.Because he couldn't earn enough to make a living. C.Because he felt he had no potential in his job.D.Because he wanted to be a full-time writer. 57.What did Alex express when he answered the call? A.He refused the job offer. B.He was willing to give them a hand. C.He expected them to pay him more money. D.He would write in his spare time. 58.What kind of person is Alex? A.Determined. B.Modest. C.Shy. D.Brave. 59.Which of the following can be the best title of the passage ? A.Look before you leap. B.Two heads are better, than one. C.Hold on to your dream, and it will come true. D.A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. B Drinking Water: Bottled or From the Tap? In America, people will include a case or two of bottled water when buying the week's groceries.When they are going to a soccer game or activity, it's common for them to grab a cold bottle of water out of the fridge with them.In fact, Americans buy more bottled water than any other nation in the world, about 29 billion bottles a year. But all these plastic bottles use a lot of fossil fuels and pollute the environment.In order to make all the 29 billion bottles, producers use 17 million barrels of oil, which is enough to keep a million cars going for 12 months. So why don't people drink water straight from the tap? Some people have a strong belief that bottled water is better than water out of the tap, but that's not necessarily true.In the US, the local governments make sure water from the tap is safe.There is also growing concern that chemicals in the bottles themselves may go into the water. People love the convenience of bottled water.But maybe if they realized the problems it causes, they would try drinking from a glass at home or carrying water in a reusable steel container instead of plastic. Some argue that plastic bottle recycling can help.Recycled bottles can be turned into items like carpeting or clothing. Unfortunately, only one in six bottles is recycled. The rest make it to landfills (垃圾填埋场) or end as trash in other places.Plastic bottles take hundreds of years for them to disintegrate. Water is important for you, so keep drinking it.But think about how often you use water bottles, and see if you can make a change. And yes, you can make a difference.Remember this: Recycling one plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. 60.How many cars can be kept going for a year by the oil used to make 29 billion bottles? A.100. B.I,000. C.100,000. D.I,000,000. 61.Why do Americans prefer bottled water? A.Bottled water is better than water from the tap. B.Bottled water is cheaper than water from the tap. C.Bottled water contains beneficial chemicals in it.D.Bottled water is more convenient than water from the tap. 62.What does the underlined word "disintegrate" in the fifth paragraph probably mean^ A.Be well recycled. B.Become less poisonous. C.Break into small pieces. D.Go down below a surface. 63.The author's intention of writing this passage is to recommend Americans A.drink more water from the tap B.send plastic bottles to landfills . C.use water bottles to power light bulbs D.buy bottles filled with water from the tap C Money is all surrounding us.Every day, we see it, use it, and it is on the tip of our tongue.Did you ever stop to consider where the money you carry around every day comes from? Making new money is a very unique job and no easy task. It has up to 65 steps. When the money in use gets dirty and worn out, it is replaced with new money. The old money is taken from banks and brought to places where it is destroyed. Usually, the old money is burned.The burned money is replaced by new paper money.

If old money is being replaced, then new money is printed in a place called a mint(造币厂) .Large sheets of paper are printed with many pictures of some currency. These large sheets are cut into individual bills. The individual bills are then put together in big stacks and then sent to banks. Sometimes the mint will make a new bill with a new picture (phtotos of statesman and places of interest are favoured) or a new colour. It is not easy for the government to make a new bill. It takes a long time, and there are many steps to go through before a new bill can be sent to banks. First, people in the government decide that a new kind of bill is needed. Then, they ask an artist to design the new bill.A different artist cuts the new picture into a soft piece of metal called a die.The dies are made and put onto large printing machines.Then, very special paper is used, which no one but the mint can have.Along with this special paper, the mint also prints currency using special colours.After the dies print the new currency onto the paper, the bills are cut, stacked, and sent off to the banks. 64.From the passage we know that A.banks make new money. B.it takes 65 procedures to make new money. C.mints decide what kind of bill is needed. D.old money that is not used is forever stored in a special place 65.We can infer from the passage that a die is ____ A.something for dead people. B.a special machine that prints the money. C.a special piece of paper that the money is made from. D.a piece of metal that puts the picture on the money. 66.'Which of the following shows the right order of dealing with new money? ①New money is printed in a mint. ②Bills are cut from large sheets of special paper. ③New money is sent in large amounts to banks. ④The government decides to make new money. A.①②③④ B.④③②① C.④①③② D.④①②③ 67.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.The reason for making new money. B.The processes of making a new bill. C.The amount of new money needed. D.Things used.to make new money or a new bill. D Nuclear weapons were first developed in the United States during the Second World War to be used against Germany.However, by the time the first bombs were ready for use, the war with Germany had ended and, as a result, the decision was made to use the weapons against Japan instead.Hiroshima and Nagasaki have suffered the consequences of the decision to the present day. The real reasons why bombs were dropped on two heavily populated cities are not altogether clear.A number of people in 1944 and early 1945 argued that the use of nuclear weapons would be unnecessary, since American Intelligence was aware that some of the most powerful and influential people in Japan had already realised that the war was lost, and wanted to discuss a Japanese surrender.It was also argued that, since Japan has few natural resources, a blockade (封锁) by the American navy would force it to surrender within a few weeks, and the use of nuclear weapons would prove unnecessary.If a demonstration of force was required to end the war, a bomb could be dropped over an unpopulated area like a desert, in front of Japanese observers, or over an area of low population inside Japan, such as a forest. Choosing this course of action might decrease the loss of further lives on all sides, while the power of nuclear weapons would still be adequately demonstrated(展示) . All of these arguments were turned down, however, and the general agreement was that the quickest way to end the fighting would be to use nuclear weapons against the centres of population inside Japan.In fact, two of the more likely reasons why the decision was reached seem quite shocking to us now. 68.The meaning of the underlined sentence in Paragraph 1 is that . A.the two cities were badly damaged after they were bombed. B.the two cities suffered because Japan would not agree to end the war. C.the terrible effects of dropping nuclear weapons on these cities can still be felt.

D.the end of the war with Germany meant Hiroshima and Nagasaki, would suffer. 69.According to Paragraph 2, a blockade would have been successful because….. A.Japan had to import most of its natural resources. B.Japan would not be powerful enough to beat a blockade. C.an attack would probably destroy Japanese resources within a few weeks. D.the Americans could defeat Japan's navy since it was short of resources. 70.The last paragraph tells that….. . A.the writer probably expects us hot to argue with his opinion. B.the nuclear bombs must have been dropped on Tokyo, too. C.the real reasons for' the decision may never have been made clear. D.the writer has not done much research on this subject to establish the facts. 71.What would probably be discussed in the paragraphs that follow? A.The reasons why Japan chose to surrender. B.The writer's attitudes towards the Japan's surrender. C.People's different opinions about dropping nuclear weapons onto the cities. D.Some of the possible reasons for dropping nuclear weapons onto the cities. E Beijing;(13, July)China sent up a new data relay satellite, Tianlian I -02, on Monday at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in South-western Sichuan province . The new satellite will promote the country's satellite communication network for space docking (对接) . The satellite was launched on a Long-March-SC carrier rocket at 11:41 p.m., sources at the centre told Xinhua News Agency.The satellite separated from the rocket 26 minutes after its launch and was then successfully delivered into a geostationary transfer orbit (地球同步转移轨道). Developed by the China Academy of Space Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the satellite is the country's second data relay satellite.The first, Tianlian I -01, was launched on April 25.2008. The two satellites will form a network to improve communications between China's spacecraft and bases on Earth, according to the centre. They will also be used to help the nation's first space docking, scheduled for the second half of this year. As planned, China will launch space module Tiangong-I , which was designed as a platform that will dock with an unmanned spaceship, Shenzhou, for the county's first space-docking mission this year. Two more Shenzhou spaceships will dock with Tiangong-I next year, and one will be manned by two or three astronauts, according to China Manned Space Engineering Office, which was the main user of the Tianlian I series data relay satellites. "The new satellite can cover a greater area to track and command the country's space vehicles in low-Earth orbits, such as manned spacecraft and remote sensing satellites, from a higher position m outer space.Only three satellites of this kind are needed to form a global communication network, and China has two now." Pang Zhihao, a researcher and deputy editor-in-chief of Space International, said. The satellite could also equip astronauts with real-time communications, which will benefit the county s future manned space flights, he said. 72.What is the main purpose to send up Tianlian I -02 ? A.To test the function of a Long-March-SC carrier rocket. B.To carry some astronauts into space to do some research. C.To send more information and clearer pictures to mobile phones on the earth. D.To promote the country's satellite communication network for space docking' 73.From the passage we know . A.one more such satellite is needed to form a global communication network. B.the satellite was developed by China Manned Space Engineering Office.

C.it was less than three years since China launched its first date relay satellite of this kind. D.the satellite could help track and command space vehicles in orbits because it's lower in position. 74.Which of the following is TRUE according to the news report? A.Shenzhou Ⅷ is a manned spaceship. B.Tiangong- I will dock with three Shenzhou spaceships next year. C.the satellite is of great importance to China's space exploration. D.china’s first ^a06 docking will be done in the second half of next year. 75.The best title of the passage could be _____. A.China Launched a New Space Shuttle. B.China's Plan for Space Exploration. C.China’s Progress m China's Space Exploration. D.New Satellite Helps China's Space Exploration. In a society, such as the United States or Canada, which has many national, religious and cultural differences, people highly value individualism--the difference among people. Teachers place a lot of importance on the qualities that make each student special. The educational systems in these countries show these values. Students don't memorize information. Instead, they work individually and find answers themselves. There is often discussion in the classroom. At an early age, students learn to form their own ideas and opinions. In most Asian societies, by contrast, people have the same language, history, and culture. Perhaps for this reason, the educational system in much of Asia reflects society’s belief in group goals and purposes rather than individualism. Children in China, Japan, and Korea often work together and help one another in assignments. In the classroom, the teaching methods are often very formal. The teacher lectures, and the students listen. There is not much discussion. Instead, the students recite rules of information that they have memorized. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these systems of education. For example, one advantage to the system in Japan is that there much more math and science than American students learn by the end of high school. They also study more hours each day and more days each year than North Americans do. The system is difficult, but it prepares students for a society that values discipline and self-control. There is, however, a disadvantage. Memorization is an important learning method in Japanese schools, yet many students say that after an exam, they forget much of the information that they have memorized. The advantage of the educational system in North American, on the other hand, is that students learn to think for themselves. The system prepares them for a society that values creative ideas. There is, however, a disadvantage. When students graduate from high school, they haven’t memorized as many basic rules and facts as students in other countries have. Title: 76 of Educational System between North America and Asia Students in the US and 77 What do they 78 Different 80 of study Individualism Working individually Forming their own ideas and opinions A lot of discussion in the classroom Students in China, Japan and Korea 79 goals and purposes

Listening to the teachers Reciting rules and memorizing information Not much discussion Learning much more math and science Studying more hours each day and more days each year Good for a society valuing 83 and self-control Information is 85 easily.

Learning to think for themselves 81 Good for a society that values 82 Disadvantages Students haven’t memorized many basic rules and facts before 84___

参考答案 听力答案:1.C 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.A 11.C 12.C 13.B 14.B 15.C 16.A 17.B 18.B 19.A 20.C 单项选择 21 A 考查 such….that 句型。 22 A 考查动词短语 take up 用法。这里意思是“开始,从事”。 23 D 考查学生对于 give 相关动词短语掌握。 24 C. 考查虚拟语气和情态动词。 25。A.考查 remember 后加动名词和不定式之间的区别。Tofollow.餐馆中“下一道菜”意思。 26 A 考查定语从句。where 在从句中做地点状语。 27 D. 情景对话。根据 regular 和 keep fit 的关系可知道答案。 28 A 考查动词不定式做后置定语和所修辞词之间的逻辑关系。 29 C。 考查介词短语。without 后用动名词并且是被动式。 30 .D.考查情态动词 shall 表示命令,警告,决心等。 31 D 考查一般现在时的特殊用法。 32 B. 考查感叹句。感叹名词用 what 不可数名词不能够加冠词 a. 33 C。 考查 it is (takes) some time before … 34 B 现在分词被动态做状语。 35 A 考查现在完成时态的被动语态用法。 完形填空 36-40 ACBDA 41-45 CDCDA 46-50 DCCBC 51-55 ADBDA 阅读理解 A 56. D 细节题。根据第一段第一句和第三段可知答案。 57. A 事实判断题。根据第三段:“Thanks but no,” Alex said firmly and swiftly ,“I'll never lose heart but keep writing.”可知答案。 58. A 推理判断题。根据全文尤其是最后一段可知答案。 59. C 主旨大意题。根据全文尤其是第二和倒数第二段可知答案 B 60.D 细节题。根据文章第二段可知答案。 61.D 推理判断题。 根据第四段:People love the convenience of bottled water.可知很多美国人选择瓶装水是因为图 方便和自认为瓶装水比自来水更好。 62.C 词义猜测题。根据第五段和本句可知需要几百年才能把塑料瓶(自然地)分解。 63.A. 写作意图题。结合全文可知作者希望人们能够从环保节能的角度出发,少喝瓶装水,多喝自来水。 C篇 64. B 事实判断题。由第二段: It has up to sixty-five steps 可知。 65. D 推理判断题。 据上下文, 尤其最后一段: The dies are made and put onto large printing machines.和 After the dies print the new currency onto the paper 可知答案。 66. D 信息重组题。 对造钱的流程进行考查。 根据最后一段: First, people in the government decide that a new kind of bill is needed. 等可知答案。 67. C 细节题。A 项出现在第二段;B 项文章第二、三和四段均涉及;D 出现在第四段。可以用排除法选出 C。 D篇 68. C 句意理解题。关键词是 suffered the consequences of the decision to the present day. 69 .A 推理判断题。根据第二段:It was also argued that, since Japan has few natural resources, a blockade by the American navy would force it to surrender within a few weeks 可知答案。 70 .C 段落大意题。根据最后一段最后一句从 likely 和 seem 可知。

71. D 文章结构题。结合全文和最后一句话中的 reasons 可知 E 篇 72 .D.事实判断题。根据文章第一段可知答案。 73 .A 细节题。由倒数第二段可知。 74 .C. 推理判断题。A,B 和 D 为错误叙述,与事实不符合。文章着重强调该卫星的重要性. 75 .D 主题概括题。全文阐述新卫星对中国太空事业发展的影响,如最后一段等。 任务型读写 76. Differences/Comparisons 77. Canada 78. value 79. Group 80.ways/methods. 81. Advantages 82. creativity 83. discipline 84. graduation 85. forgotten




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