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高二英语Unit4 Language Points

Difficult Sentences There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer but there is fierce debate over whether it is human activity that has caused this global warming or whether it is just a natural phenomenon.

毫无疑问地球正在变暖,但究竟是人类活动使地球变暖还是它 仅仅是一种自然现象,就此引发了激烈的争论。
“There is no doubt…but there is fierce debate”是主句,是一 个并列句; “There is no doubt”分句中的“that the earth is becoming warmer”是同位语从句,作doubt的同位语; “but there is fierce debate”分句中有两个由whether 引导的宾语从句。 作介词over的宾语,第一个宾语从句中又有一个强调句型 “It is …that…”.

Difficult Sentences

The increased amount of carbon dioxide means that more heat energy is trapped in the atmosphere causing the global temperature to go up.

二氧化碳量的增加意味着更多的热能滞留在大气中, 结果造成地球温度的上升。 主句是 “The increased amount of carbon dioxide means”; that 引导的是宾语从句,其中的分词短语 “causing the global temperature to go up”作结果状 语。

Difficult Sentences On the other hand, there are those, like scientists George Hambley, who believe that we should not worry about high levels of carbon dioxide in the air and that some scientists’ concerns about global warming are just speculation.

另一方面,有些科学家,如George Hambley,认为我们不应 该为空气中二氧化碳的含量高担心,他们还认为一些科学家 对地球变暖的担心只是一些猜想。 主句是 “there are those”, “like scientists George Hambley”是 介词短语作定语, “who believe that…”are just speculation” 是非限制性定语从句,都修饰those; believe后有两个宾语从句, 都由that 引导。on the other hand,介词短语作状语从句,修 饰全句。

习惯句式 There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer. 毫无疑问地球正在变暖。 There is some doubt whether John will come on time. 约翰会不会准时来有些疑问。


There is no need… 没有必要…
There is no question… 是没有问题的… There is no reason… 没有理由… There is no possibility that… 是没有可能的… There is no knowing/telling…没法知道/说… It is a wonder that …真奇怪/真是令人吃惊… It is no use/good that… It is no use/good doing sth…

1. ____ was no ____ that he was a fine scholar.

A. There; doubt
C. There; wonder

B. It; doubt
D. It; question

2. ____ no knowing what he could do. He might get a job tomorrow. He might stay out of work for weeks. A. There is
C. There was

B. It is
D. It was

翻译: 1。 她说了实话,这一点似乎是没有疑问。 There seems to be no doubt that she has told the truth.

It was a wonder that he caught the train.

Language Points

range n. 范围、排列; v. 排列、安置;漫游;在某范围内变化; 常用短语: at close range 接近地 in range out of range 在射程内 在射程外 超越…范围

beyond the range of

out of one’s range 某人达不到的

1. China is a country with a wide range of temperature. 中国是一个气温变化很大的国家。 2. 她把货物整齐地排放在商店橱窗里。

She ranged the goods neatly in the shop window.
3. The children’s ages range from 5 to 15. 这些孩子的年龄在5至15岁之间。

? compared to 也可用compared with 用于比 较不同事物. ? Their prices are low compared to those in other shops. ? 用法比较 compare with把… …和 … …相比。 Researchers compared living conditions in London with those in other cities. compare to 把… …比成 … …,比较两者的 相似之处。 She has often compared to a budding flower.

quantities of 大量的,许多的

lots of=a lot of, a quantity of=quantities of, a mass of=masses of, plenty of ②只修饰可数名词:
many, a great/large number of ,numbers of, a good/great many ③只修饰不可数名词:

much, a great/large amount of, amounts of, great/good deal of


result in

产生,导致(lead to, cause)

result from 由…引起,产生 (lie in, occur as a result of/because of)

1. The experiment _____ the discovery of a cure for cancer.
A. resulted in B. lead to C. resulted from D. was caused by 2. He slipped and broke his leg. ______, he will have to be away from school for two or three months. A. Resulting in B. With the result that C. As a result D. The result is that

His sickness was caused by eating too much. resulted______ from eating too much. 1. His sickness ______ because 2. He was ill ______ he had too much.

because ______ of 3. He was ill ______ eating too much. As a result of 4. ____ ____ ______ ____ eating too much, he was ill. resulted______ in 5. Eating too much ______ his illness.
led to 6. Eating too much ______ ______ his illness. As a result 7. He had too much. ______ ______ ______, he was ill.

so long as= as long as conj. 只要, 如果 1. It’s OK to leave an electrical appliance on so long as you are using it.

只要你在使用电器, 使它处于工作状态是可以的. 2. 只要你不把书弄脏, 就可以借给你. You may borrow the book so long as you keep it clean.

同义词组: on condition that , only if, if

providing (that), 注意:

provided (that)

1. as long as 有时表示 “像…那么久”;

2. only if 接从句用于句首,主句主谓语倒装;
3. if only 表达 “要是…该多好啊!”需要虚拟语气.

同义表达: You can go out on condition that you wear an overcoat. as/so ______ long as 1. You can go out ______ ______ you wear an overcoat.
provided that
providing that you wear an overcoat. 2. You can go out ______ ______ only if provided

3. You can go out ______ if you wear an overcoat.

come about


come across
come round

来访, 苏醒

come into being
come into effect

出现, 产生

come out
come down to earth


1. How has this come about and does it matter? 这是如何发生的,是否要紧。 2. 你能告诉我事情是怎样发生的吗? Can you tell me how the accident came about? 3. With the use of electricity, great changes have come about. 随着电的使用,种种大变化发生了。

renewable adj.
renew v.

更新, 恢复, 重新开始, 继续

re- 是前缀, 表示“再” “重新”。 如: recycle 回收 rewrite
rebuild retell recover reform

重建 复述 恢复 改革

glance vi. 匆匆一看, 一瞥; vt. 扫视,瞥视 n. 一瞥 glance at 瞥一眼…, take a glance at 匆匆瞥一眼.. at a (the) first glance 一眼就, 一见就 比较:

glance at
stare at


glare at


1. The little boy _____ at the stranger for a few minutes before answering his question.
A. Stared B. starved C. glared D. startled

2. The woman was so angry that she ____ the thief for a few seconds without saying a word.
A. Stared at C. Look at B. glared at D. glance at

supply n. 供应;供给;供给之物。
vt. 供给;供应;满足 supply sth. to sb.=supply sb. with sth. 供给某人某物

supply one’s need
a good supply of


in short supply
supply and demand


1. The school(向孩子们提供书籍)

supplies books to children ___________________________________.
2. We have (存有大量的食物) a good supply of food in store _______________________________ for the bad weather. 3. Water(此地水资源缺乏) is in short supply here _________________________________.

emphasis n. emphasize vt. emphatic adj.

强调 强调 强调的

put /lay emphasis on… 强调… emphasize sth. 强调某事

existence n. 存在
exist vi. 存在; 实有

existent adj. 存在的, 现存的 existing adj. 现存的 come into existence 产生 火星上有生物吗? Does life exist on Mars?

put up with 忍受
We had to put up with the inconvenience. 我们不得不忍受这种不便。

常用搭配: keep up with catch up with come up with 与…保持一致 赶上… 赶上;产生

1. He behaved badly towards his wife. At last, she couldn’t _____ him and left him.

A. put up
C. put up with

B. keep up with
D. come up with

2. Would you slow down a bit ,please? I can’t _____ you.
A. keep up with C. make up to B. put up with D. hold on to

make a difference
make some difference


make no difference
make any difference


make not much difference 没有多大影响 make sense 讲的通;有意义

decrease vt.&vi. 缩短;减小;变小
n. 减小(之量)

decrease by 减少了…
decrease by 减少到… on the decrease 在减少中

完成句子: 1. The population of the village (该村的人口已 has decreased 减少了150人,只剩下500人)______________

by 150 to 500. ________________________________________. 句型转换
2. There has been a decrease in our imports this year.(改为同义句) Our imports has been on the decrease this year. ________________________________________



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