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Module 2 一、 【学习目标】 ★本单元重要词组: turn up 调高声音; 出现 a waste of 浪费 spare time 空余时间 than expected 比预料的要… can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待地要做某事 expect…from… 从…指望… be supposed to do 被期望或要求做,应该做 do …with… 处置 be a mess/ in a mess 乱成一团 leave sb in charge 委托某人负责 act like 行为举止像 go unpunished 不受惩罚 go out 熄灭 not…any more 不再 have one’s arm crossed 双臂交叉抱在胸前 be hard on sb 对某人苛刻 now that 既然 feel like (doing)sth 想要做某事 in the form of 以…的形式 stay up 熬夜,不睡 after all 毕竟 mix up 混淆 as though/if 好像,似乎 insist on (doing) sth 坚持(做) at present 目前 forbid sb from doing sth/forbid sb to do sth 禁止某人做某事 like crazy 发疯似的,拼命的 二、 【要点解读】 1. surprise v. 使…惊奇, 使…震惊 n. 惊奇,惊异;吃惊的事 [基本构词] surprised adj. 感到吃惊的 surprising adj. 令人吃惊的 [短语搭配] surprise sb 使某人吃惊 to one's surprise 使某人吃惊的是…in surprise 惊奇地,吃惊地 by surprise 出其不意地 be surprised to do sth 做某事感到吃惊 [典型例句] The news greatly ________us. 这条消息使我们大为惊讶。 Her face showed surprise ____ the news. 听到这个消息她脸上露出了惊奇的神情。 He gave me ______ _______by arriving early. 他的早到使我大吃一惊。 _____ our surprise, the boy won the prize. 使我们惊奇的是这个男孩获奖了。 “How did you come here?” she said ______ ______. “你怎么到这儿来的?”她惊讶地说。 [词语辨析] ▲surprising 具有主动意义,多用来表示事物的特征,在句中多作定语或表语。 ▲surprised 具有被动意义,多用来表示人的心理特征,在句中多作定语,表语或状语。 He gave me some _______news. 他给我带来一些令人惊讶的消息。 The result is _______. 结果是令人惊讶的。 I was ________ to see him there. 我真想不到会在那儿见到他。 _______ _______ his success, we asked him how he had made it. 对他的成功感到很惊讶,我们问他是怎么做到的。 类 似 的 单 词 还 有 : worried/worrying, pleased/pleasing, excited/exciting, encouraged/encouraging, interested/interesting, satisfied/satisfying, bored/boring, scared/scaring, frightened/frightening, frustrated/frustrating 等。

2.charge n. 负责,管理;收费;控告 v. 收(费),索(价);控告 [短语搭配] in /under the charge of sb 由某人负责 have /take charge of 照顾,管理,负责 in charge of 主管 free of charge 免费地 charge sb some money (for sth) 向某人要价多少 charge sb with sth 指控某人某事 [典型例句] What is the charge in the hotel? 这旅馆收费多少? Doctors ______ ______ ______ the sick people. 医生负责照顾病人。 Soon he will take charge of the department. 他很快会来负责管理这个部门。 The ticket is ______ _____charge.这票是免费的。 He charged me 100 dollars for this coat. 这件外套他要我一百美元。 The driver was charged _______speeding. 司机被控超速驾车。 [词语辨析] ▲in charge of 主管,负责(表主动) ▲in the charge of 在…负责之下,由…负责管理(表被动) Mr Green is _______ _______ ______ this factory. 格林先生管理这家工厂。 This factory is in ______ charge of Mr Green.这家工厂由格林先生负责管理。 3. insist v. 坚持说;坚决主张,坚持要求 [短语搭配] insist on/upon (doing) sth 坚持做某事 if you insist 如果你一定坚持的话(常用于口语中,表示勉强同意) [典型例句] She insisted that he ______wrong. 她坚持认为他错了。 (表示“坚持说, 坚决认为”时,接 that 从句,从句的动作多为已发生之事,用陈述语气。 ) He insisted that we ______ _______ these gifts.他坚持要我们接受这些礼物。 (表示“坚决主张;坚持要求”时,接 that 从句,从句的动作为将要发生之事,用虚拟语气, 即:主语+(should)+动词原形。 ) He insisted on/upon my going with him.=He insisted that I (should) go with him. 他坚持要我跟他一起去。 4. suggest v. 建议(宾语从句用虚拟语气) ;暗示,使想起(宾语从句用陈述语气) [基本构词] suggestion n. 建议 [典型例句] She suggested an early start. 她建议早一点出发。 They suggested_______ until the proper time. 他们建议等到恰当的时机才行动。 She suggested that the class meeting _____ ____ _____ ______on Saturday. 她建议班会不要在星期六举行。 The smile on his face suggests that he ____ ______ _______ my answer. 他脸上的微笑表明他对我的回答很满意。 The thought of summer suggests swimming. 一想到夏天就使人们联想到游泳。 It was suggested that we (should) give a performance at the party. 人们建议我们在晚会上表演节目。 三、 【学法指导】 (二)学习策略

1. 音标发音记忆法 根据读音规则记单词,掌握常见的读音规则。如:元音字母在重读开、闭音节的读音, 辅音字母多数发字母名称音的前半部分或后半部分, 常见的字母组合的读音以及辅音连缀和 成节音,这是最普通最常用的记忆单词方法。而且读音准确也是学好英文的关键,因此建议 大家在背单词时一定要看准单词的发音,调动多种感觉器官,加深记忆,同时为“听力”打下 良好基础。例如:congratulations 这个单词,虽然很长,但是只要会读,就能会拼写。再如: circumstance(环境,典礼,仪式)读音为 cir-cum-stance。按此方法记忆单词时,要特别注 意元音字母的读音变化。 2. 谐趣记忆法 谐趣记忆法是根据读音、词形、词义的关系,利用诙谐、荒诞的曲解来记忆词汇。如: wonderful=王得福(一个姓王的得到了福气, 当然好极了); bargain (n. 便宜货、 廉价货 vi. 讨 价还价),在酒吧 (bar) 里获得 (gain) 的东西还会是什么呢?当然是 bargain( 廉价货 ) 啦! hesitation(n. 犹豫),在 station(车站)i(我)进去了,可 he(他)还在外面犹豫不决(hesitation); apartment(n. 房间、公寓),公寓(apartment)是一(a)部分(part)男人(men)喝茶(t)的地方。 四、 【习题训练】 A组 单项填空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. Will you please ______ me several minutes to go through my speech? A. spend B. save C. spare D. share 2. ——The skirt looks nice indeed, but you _____ too much for it. ——I'm afraid it can't be any lower. A. offer B. buy C. sell D. charge 3. ——Why did you eat your words, Billy? ——Sorry, dear. But I really forgot where I was _____ to meet you. A. demanded B. believed C. supposed D. hoped 4. The joyful expression on her face ______ that she had won the prize as expected. A. described B. suggested C. expressed D. explained 5. ______ the heater so that the room can be warmed quickly. A. Hold up B. Turn up C. Set up D. Open up 6. With such a large sum of money on hand, I was at a loss ______ . A. how to do with B. what to do with it C. what to deal with D. what would do with 7. He was left ______ the shop while the manager was away. A. in charge of B. under charge of C. in the charge of D. under the charge of 8. As for me, I really think the endless homework is rather too hard ______ us. A. for B. at C. on D. in 9. I explained to them that I have so much work to do, but they insisted ______to the party. A.my come B. my coming C. on I come D. on my coming 10. Don't be disappointed! ______ you'll have one more chance of trying it. A. At all B. Above all C. In all D. After all 11. She said she was going to stay there for a week, but in fact she arrived back two days earlier than ______. A. expecting B. to be expected C. expected D. was expected

12. Sorry, sir, you are forbidden ______ here. If you like, you can go to the smoking area. A. smoking B. to smoke C. to smoking D. to be smoked 13. ——You look so upset, Jane. ______? ——I can’t find my new cellphone. A. What’s for B. So what C. What’s up D. Beg your pardon 14. Naniel ______ studies here. He has gone abroad for further education. A. no more B. no longer C. not any more D. not any longer 15. The football fans often _______ late to watch live broadcasts of football matches. A. stay up B. turn up C. put up D. mix up B组 完成译文 根据中文原文完成下列各英文译文。 (每空限填一个词) 1. 让你们用来买狗食的钱已经不见了。 The money ______ ______ you were to buy dog food is gone. 2. 这个家可不是一个对不良行为听之任之的地方。 This is not a family where bad behavior ______ ______. 3. 怎么啦?你的房间一团糟。 What’s up? Your room is _______ _______. 4. 你得玩命工作,把这工作做完。 You’ll have to work ______ ______ to get this finished. 5. 当我想讲话的时候,他们都乐意听。 When I ______ ______ ______, they were ready to listen. 6. 我迫不及待地想尝尝这可口的鲜汤。 I ______ _____ _____ taste the delicious soup. 7. 不要对这种自私的人有太多的指望。 Don’t ______ too much ______ such a selfish man. 8. 天看上去好像要下雨了,别忘了带伞。 It ______ ______ ______ it is going to rain. Don’t forget to take your umbrella. C组 根据上下文和首字母完成句子。 1. You have to give me some e______ for your coming late before you enter the classroom. 2. It’s r______ of you to break in without knocking on the door when we are talking. 3. Bob was so angry that he ran into his room, s______ the door behind him. 4. There may often be misunderstanding and problems between a______ and children. 5. She is a s______ girl. She thinks too much of herself.


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