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新版 小学四年级英语下册Unit 4 At the farm

Unit 4 At the farm 知识要点: 名词的复数形式: one potato---two potatoes one tomato---two tomatoes one carrot---two carrots one horse---two horses one cow---two cows one hen---two hens green beans one sheep---two sheep(不变)

What is this ? It is a book. What is that ? It is a bike. Is it a book? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. What are these ? They are horses. Are these potatoes ? Yes, they are.

No, they aren’t.

What are those ? They are carrots. Are those tomatoes ? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. How many hens/sheep/cows do you have ? Forty. 单元巩固练习 一、 写出下列单词的汉语意思。 carrot( ) tomato( ) big( ) potato( ) sheep( ) cow( )

yum( ) horse( ) green beans(

these( hen( )

) )



二、 翻译下列句子。 Look at these ( They’re so big!( What are these?( Try some(

) ) ) )

三.单项选择题。 ( )1.---What are these ? ---They are____. A. carrot B. sheep C. horse ( )2.---Are these potatoes ? ---_____________. A. Yes,these are. B. No,they aren’t. C. Yes, they aren’t. ( )3.I have ______ and ________. A. one potatoes and two tomatoes B. one potato and two tomato C. one potato and two tomatoes ( )4.---How many ____ do you have ? ---Six. A. carrot B. sheeps C. cows ( )5.They are _______. A. potato B. potatos C. potatoes ( )6.---What are those ? ----____ are potatoes. A. They B. Those C. It’s ( )7.--- Are these green beans ? ---No,_____. A. these aren’t B. they aren’t C. they are ( )8.---What are these ? -----_________. A. It’s a pig. B. These are cows. C. They are tomatoes. ( )9.---Are these hens ?

----___________. A. Yes, it is . No, it, isn’t. C. Yes, they are D. No, these aren’t. ( )10.---How many sheep are there on your farm ? ----__________. A. They are hens. B. Sixty. C. 12 years old. ( )11.Look! Are potatoes? A. this B. they C. it ( ) 12.Are those cucumbers(青瓜)? . A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, those are. C. Yes, they aren’t. ( ) 13. How many are there? A. sheeps B. a sheep C. sheep ( )14.What those? A. am B. are C. is ( ) 15.What can you see in the picture? I see one . A. lamb B. lambs C. a lamb

四、找朋友。 ( )1.What are they? ( )2.Are they sheep? ( )3.How many horses do you have? ( )4.What can you see in the picture? ( )5.What’s this? 五、连词成句。 1. they, Are, potatoes, (?) 2. are, How, hens, many, there, (?) 3. they, No, aren’t, (.)

A .It’s a goat. B. They’re tomatoes. C .No ,they aren’t. D.I can see five cows. E. One hundred.

4.are, they, What, (?)

六、补全对话。 (用所给出的句子把对话补充完整,把编号填在横线上。 ) A:Oh, this farm is so big. B: They're lambs. A: B:There are nine. A: B:No,they aren’t. They’re cows. They’re fat(胖的). A: B:They’re white and black. A:Look, are those hens? B: A、How many lambs are there? B、What colour are they? C、Are those goats? D、What are they? E、How many ducks can you see? F、Yes, they are. G、What colour are they? 七、阅读理解,判断对错,对的打“T”,错的打“F”。

It's a sunny day in the farm today. My aunt has a farm. The farm is very small. There are twelve horses, sixteen cows and fifty hens. My aunt likes tomatoes very much. So she has many tomatoes in the farm. Look! The tomatoes and red. They are very beautiful.

( ( ( ( (

)1、My aunt has a big farm. )2、There are twelve horses. )3、The tomatoes are green. )4、My aunt likes potatoes very much. )5、It's sunny in the farm today.


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