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Lesson 65 The sixty-fifth lesson

No playing ball.

Do not touch.

Drinking water.

Swimming allowed.

When you get on the bus , you must buy a ticket.


When you get off the bus, you mustn’t push others.

Before you cross the road, you must look left and right.

There is a lot of traffic.

If you are in the UK, you have to drive on the left.

If you drive too fast,
you may have an accident.

If you are hungry, you eat something must__________________.

If you want to cross a street,

wait for the green light you must ____________________.

If the light is red ,you must stop _____________.

If the light is yellow, you should (应 wait 该)_________.

It is better to wait and be safe.

If you are not careful ,

a car may hit you.

A car nearly hit her.

You must not cross in front of the traffic.

If you make a lot of noise,
you may disturb others.


When many passengers are waiting for a bus, you must stand in line and wait for your turn.

3,Look ,listen and learn:
You must be more Well, you mustn`t play on careful. That car the road. It`s dangerous. A nearly hit you! car may hit you. I wanted to get my ball.


be careful
catch a bus have an accident

发生事故 上车

get on a bus
get off a bus

发出很多声音 make a lot of noise

许多车辆 排队站着 按顺序等

a lot of traffic stand in line

wait for your turn
look left and right

过街 打扰别人

cross the street
disturb others

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