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2010-2011 高二下学期期中英语试卷
时间:120 分钟 满分:150 分

第Ⅰ卷 (满分 115 分)
Ⅰ.单项填空(共 35 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 35 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. ________9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami occurred _______the northeastern coast of Japan on March 11, which has brought a massive disaster to the world. A . A/ off B. The/ on C. The/ to D. A/ in . 2. ------I want to go to Beijing with you. -------If so , your holiday arrangement must ________mine. A. catch up with B. come up with C. put up with D. fit in with 3. Jane is a careless lady because she left her handbag in the taxi, _______? A. has she B. is she C. hasn’t she D. isn’t she 4. ------Mike, what did our monitor say just now? ------Every boy and every girl, as well as teachers who _____to visit the museum, ______asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A. is; is B . are ; are C. is ; are D. are ; is 5. My mother made a promise I passed the examination, she would buy me an MP4. A. that B. that if C. if that D. whether 6. The newcomers found it impossible to________themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new country. A. suit B . adapt C. regular D. relate 7. ---I am thinking of the test tomorrow. I am afraid I can’t pass this time. ---_________! I am sure you will make it. A. Go ahead B. No problem C. Cheer up D. Good luck 8. Pong______ the No 1 actor in Thailand is also popular with Chinese ladies as a lady-killer. A. is thought as B. considered to be C. is regarded as D. intended to be 9. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ________the next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out 10. Do you expect to be a possibility that we may have three days off for the coming May Day? A. it B. there C. that D. this 11. ______as a common sense that you should not tell others the password of your bank account. A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires 12. Can you tell me the meaning of this sentence “ It?s no use _______about the spilled milk”? A. crying B. to cry C. cry D. cried 13. Everyone must obey the rule: at no time in the passage. A. bicycles are permitted B. are permitted bicycles C. are bicycles permitted D. bicycles permitted
用心 爱心 专心 -1-

14. The money is to be used ----------the poor. A. for the benefit of B. to being of benefit to C. to be benefit D. for the benefit 15. When he read the terrible_______ that ended with Rose rolling down from the stairs, he was in tears. A. view B. sight C. appearance D. scene 16. ---Did you find your textbook this morning? ---Yes, it was in the classroom_____ we practiced singing. A. when B. that C. which D. where 17. Mr Lee told us not until ________the old stamp _______he was cheated. A. had he bought; did he realize B. did he buy; he realized C. he had bought; did he realize D. he bought; had he realized 18. It?s freezing cold outside. Put your coat on, _______you?ll get a cold. A. therefore B. however C. otherwise D. yet 19. ________ her singing career, she is also running a school_________ 200 students. A. In addition to; consisting of B. Except for, with C. Besides, consisted of D. Except, with 20. Playing balls together is a kind of activity_____ every player needs to be well-cooperated together. A. which B. where C. that D. what 21 . I could do nothing but _________ to my teacher that I was wrong. A. to admit B. admitted C. admit D. admitting 22. It must be very hard for us to imagine______ hard time the volunteers had ______the Japanese people from the ruins. A. a/ saving B. the/ protected C. the/rescuing D.×/protected 23. In Britain, usually afternoon tea ______between 15:00 and 16:00, during which people can relax themselves. A. treats B. is taken C. makes D. is served 24. The U.S. health officials are recommending that all students under 18 _______a flu shot. A. to get B. get C. getting D. to be got 25. The likely reactions of the market would need to be _____before we acted. A. considered on B. based on C. relied on D. reflected on 26. Liuxiang’s breaking the world record was an exciting moment,________all of us will never forget. A. that B .one C. when D. what 27 Who is the man with a book in his hand_________you spoke to just now? A. whom B. who C . him D .that 28.—You went to ??Bird ?s Nest” last month, didn,t you? ---Yes. That was the second time I __________to Beijing national stadium. A. have B. were C. had been D. would be 29 . Down __________before the poor girl and begged her pardon. A. went the cruel merchant B. did the cruel merchant go C. the cruel merchant went D. had the cruel merchant gone 30. There are five pairs _________,but I?m at a loss which to buy.
用心 爱心 专心 -2-

A. to be chosen B. to choose from C. to choose D. for choosing 31. I hear they?ve promoted Tom, but he didn?t mention________ when we talked on the phone. A. to promote B. having been promoted C. having promoted D. to be promoted 32. --- --- Would you have called her up _____ possible? --- Yes, but I _____ busy doing my homework. A. had it been … was B. if it was … were C. if it had been … had been D. if it were … would be 33. _________by the terrible earthquake, Chile?s second largest city , the southern town of Concepcion, was _________from the outside. A. Having struck; cut up B. Struck ; cut down C. Having struck; cut out D. Struck ; cut off 34. Last week , only two people came to look at the house, _________wanted to buy it. A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom 35. - ---Her rude reply offended me. ----_______.Ellen, Things will work out. A. Don?t mention it B. I don?t think so C. No problem D. Take it easy Ⅱ. 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出可以填入空白的 最佳答案。 Listening is powerful medicine. This is a very good lesson that no one can imagine it takes a(n) 36 about 18 seconds to 37 a patient, which is her unforgettable experience for all her life. It was Sunday. I had one last patient to see. I 38 her room in a hurry and stood at the doorway. She was an older woman, sitting at the edge of the bed, 39 to put socks on her swollen feet. I stepped in, spoke quickly to the nurse, 40 her chart, noting she was in stable 41 . I was almost in the clear. I stood against the bed looking down at her. She asked if I could help put on her socks. 42 , I started a conversation like this: "How are you feeling? Your sugars and blood pressure were high, but they're better today. The nurse 43 you're anxious to see your 44 who's visiting you today. It's nice to have family visit from far away. I bet you really 45 forward to seeing him." She 46 me with a serious and firm voice. "Stop talking!Sit down, doctor. This is my story, not your story." I was surprised and 47 . I sat down quietly. I helped her with the socks. She began to tell me that her only son lived around the corner from her, but she had not seen him within five years. She believed that the stress of this 48 greatly to her health problems. After hearing her story and putting on her socks, I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She shook her head “No” and smiled. All she wanted me to do was to 49 . Each 50 is different. Some are detailed; others are unclear. Some have a beginning, middle and end. Others wander 51 a clear conclusion. Some are true; others are completely not. 52 what really matters to the storyteller is that the story should be 53 --- without interruption or 54 .
用心 爱心 专心 -3-

Listening to someone's story is a key to healing. After that I often thought of what that woman taught me, and I often 55 myself of the importance of stopping, sitting down, opening up my ears and truly listening. 36. A. physicist B. physician C. nurse D. dentist 37. A. understand B. recognize C. interrupt D. know 38. A. entered B. passed C. left D. approached 39. A. continuing B. learning C. pretending D. struggling 40. A. tested B. checked C. designed D. looked 41. A. level B. condition C. position D. period 42. A. So B. Otherwise C. Instead D. Moreover 43. A. told B. showed C. mentioned D. announced 44. A. son B. husband C. brother D. nephew 45. A. look B. wished C. hoped D. wanted 46. A. bothered B. influenced C. stopped D. puzzled 47. A. disappointed B. bored C. excited D. embarrassed 48. A. attached B. contributed C. devoted D. owed 49. A. sit B. wait C. listen D. comfort 50. A. feeling B. case C. life D. story 51. A. without B. to C. for D. at 52. A. And B. Yet C. So D. Then 53. A. read B. written C. repeated D. heard 54. A. judgment B. curiosity C. encouragement D. attraction 55. A. convinced B. informed C. reminded D. warned Ⅲ. 阅读理解(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2.5 分,满分 37.5 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出一个最佳选项。 A Following the nuclear at Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan, Germany has decided to abandon the use of nuclear energy sooner than it had planned. Germany was planning to cut its use of nuclear power slowly over 25 years. But now the government has speeded up its program. Germany’s government has said that seven of its 17 nuclear power reactors(反应堆) will stop working for three months for safety checks, according to AP. Nuclear power has been very unpopular in Germany since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in Ukraine in 1986. Since then the country has been working on developing new resources of energy. The plan to give up nuclear power will cost the country at least 150 billion euros( 1.4 trillion yuan) in investment(投资), according to AP. Experts say this will likely lead to a rise in electricity prices. Some experts think Germany is setting a good example for countries such as the US to follow. Germany now gets 23 percent of its energy from nuclear power--- about as much as the US. However, France, which relies on unclear energy for more than 70 percent of its power,
用心 爱心 专心 -4-

shows No sign of changing its policy, AP said. 56. In the first paragraph, the underlined word means____________. A. cut down B. cut off C. give up D. give out 57. The following statements are all false except __________. A. The Germany government had planned to stop using nuclear power as soon as possible. B. Nuclear power in Germany has not been welcome ever since it came to use. C. Experts say giving up nuclear power will make the electricity price go up. D. In America, about 23 percent of its energy comes from nuclear power. 58. The main idea of the passage is __________. A. Germany has decided to end its nuclear energy program. B. Germany has been working on new resources of energy. C. Nuclear power is not welcome in Germany. D. Nuclear energy is not safe. B Sometimes we rarely make eye contact or make small talk with the people who are just beside or around you, so we act sometimes as if they don’t exist. Here is an example. At nine most mornings the same scene is repeated in office buildings around the world. An employee walks into the elevator with his boss and apart from a mumbled “good morning” the junior is lost for other words. “That’s an opportunity missed”, says experts, who believe that such an obviously dull 30 – second conversation can be invaluable for those who want to climb the career ladder. “Small talk can help build relationship on which you can build,” says Dusseldorf communication advisor Thorsten Knobble, whose company customizes curriculum vitae(个人简历) and job references. As a matter of fact, the importance of small talk goes far beyond the relationship to one’s boss. People who fail the art of speaking a lot without actually saying anything find it harder to cultivate relationships in the workplace, believes Levy, director of the senior management association. “Small talk is an essential part of networking,” he says. Virtually every conversation begins and ends with small talk, according to Wolf Lasko, who has written a book on the topic and its bearing on career prospects. Not everyone is good at small talk. It takes skill to pick the right moment and the right topic with which to start a conversation. There are plenty of topics although some are not suitable for informal chat. “Anything to do with sex is taboo,” cautions Knobble. “Care is needed with politics, religion, money, health or personal feelings or lives.” Safe topics include weather, holidays, movies, jobs, sports or past experiences. 59. Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A. Small Talk Difficult to Start C. Small Talk Easy Or Not B. Small Talk and Safe Topics D. Small Talk Essential to Your Career

60. Small talk can do all the following except that _________. A. it can be an important part of the Internet
用心 爱心 专心 -5-

B. it can make you successful in your career C. it can help you get along with the people you work with D. it can be an opportunity to start your relationship with your boss 61. Which of the following is True according to the passage? A. Try to avoid the embarrassing time of meeting your boss. B. Small talk takes place every morning at nine in office buildings. C. All the people can start a conversation with the right topic at the right moment. D. Everyone is not skilled at small talk. 62. What word do you think can replace the underlined word “taboo”? A. allowed B. attracted C. forbidden D. discussed C CBC is a famous air company which has over twenty planes carrying passengers and goods, flying along 12 fixed lines all over the world. Its service is very good but some passengers are still not satisfied with it and that is why in 2003 and 2004 the company received letters of complaints from consumers or passengers who pointed out over a dozen kinds of problems which are divided in groups in the following table. Those about passengers' things carried by the plane are Baggage problems. Customer service refers to service work which passengers are not satisfied with. Over sales of seats are about the fact that more seats are sold and as a result the plane is too crowded to be safe. Refund problems appear when passengers fail to receive the money paid back to them because of what they have lost. Fares are problems about the price of tickets. Consumer Complaints Received By the CBC Category Flight problems Baggage Customer service Over sales of seats Refund problems Fares Reservation & Ticketing Tours Smoking Advertising Credit Special passengers Others Total Number of Complaints 2003 20.2% 18.3% 3.1% 10.5% 10.1% 6.4% 5.8% 3.3% 3.2% 1.2% 1.0% 0.9% 6.0% 2,988 2004 22.1% 21.8% 11.3% 11.8% 8.1% 6.0% 5.6% 2.3% 2.9% 1.01% 0.8% 0.9% 5.3% 1,792

63. About how many complaints about Credit were received by the CBC in 2003? A. 28 B. 29 C. 30 D. 31 64. By about what percent did the total number of complaints decrease from 2003 to 2004? A. 40% B. 60% C. 75% D. 100%
用心 爱心 专心 -6-

65. If the circle graphs below show total consumer complaints for 2003, which graph shows a dark part that is about Flight problems and Refund problems together?

66. What can we learn from the table? a. In 2003 and in 2004, complaints about Flight problem, Baggage, and Customer service together took more than 40 percent of all consumer complaints received by the CBC Company. b. The number of Special passengers complaints was unchanged from 2003 to 2004. c. From 2003 to 2004 the number of Flight problem complaints increased by more than 2 percent. A. only a B. only b C. a and b D. a and c 67. From the passage we can know that _____ A. most of the consumers are not satisfied with CBC B. sometimes CBC sells more tickets than its plane's fixed seats C. CBC has more than twenty planes which fly to all the capital cities of the world D. customers can only buy tickets with ready money D Most people know that a wedding ring is symbolic of the bond of love and commitment between two people. But not everyone knows about the history behind this small yet powerful symbol. The history of the wedding ring goes back not just hundreds but thousands of years. No other currently practiced wedding tradition has been around as long. The Egyptians were the first recorded civilization to use the wedding ring. In Egyptian hieroglyphics(象形文字)a circle represented eternity. Once a woman accepted the ring she became the “property” of the person who gave it to her and she was in a sense “his” . The first wedding ring could have been made of braided grass or hay (which would have been changed often), ivory, bone, or leather. Finally, metal was used, but the first wedding bands were crude(未加工的)and rough. However, the sentiment remained the same-eternal commitment and love. The Egyptians wore the wedding ring on the left hand because it was believed that a vein in the left hand went straight to the heart. This tradition is still commonly practiced today in most parts of the world largely for practical purposes(most people are right handed). It is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But there are some countries and groups which do not follow this tradition. In the Jewish faith, the wedding ring is put on the index finger. Roman Catholics traditionally wore their wedding band on the right hand, and in many countries and regions in Europe some people still follow this tradition. It is interesting to note that in the long history of the wedding ring that it is only in the last century that men have begun to wear them.However, now both men and women show their love and commitment by exchanging rings on their wedding day.
用心 爱心 专心 -7-

Once you begin shopping for rings you may be amazed by the choices. There are several different types of metals: traditional gold, white gold, platinum, and titanium. You can have an inscription put on the inside of the band if you like. Some people are even choosing a tattoo band. The styles vary from a simple, yet elegant band to an elaborate ring covered with jewels. If you do not buy the wedding and engagement rings as a set, you will want to be sure the styles are compatible(配套). Choose carefully because this choice will need to stand the test of eternity. 68. What’s the best title for this passage? A.History of Rings B.Interesting Facts about Rings C.Different Rings D.The Meaning of the Rings 69. What may the word “eternity” in paragraph 2 probably mean? A.round B.marriage 70. What can we infer from the passage? C.couple D. forever

A.Men were looked upon by women for thousands years. B.Only women have the right to make themselves beautiful. C.Women wore rings thousands of years earlier than men. D.You could have an inscription put on the inside the band. 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2.5 分,满分 12.5 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选 项。 Four Thoughts from a Man’s Heart Thought 1 When we are born, our mothers get the compliments and the flowers. When we are married, our brides get the presents and the publicity. When we die, our widows get the life insurance. 71 Thought 2 The average man’s life consists of: Twenty years of having his mother and forty years of having his wife ask, “ 72 ”. Still the mourner is wondering too where he is going. Thought 3 A man walking on the street heard a voice “If you take one more step, a brick will fall down on your head and kill you.” The man stopped and a big brick fell right in front of him. The man was astonished. He went on, and after a while he was going to cross the road. Once again the voice shouted, “ 73 One more step and a car will get run over you and kill you.” The man stopped just as a car ran over, barely missing him. The man asked, “Who are you?” “I am your guardian angel”, the voice answered. “”Oh, yeah?” the man said. “ 74 ” Thought 4 Everyone in the wedding ceremony was watching the beautiful bride as her father
用心 爱心 专心 -8-

escorted her down the aisle to give away to the groom. They reached the altar and the waiting room; the bride kissed her father and placed something in his hand. Everyone was wondering what that was. The father could feel the people’s curiosity, with all eyes on him. So he announced. “Ladies and gentlemen. Today is the luckiest day of my life…” Then he raised his hands with what his daughter gave him and continued, “ 75 ” The whole audience including the priest started laughing…But not the poor Groom!!! A. My daughter finally returned my Credit Card to me! B. Look where you are going! C. Stop! Stand still! D. What do women want to be liberated from? E. Do you know what it is? F. And where on earth were you when I got married? G. Where are you going?

第 II 卷(满分 35 分)
IV. 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。对标有题号的每一行做出判断:如有错误,则按下列情 况改正: 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉,在该词下方写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符合(^),并在该词下方写出该加的词。 修改:在错的词下划—横线,在该横线下写出改正后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Sometimes we have difficulties in remembering the names of the months in English. Therefore, if we know something about the history of the months, possibly they won’t seem very hard for us to remember . The following are two examples. January named after God Janus. He was a strange god because he has two faces. He could look in two direction. He could look forward and backward in the same time. He was a god of endings and beginnings. January is the first month of a year. That is to say, it is the month in which one looks forward to in the new year. It’s also a period of time how people think about the past year. Now can you share for us the stories about the rest of the months?





V. 书面表达(满分 25 分) 近几年越来越多的大学生加入打工的队伍,请你结合下表,就这一现象写一篇短文。 1.约 25%的大学生打零工 2.在暑假,这一数字将增至 72% 3.大学生常做的零活有:家教、服务员、售货员等 4.想赚钱支付部分日益增长的学费 5.想经济上独立,买一些自己想买的东西 (内容自拟)


原因 意义

注意: 1.词数:100~120 字。文章的开头已为你写好。 2.参考词汇: 家庭教师 tutor;学费 tuition;经济地 economically; According to a recent survey. ….




- 10 -

试题答案 I 单项填空 (35*1=35 分) 1-5,ADDDB 6-10 , BCBCB 11-15,CACAD 16-20,DCCAB 21-25,CCDBD 26-30,BDCAB 31-35 BADDD II 完形填空 (20*1.5=30 分) 36—40,BCDDB 41--45 BCCAA 46—50 CDBCD 51—55 ABDAC III 阅读理解 ( 20*2.5=50 分) 56—60,CDADA 61—65,DCCAD 66—70,ABADC 71—75,DGCFA IV 改错 (10 分) 1, difficulties----difficulty , 2,Therefore----However, 3,they--it 4,加入 was 5,has---had 6,direction—directions, 7, in---at 8,去掉 in 9,how ---when 10,for---with V 书面表达 (25 分) According to a recent survey. About 25 percent of college students have part – time jobs. During summer vacation, this figure will increase to 72 percent. College students are working as tutors, waiters or salesmen. Why do they want part – time jobs? First, they want to earn money to help cover the increasingly higher college tuition. Second, they hope to be economically independent and buy whatever they want. In my opinion, by doing part – time jobs, college students can gain some society experience and broaden their outlook. What’s more, part – time jobs can provide them with valuable opportunities to know the outside world. So it’s of great significance for college students to do part – time jobs.




- 11 -



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