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M5U4 Making the news
Period3 Language points

By Eleven 2016-10

Important Language Pointsq
1. Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office of a popular local newspaper.

Not only am I interested in photography,but I took an amateur course at university to update my skills.
对摄影我不仅仅是感兴趣,而且在大学里我专修过业余摄影课来更新 我的技术。

Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need.

注意:在以含有否定意义的副词、连词及词 组开头的句子中,主句要用部分倒装。即句 序为:否定词+助动词+主语+谓语(主要 动词)。 这些词和词组通常有:

rarely,never,scarcely(几乎不),no sooner…(than…),little,few, hardly…(when…),seldom,at no time, in no way,on no account(绝不), nowhere,nobody,not only…(but also…)等。

(1)他很少去看电影(go to the cinema)。(seldom放于句


Seldom does he go to the __________________________________


__________________________________ Neither do I know this,nor

do I want to.

(3)Our bad living habits will destroy the earth. Only

can we save the earth by changing how we live__________________________

2. His discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin,
was to strongly influence his life as a journalist.
他与他的新老板胡新的讨论对他的记者生涯会产生重要影 响。

be to do在句中表示将来时态,常译为
be to do句型有三层含义: ①表示注定要发生。 ②预先安排好的计划或约定。 ③表示说话人的意图、职责、义务、警告、命令等情 态意义。


?His continuous effort is to make him a successful man. ?You are to be back before 10pm.
?I am to inform you that your wife was killed in the accident. ?They are to be married next month.

3. We’ re delighted you are coming to work with us.

be delighted to do e.g.: Sandy will be delighted to see you. delighted (that) e.g.: I'm delighted that we have settled the matter. delighted with/by/at e.g.: She was delighted with her new


4. Can I go out on a story immediately?
我可以马上出去采访吗? on 后接一些名词如visit, holiday, business, trip等,常与come, go等动词连用,用来说明活 动或状态。

Practice: 她决定今年暑假去一趟英国。 on a visit She decided to go ______________ to England this summer. 他去了长途旅行。 on a long trip He has been away __________________ .

5. admire _____________________ v. 佩服;羡慕;赞美 admiration ______________________n. 钦佩

admirer ______________________n. 崇拜者;爱慕者
admirable ______________________adj. 令人钦佩的;值得赞 扬的

admirable ⑴ His bravery is___________ admirable idea. ⑵ He came up with an ___________

admirers ⑶ The pop star has many _________.
⑷ She speaks English so well that her

admiration friends are filled with____________ .

6. assist

vt. 帮助;协助

assistantn. 助理;助手 _____________

adj. 助理的;副的

_____________ n. 帮助;援助


assistant (assist) asked ⑴ The __________

assistance so that the boss for __________ he could assist the workers in _______ improving the efficiency.
⑵ Would you like to assist me with my English? _______

7. Later you can cover a story and submit the article yourself. cover 和 interview 的辨析:
cover 意为“采访”、“报道”,宾语往往为事; interview 意为“采访”,宾语往往为人。

选词填空:( cover, interview )

interview him about his research I want to ___________ work.
The best reporters were sent to _________ cover the war.


1). She was sent to cover the event.
2). The road was covered with snow. 3). She laughed to cover her worry.



4). The red army covered about 30 miles a day. 走完多少里路 5). Is the money enough to cover the cost of a new



6). His lecture covered the subject thoroughly

v. 包括, 涉及

8. submit vt. 提交, 呈递;主张 v. 屈服,顺从

9. NO need for a camera!

不需要带相机! no need…是句型There is no need …的省略形式, need 后面可以接for/of ( doing ) sth 或( for sb ) to do作后置定语。 介词填空:

for that sort of thing. There is no need ______

of hurrying; we still have time. There is no need ______
for you to worry about the There is no need ______ matter.

10.eager adj. 热切的;渴望的;热心的
eagerly ______________adv. 热切地 eagerness n.渴望;热切 ______________ be eager to do sth. ____________________[ 搭配]渴望干某事

be eager for /about sth. ___________________ 渴望…,很想…

for knowledge about ⑴ He is eager ____ the party construction because he is to join (join) the party. eager________
⑵ These young people show great to join (eager) for new __________ knowledge. to join (eager) ⑶ The children were________ looking forward to the party.

11. concentrate

v. 集中,聚集

concentration n. 集中,集合
concentrate on (doing) sth. 专心,全神贯注于(干)某事

concentrate one’s efforts/ attention on
把精力/注意力集中在…… 意思同上

fix/focus one’s attention/mind on sth. be/get absorbed in


运用: ⑴ 吵闹声不绝于耳,我无法专心学习。 I can’t concentrate on my studies _____________________________________ with all that noise going on. ⑵ 我们应该致力于改进教育工作。 We should ______________ concentrate our efforts on improving education. _____

12. have a nose for 善于觉察/对…… 很敏感 e.g. Reporters have a good nose for news. 记者对新闻有很强的觉察力。 拓展: have an eye for 对……有鉴赏能力 have an ear for 对……有欣赏能力 对……有天赋

have a gift/talent for

13. inform vt. 告知;通知
inform sb. of/about sth. 告知某人某事

inform sb. (that)...

通知某人…… 了解情况的;见识广 使某人随时了解最新

informed adj.

keep sb. informed

inform us of any change of address (1)Please ____________________________________ (通知我们地址的任何变化)as soon as possible.

(2)We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected ______________________________________________
(通知你,你的申请未被接受). (3)Please ____________________________________ keep me fully informed of (请向我提供详情)any developments.


remind sb. of sth. ⑴________
rob sb. of sth. ⑵________ ⑶________ cure sb. of sth. warn sb. of sth. ⑷________ accuse sb. of sth. ⑸________

抢劫某人某物 治愈某人某病 警告某人某事 控告某人犯某罪

16. Meanwhile you have to prepare the next question depending on what the person says. adv. (meantime, at the same time) 期间, 同时 e.g.: I continued working, meanwhile, he went out shopping. n. meanwhile 与此同时 in the meanwhile 在此期间.与此同时 e.g.: I hope to go to medical school eventually. In the meanwhile, I am going to study chemistry.

meanwhile, during, while 词义辨析

meanwhile “同时”,与at the same time意思相同;

during “在、、、期间”,是介词,后接名词、代词。



14. depend on依靠;依赖;取决于 运用: ⑴ 我不想依靠别人来处理这个件事。

I don’t want to_______________________________ depend on others to settle the
matter. ⑵ 一切取决于我是否喜欢这个老板。 whether I like the boss or not It all depends on______________________________.

15. Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick? 完全误解,弄错
in that/this/any case 在那样/这样情况下/不管怎样
in no case in case of sth. in the case of 决不 如果,万一… 就...来说, 关于 in case(连词) + 从句 以防;可能;倘若


运用: Take an umbrella ____________ in case it rains. In case of _______________ fire, break the glass.

(in case 从句常用一般现在时表将来, 或 should+d

In no case should you give up. _______________
In the case of woman,they have more _______________

difficulty in their job. so we’ll take you home.

any case We have to go past your house in _______________ ,

16. accuse sb. of (doing) sth. 因某事指 责/控告某人 ? ?
? ?

accuse (指控 )sb. of ( doing ) sth. charge ( 指控 )sb. with ( doing ) sth.
accuse ( 指责 )sb. of (doing ) sth. blame ( 责备 )sb. for ( doing ) sth.

他被警察指控谋杀。 He was accused of murdering by the police. B his boss of having broken his Tom ____ word. A. blamed C. charged B. accused D. scolded

17. so as to(do) 用法:


⑴ so as to do不能放在句首,但与之同义的 in order to do却可以放在句首; ⑵ 否定式是so as not to do。
运用: ⑴ He came to school early so as to clean the classroom. in order to/so that he could He came to school early________________ _______________ clean the classroom. ⑵ We ran all the way so as not to be late. in order not to be/ We ran all the way____________________________ so that we wouldn‘t be _________________________________late.

18.So we arranged an interview between the footballer and the man supposed to bribe him. 因此我们安排这名球员和被认为行贿的人一起接受采 访。 点拨: 句中supposed to bribe him是过去分词短语作 ________,修饰the man,相当于一个_________从 句: the man who was supposed to bribe him。
用法: be supposed to do/be sth. 应当;被(人们普遍)认为 not be supposed to do sth. 不应当;不得;不准 be supposed to have done 理应做过某事(但没有做)

(1)普遍认为那东西在战争期间丢失了。 supposed to have been lost during the war. It was widely ______________________________ (2)大家以为她已经动身回国了。 was supposed to have already left for home. She _____________________________________ (3)据说这树在这已有八百年了。 is supposed to have been here This tree ______________________________________ for eight hundred years. (4)到目前为止你们本应早已完成此项工作。

You are supposed to have finished the work so far. _________________________________________________________

19. ahead of 在……前面;领先 运用:理解划线部分的意思并翻译句子。 ⑴ They managed to finish the assignment

two weeks ahead of time. 他们提前两周完成了任务。
⑵ He is far ahead of his class in English. 他在英语方面远远超过其它同学的水平。 ⑶ Two people were ahead of us,travelling

有两个人在我们的前面,他们走得很快。 fast.


adj. 有天赋的

gift ___________ n. 礼物;天赋 be gifted in或 have a gift/talent for 搭配]在……有天赋 _________________________[ 运用: in painting ⑴ It is known that he was gifted ___ when he was young. When he grew up,he gifted turned _______(gift) artist. for music. ⑵ He has a gift ____

21. approve v. 赞成;认可;批准 用法: approve of sb./sth. approve the plan 赞成/同意某人/某事 同意某人做某事 批准计划 approve of sb.’s doing sth.

approval n. 同意;批准

give one’s approval to 批准


approve of my marriage (1)My parents now _____________________________

if your parents approve (2)You can join the class _______________________

approval by smiling (3)He showed his ______________________________
(用微笑表示赞成). (4)The plan to increase expenditure

has been approved 已获通过). ________________________(

22. demand vt. 强烈要求 n.要求, 需求 用法: demand sth. 要求某物 demand sth.of/from sb. 向某人要求某物 demand to do 要求做…… demand that... 要求……(从句用虚拟语气, 即should+动词原形,should可省略)

运用: (1)After school Tom demanded help from/of me ___________________________ (要求我帮助).

(2)She demanded that I should) tell everything to her about it _________________________________________ (我把知道的整个事情都告诉她)

Thanks for your attention!

By Jack


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