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Book4 unit4 language points

1.curiousadj. 好奇的; 奇特的

(1) be curious about… “对……感到好奇”
(2) be curious to do… “很想做…渴望做…”

n. out of curiosity 出于好奇
她对人类的起源充满好奇。 She was curious about the origin of human beings. 我急于找出事实的真相。 I was curious to find out the truth.

2. approach v. 靠近;接近

You must approach the bird very quietly or it will fly away.
The summer is approaching.

n. 靠近,接近;方法, 步骤;通路, 通道 an approach to doing… /sth. 做某事的方法 We heard the approach of the train. We have found a new approach to the study of chimps. All approaches to the city were blocked.

1)随着冬天的临近,天气变得更冷了。 With the approach of winter, the weather gets colder.

The best approach to learning a foreign language is the study of the spoken language.

3. defence: protection in defence (of) (为…)防卫,辩护 to fight in defence of one's country They say they were acting in self-defence. defend: ~ sb/sth (from/against sb/sth) 保护….免受… defend one's country against enemies

4. major: 1). great or important 我们遇上了大问题。 We have encountered major problems. 2). specializing in a certain subject ( at college or university) She is an English major. Her major is English. She majors in English.

5. Not all cultures greet each other the same way, nor are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people.

not all 表示部分否定
not + (all, every, everybody, everything, both) not + (always, absolutely, often) He is not absolutely wrong. 他并不是完全错了。

? 不是所有的女孩都喜欢跳舞。 ? Not all the girls like dancing. None of the girls like dancing. ? 这两本书我并不都喜欢。 ? I don’t like both of the books. I like neither of the two books. ? 在我们班并非每个人都喜欢足球。 ? Not everyone in our class likes football. No one/ Nobody in our class likes football.

nor / neither 否定副词置于句首, 句子部分倒装, 即助动词/系动词/情态动词放在主语之前。 nor = neither /and also not

I don’t like her, nor/neither does Lily. I am not a nurse, nor/ neither is Lily.
-- My room gets very cold at night. -- __________. A. So is mine B. So mine is C. So does mine D. So mine does

含有否定意义的副词或连词(如not ,seldom, little, hardly, never, rarely, nowhere等)放在句首时,需用倒装。

Not a single word of English can he speak.
Never have I seen him before.

6. likely 常用于如下结构: sb./sth. is likely to do sth 很可能… It’s likely that-clause 注意:likely 的主语可以是人也可以是物, 但不说: It’s likely to do sth. He’s very likely to be late for class. It isn’t likely to rain.(it表天气,并非形式主语)

1.结构上的区别: ?It is possible/probable/likely that….. ?sb/sth is likely to do sth. ?It is possible (for sb) to do sth 2.词性上的区别: ?likely--- adj / adv ?possible----possibly ?probable----probably

possible, likely ,probable的区别

I'm afraid I won't be_______to help this time , but it seems _______that you can get help from your teacher.

7. In the same way that people communicate with spoken language… 这就是他们的生活方式。 This is the way in which / that / 不填 they live. 你能用你认为最好的方法来解决这个问题。 You can solve the problem in the way that / which you think is the best.

Few of us think that is an effective ______ to deal with this problem. A. way B. means C. method D. approach The way you thought ______ the problem is very subtle. A. to solve B. of solving C. of of solving D. of to solving


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