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unit4 language points-

Unit 4

Reading (Period 2)

Useful Phrases

? Read the passage quickly, find out the following phrases and translate those phrases into Chinese.

11. at an end 1. rise and fall 2. a smelly gas 12. in ruins 3. come out of the 13. one third cracks 4. too nervous to 14. thousands of eat 15. the number of 5. water pipes 16. be destroyed 6. crack and burst 7. think little of 17. blew away 8. fall asleep/ be 18. tens of asleep thousands of 9. as usual 19. instead of 10. as if 20. be shocked

21. later that afternoon 22. the rescue workers 23. fall down 24. dig out 25. to the north of the city 26. build shelters for survivors 27. fresh water

1. rise and fall

升升降降 2. a smelly gas 难闻的气味 3. come out of the cracks 从裂缝里冒出 4. too nervous to eat 紧张得吃不下 5. water pipes 水管 6. crack and burst 爆裂开来 7. think little of 对…不以为然 8. fall asleep/ be asleep 睡着 9. as usual 照常 10. as if 仿佛,好像

11. at an end

结束, 终结

废墟 12. in ruins 三分之一 13. one third 14. thousands of 成千上万的… 15. the number of ……的数量 16. be destroyed 被毁坏 17. blew away 吹走,刮走 18. tens of thousands of 数以万计的 19. instead of 代替, 而不是 20. be shocked 被震惊

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

later that afternoon 下午晚些时候 救援人员 the rescue workers fall down 倒塌 dig out 挖掘 to the north of the city 在城市的北边 build shelters for survivors
为幸存者搭建避身处 淡水

27. fresh water

Language Points

1. For three days the water in the village wells rose and fell. fall—fell—fallen rise: 升起;上升[vi, 不带宾语,不用于被动语态] (rise- rose- risen)

The sun rises in the east.
the sun / water level (水平 线)/ temperature (温度) /price …

raise (raised, raised) vt.举起 ,使升起, 提高, 提出,饲养,养育

a question / an animal / a baby / sth. /one’s voice

This cat can raise an egg.

raise (raised, raised) vt.举起 ,使升起, 提高, 提出,饲养,养育

Her job is raising chicken.

Fill the blanks with “rise, raise”
rises 1)Everyone knows the sun _______ in the east. 2) The people’s living standard has raised greatly been _______. rising 3) Her temperature is still _______. raising chickens. 4) Her job is _______ risen 5) The price of bread has __________.

4. A smelly gas came out of the cracks. ? smelly (adj.) 发臭的 smell+y=adj. wind— windy dream— dreamy ice— icy health— healthy wealth– wealthy ? smell [n./v.] 闻 (smelt/smelled) e.g. They were all hungry and the food smelt good. ______ smelly tofu away. Please throw the ______

? ? ? ? ?

bloody rainy windy dreamy cloudy

? ? ? ?

sunny foggy muddy fatty

? icy ? tasty

3.Even the pigs were too nervous to eat.
too + 形容词/副词+ to do

他太老了而不能工作。 too old ___ to work. He is _____ that he _____ can’t work. so old ____ He is _____ not young enough to work. He is _____ ______ ____

He was too full to fall asleep.

与否定词连用 ,译为 “不太….”
It is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。 It’s never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,为时不晚。

4.In the city, the water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst.

burst: vi. 爆炸,爆发;突然闯入(burst-burst-burst)

n. 突发,爆发

1. 2. 3. = 4.

burst burst burst burst burst

into +名词 out doing into laughter 突然笑起来 out laughing in/into… 闯进,突然破门而入……

The balloon suddenly burst.

He bursts into tears. He bursts out crying.

They burst into the house.

5. think little of 轻视;不加思索 (1)think much/a lot/a great deal of (2)think highly of 对……高度评价 (3)think badly/ill of (4)think nothing of
对……评价低,糟糕 重视


They thought little of each other.

6. It seemed as if the world was at an end.

?as if:似乎,好像
① 在表语从句中相当于 that : e.g. 看起来英语课没完没了。 ? It seemed as if the English class would never end. ? It seemed that the English class would never end.

6. It seemed as if the world was at an end. ?as if ② 似乎,好像= as though:

He talked as if he were rich.

6. It seemed as if the world was at an end.

?at an end 结束
e.g. 战争结束了。 The war was at an end. ______________________________ 我必须告知你,我的洪荒之力(my fantastic power)用完了。 I must tell you that my fantastic ______________________________ power is at an end. ______________________________

词语辨析 …结束了 ?be at an end ———— ?come to an end ———— …结束了 ?put/bring sth to an end———— 结束某事 ?at the end of—— 在……的尽头/末尾 ?by the end of—— 到……末为止 一般与完成时连用 ? ?in the end———— 最后,终于

? The cold weather at last stopped at the end of March. ____________

? Our hunt for a cheaper but larger house at an end is at last ________. ? If you go on with work, you’ll succeed in the end _________. ? How many English words had you learned by the end of last term? ____________

7. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.
中文 原形

过去 过去式 分词

现在 分词

说明 不及物 动词



lay laid

lied lying

躺; lie 位于 放置;产 lay 蛋

不及物 lain lying 动词 及物动 laid laying 词

e.g. Tina ___ under the tree ___to her mother that a cock ____ eggs. ? A. lying; lied; lay ? C. lying; lied; laid B. lain; lied; laid D. lain; lied; lay

7. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.
? ruin (n.)废墟; (v.)毁坏,毁掉 ? ruined (adj.) 毁坏的,破败不堪的 ? in ruins 成废墟,垮掉

? This earthquake left the whole town ________. in ruins ruined ? This illness has ________ his life.

ruined ? When we got there, we saw a _______ castle.

7.In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.
①damage v./n. 指部分“损坏”、“损害”或指 使用价值有所降低,可修复。 Compare: ruin ②destroy v. 指彻底破坏, 以致不可能修复 , 常作 “破坏”、“毁灭”解。 destroy

damage , 但这种破坏 ③ruin则表示破坏严重, 以致不能修复 不像destroy那样毁灭某物, 而是在一定的过程中逐 渐被毁掉。 v.―使毁灭‖、 ―使崩溃‖ n. (常作复数)废墟,遗址 in ruins 夷为废墟,破败不堪

damage to his car. ? The accident did a lot of ________ destroyed ? The earthquake __________almost the whole town. ruin ? The house has fallen into __________. destroyed ? All his hopes were __________.
? You’ll _____ ruin your health if you go on like this.

8.Two-thirds of the people died or were injured during the earthquake.
? More than 61% of the surface of the earth is covered by water. ____ are young. ? Seventy percent of the workers ____
? 以百分数作为主语的,谓语动词是单数还是 复数取决于百分数后面跟的名词是可数还是 不可数的。

分数表达法: 分子用基数(one, two…),分母用序数 词 ( first, second…),当分子超过1时, 分母的词尾加s.

2/3: 1/4: 1/5: 3/5: 1/2:

two thirds
one fourth (a/one quarter) one fifth three fifths a half 或 one half


One-third (三分之一) of the students 1. ________ are (be) girls. in our class ____ Three-fifths (五分之三) of the soil 2. __________ __________ was washed (wash) away by the flood last night. Half (一半) of the desks in this 3. ______ are made (make) in his company. school ________ Most (大部分的) of the lecture he 4. ______ was (be) interesting. made yesterday ______


tens of thousands of
millions of

表笼统数目时,数字用复数形式, 后面加of 一千 one thousand


two thousand

表具体数目时,数字不用复数形式, 也不加of

Tens of thousands of cows never give milk again. 数以万计的奶牛再也不产奶了 tens of thousands of 数以万计的 hundreds and hundreds of 成百上千的 hundreds of thousands 数以十万计的 thousands of 数千计的 millions of 数百万计的 scores of 许许多多的 dozens of 许多,大量

5. Tens _________________ of thousands of (数万) people _____________ are dancing (dance) in the big square now. 6. There were ____________ ten thousand (一万) students taking part in the exam yesterday. 7. _________________ 90% / 90 percent (百分之九十) of the mountain __________ is covered (cover) by trees.

10. Two-thirds of the people died or were injured during the earthquake. ? injure (v.) 损害,伤害 injury (n.) 受伤 injured (adj.) 受伤的 the injured 伤者,伤员 e.g. He suffered serious _______ injuries to the arms and legs. injured are still in a Many of the _______ serious condition.

辨析:: injure 一般指由于意外或事故而受伤.

10.Two-thirds of the people died or were injured during the earthquake.


也可指身体的受伤或疼痛. 指战场上的刀伤或枪伤.




―伤害,损害”,主要用于有生命的东西, 常指伤及一个人或其健康,权利,事业等

1)Smoking seriously harmed ______ his health.

2) His words _____my feelings. hurt
wounded 3) Where is the ________soldier? injured in the 4) luckily, he only got his leg ________ accident .

11. People were shocked.

shock (n.) 打击,震惊 (v.) 使震惊 shocking (adj.) 令人震惊的-修饰物 shocked (adj.)感人震惊的-修饰人
e.g. The news of his wife’s death was a shock terrible _______ to him.

shocked by his rudeness. I was _______
shocking to his His failure in the exam was _______ parents.

13.The army organized teams to dig out those who are trapped and to bury the dead. 军队组成救援队挖掘那些受困的人们并埋葬死者。 dig out 掘出;发现

? dig information out of books从书本挖掘知识 ? dig out truth 寻求真理

bury vt.
(1) 埋葬 e.g He was buried with his wife. (2) 掩埋 隐藏, Our dog buries its bones in the garden.

(3)短语:bury oneself in sth 埋头于某事物; 专心致志于某事
bury oneself in= be buried in


He buried his face in his hands and wept.

12.All hope was not lost. 不是所有的希望都破灭了。

all...not… = not all…


(not) all (not) ,(not) both (not), (not) every (not) , (not) everything (not), (not) everybody (not) 是部分否定, 如果要表示全部否定,要分别用 none ,neither, no , nothing, nobody.

Not all the men riding white horses ? __________ are princes ___________________. All ? __________ the men riding white horses are not princes ___________________.

All of them are not right. 并非他们所有人都是错的。

None of them are right. 他们所有人都是错的。
Not every boy likes football. 不是所有男孩子都喜欢足球。

No boys in that area like football. 那个地区的男孩子都不喜欢足球。

____ seen the film, so everybody wants to see it. A.All the students haven’t B.Any students haven’t C. As nobody has D. None of us has

1. The work must be done______.

A. right away

B. immediately

C. at once D. all the above 2. He _____ his voice so that everyone could hear him. A. lifted B. rose C. held D. raised 3. The death of his wife was a terrible ____ to him. A. knock B. shock C. surprising D. experience

4. They tried to prevent their cows from ____.

A.injury B. injuring C. being injured D. hurting 5. _____of people came to the meeting from
all over the country. A. Many B. A number

C. The number D. A plenty of

6.I will go shopping with her _____ my mother. A.instead of C. in fact B. instead D. instead with

7. There was a strange man at the gate ____ A. said something to the little girl. C. to say D. saying

B. says

8. _____ were sent to hospital and the ____ were buried. A. The injury, the death B. The injuring, the dying C. The injured, the dead D. The injured, the died 9. About ____ of the workers in that steel works ____ young people. A. third fifths, are B. three fifths, are C. three fifths, is D. three fifth, are


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