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2016下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:英文说课逐字稿 Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science

2016 下半年四川教师公招考试资讯: 2016 下半年四川教师公招资格复审公告汇总 2016 下半年四川教师公招面试公告汇总 2016 四川教师公招面试辅导资料

2016 下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:英文说课逐字稿 Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science
Good morning dear judges, I’m No. ____. It's my great honor to have this opportunity to talk about my teaching ideas. Today my topic is Future plan. In order to explain what to teach, how to teach and why do so, I put my presentation into several parts. First of all, I will talk about the analysis of teaching material. This lesson is from the section A, Unit 6 of PEP English book for junior high school, grade 9. And the main topic of this lesson is Future plan. This lesson is the first section of this unit. It lays a good foundation for the whole unit and it is very important for students' further study. After learning this lesson, students are able to use simple future tense to express themselves. Meanwhile, their listening and speaking abilities would be developed. The second part is analysis of students. Students in junior school are generally interested in English. They have strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge and their future. Students will be interested in this topic. According to the new curriculum standard, the teaching materials and the students’ present situation. I set the aims as follows:the first one is knowledge aims, students are able to recognize the words such as future, plan, become and are able to master simple future tense. This is also the key point of this lesson. Next is ability aims, Students can get the main idea about what they are talking about after listening, and can get some useful information from the conversation. And students can improve their listening and speaking abilities through making a role play. Next is emotional aim. Students can foster the interest and desire of learning

English, and can take part in speaking activities actively. And this is also the difficult point of this lesson. After those analysis, as for the students are the subject in my class, I will talk about the teaching and study methods. I’ll mainly use “Task-based teaching method” “Communicative language teaching method” . As we all know teaching aids are very important for my class, so I will mainly use multi-media, tape recorder. Now, Let’s come to the most important parts of my teaching plan--- teaching procedures. It is made up of 5 steps. They are warming up, pre-listening, while-listening, post-listening, summary and homework. Now let’s go to the first step warming up. After greeting the students, I will show some short pieces of video of Fu Yuanhui, Zhou Jielun and ask them “Who are they”? And “what do they do”? Then lead the new lesson. In the pre-listening step, I will ask then to look the picture on the book and to predict what the listening material will talk about. The third step is while-listening. Firstly, I would ask students to listen to the tape and tell me what does this listening material talking about, and write the name of the theaters into the right boxes of this chart. At the second time of listening, I will ask students to answer some questions about the detail information. The next step is Post-listening. I would ask them to read the dialogue first. And work in pairs to perform this dialogue. Then I will ask some groups to share their role-play with us. Then make their own conversations. At last I will ask some students to show themselves at the front. Role play is a very interesting activity. Students could take part in it very actively. Through this section, students could improve their speaking ability, they could also be brave enough to express themselves in public. Before the ending, I will ask students to act as an assistant teacher to conclude what we have learned in this class. And then make a summary together. Finally, I would set a piece of homework for: Draw a picture of the city in 20 years .Describe it to the class. The last part is the analysis of the blackboard design. This is the title of the the new lesson. The left part is the key words and

sentence pattern. The right part is the main idea and the questions I will ask during the lesson. That all for my teaching design. Thank you for your listening.




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