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一、单项选择。(30 分) ( )1.I’m really shy and I just don’t enjoy parties. ________ I don’t know anyone there? A. What if ( ( ( A. sure A. go B. How B. planned B. going C. What’s wrong C. believed C. went D. Why ( D. thought ( ( D. where was ( D. to go )2.We’ re ____ to win the game . Wait and see. )3.I would rather go out for a walk than ______ to the cinema this evening. )4.---Do you know _________ him last night? ---Sorry , I don’t know . A. what took place ( ( ( A. because A. Does , belong to B. what happened on C. what happened to B. because of B. Is, belong C. in front of C. does , belong )5. She doesn’t want to go anywhere at this crucial moment___ the coming final exam. D. during the time that ( D. Is , / ( C. could be playing C. being read C. be not D. had played D. be reading D. isn’t ( ( ( ( )6. Look at the tennis racket . _______ it ____ you ? )7.---Is your brother at home, Dennis? ---No ,he isn’t. I think he ________ computer games at the video arcade. A. can play ( ( ( A. to be reading A. mustn’t B. plays B. to read B. can’t )8. He pretended ______ an important paper when the boss entered. )10.The man is in front of all the students . He must be a teacher, _______he ? )11.---- I failed in my exam again. ---- Cheer up! Work harder, ______ you will succeed next time. A. and ( B. or C. although D. therefore ( ( ( )12.---Must I take off my shoes before coming in the living room? --- ________, just come in . A. Yes, you must C. No ,you can’t ( )13.---Is this Bob’s bile? ---It ______be his. I saw him go home by bike with Steven just now. A. can’t B. must C. should D. needn’t B. Yes, you need D. No ,you don’t have to (


)14.---Yummy ! The Starbucks coffee is so delicious . ---I agree . It’s the best coffee ______ I have ever tasted. A. that A. Besides B. which B. However C. what D. it D. Still D. will be invited D. needn’t D. Whenever )15. The young man couldn’t afford a new apartment.______ , he bought a used one. C. Instead )16. Ann’s birthday is coming. Many friends ______ to her birthday party tomorrow. A. are going to invite A. mustn’t A. Whoever A. watch TV, to go out C. watching TV, to going out A. teeth A. So it is A. Have a good time A. if A. very well B. ears B. I’m afraid so B. will invite B. can’t B. wherever C. were invited C. may not C. Whatever B. watch TV, go out D. to watch TV, going out C. hands C. I hope so D. feet D. Of course not D. Please go D. that D. even worse )17.It doesn’t look like rain. So you ______ bring your umbrella with you . )18. _____ you do , you can’t change the situation . )19.—What a heavy rain! --- So it is. I prefer______ at home ______ on such a rainy day.

)20. Mike hurt one of his ____ in the accident yesterday. He can’t walk now. )21.--.Do you think it will be cool tomorrow? -- _____________.It has been too hot for a week.

)22.--I’m going to Hainan with my parents. -- ______________. B. Best wishes to you . B. unless B. much better C. Congratulations C. when C. beautifully )23. You will achieve nothing _____ you work hard. )24. In the piano contest, my brother didn’t play well and I did _________ )25.--- I often chat with my friends on the Internet. --- You are so smart! Will you please tell me _______? A. What to do A. borrowed A. when A. was, would be B. how to do it B. kept B. which B. was, would be C. how to use C. lent C. who C. were, would be D. when to use it D. bought D. where D. were , will be )26.He _______ his umbrella to me yesterday , so I didn’t get wet. )27. The students in the higher grades _____ I met in a football game are my good friends now . )28. If he ____ alive today, how happy we _________.


)29.Tom has just finished writing a __________ article. A. nine-hundred-words C. nine-hundred-word B. nine-hundreds-word D. nine-hundreds-words C. written D. writing

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)55. A. follow

B. give

C. make

D. bring

三、定语从句专项练习。(13 分) )1. There are lots of things ________ I need to prepare before the trip. (10 河北) A. who A. which A. what A. who A. which A. which B. that B. what B. who B. whose B. who B. that C. whom C. whose C. whom C. whom C. what C. what D. whose D. whom D. which D. which D. whose D. where )2. This is the dictionary ________ Mum gave me for my birthday. (08 河北) )3. Sorry, we don’t have the coat ________ you need. (09 河北) )4.Jamie is a young cook ________ wants to improve school dinners. (10 天津) )5.I like the teacher ________ classes are very interesting and creative. (09 兰州) )6.That is the only thing ________ I bought from the supermarket. )7. ---Is the girl ________ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? ---Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV. A. whom ( ( A. when B. which B. who C. who C. that D. whose D. what )8. People often like clothes ______ can make them look young. 【2011 湖南株洲】 )9. —Now many people smoke and get ill. —So we should do something ______ can help stop smoking. 【2012 广西玉林】 A. what ( B. who C. / D. that )10. — What are you looking for ? — I'm looking for the pen________ my father gave me last week. 【2012 浙江衢州】 A. who ( ( ( A. whom A. which B. which B. what B. who C. whose C. who C. whom D. whom D. which D. what ) 11. Success will belong to those ________never say "impossible".【2011 河南】 )12.We all like the story about the teacher ____ happened in our school last week. 【2012 湖北】 )13. —There are so many girls over there. Which one is your sister? —The one ______hat is yellow. 【2012 湖北随州】 A. who B. whose C. that D. which


)30. This is a book ______ by Lu Xun. A. write B. wrote

二、完型填空。(15 分) It’ s very important to stay healthy. I have a neighbor. She is an old lady. She can do all the housework, 41 newspapers, watch TV and search on the Internet to learn something new. I often see 42 do Taijiquan in the morning and dance in the evening. She looks young and beautiful , 43 she is over seventy. Last week a reporter from a magazine interviewed her and asked 44 she kept so young and healthy. She 45 with a smile. I have a secret of staying young and healthy. It is quite 46 . Keep your mind active, take an interest in the world 47 you, and learn at least one new thing every day. Try to do different kinds of housework and do sports as 48 as you can . Don’t think you are too old to go back to 49 .I know a man who entered a 50 college when he was 70 years old . He studied there for 6 years and now he is a doctor. 51 man went to a tennis school at the age of 71 and now he is good at playing 52 Some people may say staying young is easy only for those __53_ live in the future. In fact, __54__ how old you are , you can make it . Please tell this story to your family. It would be a good start to 55 the lady’s example. I hope all people will stay young and healthy. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )41. A. look )42. A. her )43. A. than )44. A. what )45. A. talked )46. A. early )47. A. around )48. A. soon )49. A. place )50. A. capital )51. A. other )52. A. Taijiquan )53. A. who )54. A. however B. read B. him B. since B. how B. replied B. dear B. under B. busily B. song B. medical B. another B. table tennis B. whom B. whatever C. see C. other C. though C. who C. asked C. easy C. above C. hardly C. school C. musical C. the other C. soccer C. whose C. whoever D. watch D. others D. because D. why D. spoke D. late D. between D. often D. dance D. magical D. others D. tennis D. which D. no matter



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