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unit4 language points2

Unit 4 Earthquake

Learning aims
1.To review some words and phrases learned last class.

2.To continue to learn some important language points. 3.To remember the language points and use them freely.

1.But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual that night. (para 1, the last sentence)
think little/much of 对…… 不重视/重视 think highly/well of 对……评价高/好 think badly/poorly of 认为……不好,评价差 即学即练:

think much of your The mayor _________________ suggestion and he asks you to plan the project in details.

event 名词, 意为“(重要的、不同寻常 的)事件”。如:

Leaving home was a major event in his life.
This is one of the most important events

in the history of mankind.
event 意思还有“(事先安排好的)演出, 赛事,

聚会”, “(体育比赛的)运动项目”等。如:
The meeting was an important social event. The 800 meters is not his best event.

as if at an end 2. It seemed _____the world was_________!
1) as if 似乎,好像 = as though

e.g. She spoke to me as if she knew me.

2) as if 在表语从句中相当于that e.g. It seemed as if the meeting would never end. 看起来会议没完没了。

本文中as if 的用法就是第二种。 It seemed as if the world was at an end! = It seemed that the world was at an end!

She loves this boy as if she were his mother.

at an end 结束,终结 at the end of
by the end of in the end

at the end of 后边可以跟时间和地点名词,

by the end of 用于表示时间的场合,到…

in the end 意思:最后、终于,相当于at last

at the end of 1)The school is situated__________ the street. 2) He became a scientist __________. in the end 3) How many English words had you learned ____________ by the end of last term?

3. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay________. in ruins lie (lay, lain): 位于,保持 in ruins: 严重受损

ruin damage destroy

v./n. v.

lie 与lay的区别
中文 放置 产卵 躺; 位于 说谎 原形 过 去 式

过去分 现在分 说明 词 词 laid
lain lied

lie lie

lay lied

lying lying

不及物动词 不及物动词

口诀:规则的“撒谎”,不规则的“躺”,躺过就 “下蛋”。 (lie当“说谎”用,它的过去式和过去 分词都为lied,而当“躺”用时,它的过去式为 “下蛋”即lay)

① ruin指对物体或生命彻底的破坏,但 往往是非暴力的,也往往不是一次的打 击结果.

e.g. The fire ruined the house.


Smoking ruined his health.

她毁了他的前途。 She ruined his prospects.

② damage 指部分“损坏”、“损害”、 “破坏”或指使用价值有所降低。它用
作名词时常与 to something 连用。

e.g. The accident did damage a lot of _________to his car.

③ destroy 只能用作动词, 指彻底破坏, 以

致不可能修复, 常作“破坏”、“毁灭”
解, 也可以指希望、计划等打破。 e.g. The earthquake destroyed ________almost the whole town.

ruin n. ① 毁坏,破坏 ②(常作复数)废墟,遗址 短语:be/lie in ruins 毁坏了,成为废墟
leave…in ruins 使……成为废墟 fall into ruin(go to ruin)因无人管理而毁坏

vt. 破坏,毁灭 战争给这个国家带来了毁灭 The war brought ruin to the country.
我们的计划泡汤了 Our plan is in ruins

暴风雨摧毁了农作物 The storm ruined the crops. 如果你继续这样愚蠢下去,你将自毁前程 You will ruin your prospects if you continue to be so foolish.

ruined the crops, The big flood not only ______ ruins but also left the whole town in _______.

4. Two-thirds of the people died or were injured during the earthquake. _______
百分数、分数后面的谓语动词接续及写法: More than 61% of the surface of the earth ____covered by water. is Seventy percent of the workers in this are young. factory ____ 百分数表达法:以百分数作为主语的,谓语 动词是单数还是复数取决于百分数后面跟的 名词是可数还是不可数的,即: 百分数 + 单n + 单谓;百分数+复n +复谓

分子用基数(one, two…),分母用序数词 ( first, second…),当分子超过1时,分母的词尾加s.

1/3: one third 2/3: two thirds 1/4: one fourth (a/one quarter) 1/5: one fifth 3/5: three fifths 2 4/5: two and four fifths 1/2: a half 或 one half (例外)

请根据提示完成下列句子。 1) One-third ________ (三分之一) of the students are (be) girls. in our class ____ 2) Three-fifths ___________ (五分之三) of the soil __________ was washed(wash) away by the flood last night. 3) ______ Half (一半) of the desks in this school ________ are made(make) in his company.

数词 + 量词 + 形容词
two hundred kilometers away 两百公里远 eight kilometers long 八公里长 thirty meters wide 三十米宽 四米深 four meters deep 五米高 five meters high 六米厚 six meters thick The train is seven minutes late. My watch is eight minutes fast. (adj 快的)

injure: to hurt oneself/ sb. / sth. physically
n. injury adj. injured
the injured 伤者, 伤员

(the +adj=n作主语时,谓语动词用复数)
老人,年轻人、富人,穷人...... injure hurt wound

三者都可表示 受伤,伤害。

injure 一般是指在 事故中受伤,往往 意为“外伤”。
hurt 可指对身体上的 伤害,也指对心灵造 成的伤害。
wound 一般指外伤,如 刀伤、枪伤等,尤其指 在战争中,打斗中受伤。

Their criticisms _________ hurt him deeply. hurt Smoking will ________ his health.

injured in the car accident. He was slightly _______ wounded in the war. He got _________
What you said _____ hurt my feeling.

1. Do you want to go biking with me? -----Yes .I’d love to?. _____my bike is broken A. But B. And C. Sorry D. However 2. _____ were sent to hospital and the ____ were buried. A. The injury, the death B. The injuring, the dying C. The injured, the dead D. The injured, the died 3. About ____ of the workers in that steel works ____ young people. A. third fifths, are B. three fifths, are C. three fifths, is D. three fifth, are

1.They were all admitted into Peking University in the end. 2.It’s so dark as if it’s going to rain. 3.After the earthquake, the city was in ruins. 4.Eighty percent of students are good at English. Eighty percent of food is bad.

Do exercises(4-6) on page19 on 课时训练

Teaching reflection
这节课继续讲知识点,在做笔记 的前提下,让学生多练,巩固记忆。 同时采取加分制鼓励学生勇于去做 题,大胆说,效果不错。课件还需 努力做到更加精且妙。


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