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你知道些什么 童话故事?

列夫· 托尔斯泰

卖 火 柴 的 小 女 孩

首先,英语学习教材选择,应符合孩子语言 发育特点


儿童英语读物应有效抓住幼儿语言智 能发展关键期(3-6岁)。这个阶段,幼儿 的发音器官逐渐发育成熟,开始掌握语音、 语调。而且学龄前的幼儿孩子听觉敏锐, 模仿能力强,机械记忆强,心理障碍小, 对外界的新鲜事物充满了好奇。

? 在这个时期,英语学习教材结合幼儿学习 特点,充分发掘孩子的潜能,用丰富的游 戏、幼儿英语故事、小歌谣激发幼儿的兴 趣,使幼儿在轻松的活动中潜移默化掌握 英语学习技能。教材题材应多为幼儿熟悉 的幼儿英语故事、小歌谣等,由浅入深地 逐渐展开,幼儿在娱乐中就能理解英语的 语音、语义,并将英语学习活动与其他学 习生活活动融会贯通。

The Wolf in a Sheep's Skin 披着 羊皮的狼
? ?
A wolf wanted to eat the sheep, but he was afraid of the clever shepherd and his dogs. One day the wolf found the skin of a sheep. He put it on and walked among the sheep .A lamb thought that the wolf was its mother because his skin looked like hers. So it followed the wolf. Soon after they had left the dogs, the wolf came at the lamb and ate it up. For some time he succeeded in cheating the sheep and enjoying nice meals.

2.The Trees and the Ax 子


Once upon a time a man came into a forest. He said to the trees, “Will you give me a piece of hard wood ?” The tree said, “Yes, we'll give you a good piece of hard wood.” He was very glad to get a good piece of wood. He hurried home with it. At once he made a new handle of his ax. Then he went to the forest again and began to cut down all the best trees in the forest. The trees were very sad. They said to one another, “We suffer from our own foolishness.”

3.Ugly Ducking


? It is spring again, the ugly ducking is bigger now. He can fly higher and swim faster . There is a beautiful river and some beautiful birds there . He thinks, "I want to go to them, but they will hate me ."One bird says :"Be quiet. Look! A new one is coming to join us. "The ugly ducking is surprised, he is not a duck, he is a swan. He goes and joins the swans. He happily swims with them.

4.The Lion and the Mouse 和老鼠


Once a great lion caught a little mouse and was going to kill her. “ Oh, dear kind Lion!” said the little mouse." Please forgive me. Let me go. I shall return your kindness. "" Ha, ha, ha ,help me?" laughed the lion.”I don’t believe." ? One day, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. She gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp teeth, and the lion was free again. " Thank you, little mouse!" said the lion, and he walked away. Little friends may prove great friends.

? 1、三岁左右的孩子适合的故事包含如下: 甜稀饭(Sweet Porridge, Grimm, 格林童话103) 金锁与三只熊(Goldilocks and the Three Bears,Russian, 俄国) 虱子与跳蚤(Little Louse and Little Flea, Spindrift) 手套(The Mitten) 小老太婆和小猪(Little Madam, Spindrift) 约翰的蛋糕(The Johnny Cake, English 英国) 饥饿的猫(the Hungry Cat, Norwegian, Play for puppets 挪威布偶戏)

1. Mice at a Meeting 老鼠开会
? A cat had come to live in the big house. Every time the mice went into the kitchen, the cat would drive them away. ? "We'll be hungry to die!" they cried, and decided to have a meeting. One by one the mice spoke, but no one could think of a plan. ? Finally, a boastful mouse stepped forward and told his idea. He said, how a small bell put on the cat's neck would warn all mice of the cat’s coming. All mice were very happy with the idea. ? The oldest mouse stood up and said, "You are a very clever fellow to think of a plan like that! But, now tell us; are you brave enough to put the bell on the cat?"

2.The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf 牧童和狼
? Once there was a boy who lived on a farm. Every day he had to take his father’s sheep to a hill. One day he tried to play a trick on the other people. He said to himself," I will call 'wolf. Wolf.' then everyone will come to help me. It will be fun when they find out there is no wolf after all." So he cried: “wolf .wolf.” and everyone ran to help him. When they came he just said: “there is no wolf. It was only a joke.” He did this three times. Then one day a wolf really came. “Help! Help! The wolf is here.” called the boy. But everyone said: “No, you know that there is no wolf. He is just calling us for fun. There is no danger.” So they did not go to help the boy. The wolf killed all the sheep then.

3.Princesses and Bunny 公主与 小兔子
? It is a dark and rainy night. Barbie is reading in her bed. Kelly and Stacie run in. "Tell us a story, Barbie,"says Stacie.Barbie looks around. She sees a bunny. "There are two princesses named Kelly and Stacie…" Barbie begins. One day,the princesses go to have a picnic in the forest. Suddenly it begins to rain!The princesses take their basket and hide inside a big tree. The rain stops. A bunny hops by. "I have nowhere to go. My house has too much rain water," says Bunny. Just then a bird flies down. "It rained so hard," he says. "My nest fell out of the tree." The two princesses will help their friends. Everyone goes up the hill. Stacie and Kelly dig a nice new hole for Bunny. "Thank you," says Bunny. Everyone finds twigs and leaves. They build a new nest for Bird. "Thank you," says Bird. Kelly and Stacie share their picnic with Bird and Bunny. Kelly and Stacie look up. The rain stops. "We like your story!"


2、四岁或刚满五岁左右的孩子很喜欢这类 故事:
比利山羊(Billy Goats Gruff, Norwegian 挪威) 三只小猪(Three Little Pigs, English 英国) 野狼和七只小羊(Wolf and Seven Kids, Grimm,5,格林童话5) 松饼工厂(Pancake Mill,Acorn Hill Anthology) 马璇卡和熊(Mashenka and the Bear, Russian, Play for Puppets布偶戏) 鞋匠和小木偶(The Shoemaker and The Elves, Grimm, 39,格林童话39)

适合大班幼儿的英语故事和短剧 1.Mr. Rabbit and Mr.Wolf 兔子 和大灰狼
? One day Mr.Rabbit was walking near the hill; he heard someone crying out, "Help! Help!" He looked this way and that way, and he saw poor Mr. Wolf. A great stone had fallen on Mr.Wolf's back,and he could not get up. He cried,"Mr.Rabbit,take this great stone from my back or I shall die." ? Mr.Rabbit worked very hard to move the stone from Mr.Wolf's back.Then Mr.Wolf jumped up and caught Mr.Rabbit in his mouth. ?

? "If you kill me," cried Mr.Rabbit,"I will never help you again as long as I live." ? "You will not live,"said Mr. Wolf ,"because I will kill you." ? "No nice person kills a person who has helped him," said Mr.Rabbit, "it is not just. You ask Mrs. Duck. She is very fat and knows everything.She will say that no nice person would do a thing like that." ? "I will ask her," said Mr.Wolf,"and if she dose not say that, I shall eat her too." ? So Mr.Wolf and Mr.Rabbit went to Mrs.Duck. Mr.Wolf said,"I caught Mr.Rabbit when he was sitting down near the hill. So I say that I should eat him . Now say what you think." ? "I took a great big stone from his back," said Mr. Rabbit," So I say that he should not eat me ,because I have helped him. Now say what you think ." ?

? "what stone?" said Mrs. Duck. ? "A stone near the hill," said Mr Rabbit. ? "I must see it," said Mrs.Duck."How can I say what I think if I have not seen the stone?" ? So Mr.Wolf,Mr.Rabbit, and Mrs.Duck went to see the stone. ? "Now, put the stone just as it was,"said Mrs. Duck. ? So they put the stone back where it was. ? "No," said Mrs. Duck," that is not just as it was. You said that the stone was on Mr. Wolf's back." ? "Now," said Mr.Wolf, "you see just how it was. What do you say about it?" ? Mr.Rabbit and Mrs. Duck said,"We say that we are going home. ? You may ask some other person to take the stone from your back. You look very nice like that, stay just as you are."

The Three Little Pigs


? One day it rained hard and the three pigs got wet. So they each decided to build a house. The next day, the first pig looked around to see what he could build his house with .He found a big bundle of straw and built a house of straw. The second pig decided to build a wooden house. The third pig was the smartest.

? He decided to build his house out of strong bricks. All the three pigs were in their houses when a big bad wolf came . “Little pig, little pig, let me in” said the wolf. “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin”, said the first pig. “Then I'll just have to blow your house,” said the wolf and he blew the house away. “

? Little pig, little pig, let me in” said the wolf to the 2nd pig. "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin," said the pig. "Then I'll just have to smash your house "said the wolf,and he smashed the house away. "Little pig, little pig, let me in" said the wolf to the 3rd pig. "

? Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" said the pig. "Then I'll just have to… "said the wolf thinking what to do with the strong brick house. Finally, the wolf decided to dig a hold into the house. The wolf can't dig through so he gave up and ran away and never came back.. All the three pigs lived happily with good food in the brick house.

? 星星钱币(Star Money, Grimm, 153,格林童话153) 青蛙王子(Frog Prince, Grimm, 1,格林童话 1) 荷利妈妈(Mothe Holle, Grimm, 24,格林童话24) 小红帽(Little Red Cap, Grimm 26,格林童话26) 柏门城音乐家(Bermen Town Musicians, Grimm, 27, 格林童话27) 金鹅(Golden Goose, Grimm, 64,格林童话 64) 纺垂木、梭子和针(Spindle, Shuttle and Needle, Grimm, 188,格林童话188) 森林里的小屋(Hut in the Forest, Grimm, 169,格林 童话 169)

? 女王蜂(Queen Bee, Grimm, 62,格林童话 62) 雪姑娘(Snow-White and Rose Red, Grimm, 161,格林童话 161) 七只鸟鸦(The Seven Ravens, Grimm, 25, 格林童话 25) 白玫瑰和红玫瑰(Snow-White and Rose Red Grimm, 161,格林童话 161) 小野蔷薇(Little Briar Rose, Grimm, 50,格 林童话50)

? 火焰城公主(Princess in the Flaming Castle) (Rumpelstiltskin, Grimm, 55,格林童 话 55) 驴子(The Donkey, Grimm, 144,格林 童话 144) 白雪和七矮人(Snow-White and the Seven Dwarves, Grimm, 52,格林童话 53) 糖果屋(Hansel and Gretel, Grimm, 15, 格林童话 15)

第二,英语学习教材,应符合孩子 的心理特点
孩子通常活泼好动,好奇心强,喜欢丰富多 彩的事物,不喜欢枯燥、抽象的知识。因此,彰 显孩子的自然天性,帮助孩子提高阅读兴趣就显 得十分重要。教材中幼儿英语故事和游戏重点应 在培养孩子对自然和社会的探求和好奇,将丰富 的内容融入到多种活动形式的英语教学之中。并 充分调动积极性参与到活动中去,用英语引导他 们认识新事物,学会表达自己,真正做到在“玩” 中学,让孩子不再抵触英语。

第三,英语学习教材,应当贴近孩子的日常 生活
? 优秀的英语读物,一定是由来于儿童喜闻 乐见的、与幼儿生活经验密切联系的事物,这样 幼儿容易理解和迁移。教材应注重经验和情境, 将幼儿的日常生活融入到英语教学中,使得孩子 既轻松学习英语,又能在丰富多彩的生活中汲取 营养。例如幼儿从吃饭、游玩、抚摸小宠物、去 公园等一系列的生活故事,经常接触到类似的事 情,就能将语言和当时的语境相联系,这种情景 教学重复性高,有利于孩子及时复习、巩固。


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