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2016年湖北教师招聘说课指导:《Unit 2English around the world—writing part》说课


2016 年湖北教师招聘说课指导: 《Unit 2English around the world—writing part》说课
湖北教师考试网为广大考生提供湖北教师招聘笔试、 面试资料。 目前东湖教师招聘正在 进行中,湖北教师考试网为广大考生提供湖北教师考试面试资料。

中公资深讲师赵永森给考生准备了教师招聘面试高中英语《Unit 2English around the world—writing part》说课稿,希望对大家备考面试有所帮助。 Good morning/afternoon, everyone! I'm very glad to stand here to interpret my lesson. Today my topic is “English around the world” (writing part). I am going to introduce my lesson from the following aspects: the analysis of teaching material and students, teaching aims, teaching key points and different points, teaching and studying methods, teaching procedures and blackboard design. Ⅰ. Analysis of the teaching material First of all, let’s focus on the analysis of teaching material.This unit is about different aspects of English, for example, history of English development, introduction of different English dialects. Writing part consists of three sections: section 1 is a brainstorm activity about the topic: why should we learn English? Section 2 shows a sample poster composed of 3 parts: title, reasons and conclusion. Section 3 suggests students to write a short passage based on the poster. Ⅱ. Analysis of the students Then,I’d like to talk something about the students. Poster is a very interesting topic and related to their daily life.However, many language learners face a big challenge in writing, especially on the aspect of grammar or logic order, so do my students. They will easily get frustrated and bored if teacher doesn’t guide them in a right way. Ⅲ. Analysis of the teaching aims Based on the syllabus and the analysis, I set the teaching aims as follows: Knowledge aims:Students canmaster the format of a poster and get to know how to make a poster to show ideas.



Ability aims:Students can have the awareness of finding reasons from different perspectives for a question. Students’ writing ability can be improved by the end of the class, especially their outlining ability. Emotional aims: After this lesson, students will have the awareness of interdisciplinary learning, such as improving English and physics at the same time. Besides, students will have more interest in learning English. Ⅳ. Analysis of the key and difficult points According to the aims of three-dimension, the key point of this lesson is to get studentsmaster the format of a poster and get to know how to make a poster to show ideas. and the difficult point is to improve students’ writing ability especially their outlining ability. Ⅴ. Analysis of teaching and study methods To help students achieve the teaching aims much easier, I will mainly use task-based teaching method, multimedia method and communicative teaching method and so on. For students, I will encourage them to learn to communicate with their classmates to let them become the real host of the class. Ⅵ.Analysis of the teaching procedures Step 1 Lead-in Use two posters on the school bulletin board to arouse students’ interest. Two posters are related to scientists and their famous theories. Introduce different types of posters in daily life and lead-in the topic “How to make a poster” naturally. Using posters on the school bulletin board is close to students’ life. Besides, choosing posters about scientist and their famous theories will students to have the awareness of interdisciplinary learning. Step 2 Pre-writing Do a brainstorm activity using the topic “why should we learn English?” Encourage students to list reasons from different perspectives. At the same time, teacher should write them on the blackboard in logic order. Lead students to use different words and sentence patterns to express the same meaning which is quite important in article writing. I will give a conclusion to the question according to students’ answers. Indispensable


components of a poster such as title, reasons, and conclusion should also be addressed to students. Step 3While-writing Students will work in group of 5 and find a topic from posters in daily life. They will have 10 minutes to use colorful pens and white paper to make a poster. Students should pay attention to the structure and logic order. Group work is highly advocated in the New Curriculum Standard as it can both develop students’ communicative ability and oral English. Students always face a great difficulty in finding topics, thus we can solve the problem by leading them to think about information from posters in daily life. Task-based teaching method is well used in this teaching procedure to give students a chance of “using English to do things”. Step 4: Post-writing: Invite one group to come to the blackboard and show their poster to the whole class. Comment on both advantages and mistakes. Encourage other groups to attach their posters on the wall after class. Through show time activity, students can do self-correction or help others to find grammar mistakes. Teacher should encourage them rather than being too critical to their mistakes. Step 5: Summary & homework: Make a summary that this class we have learned some different types of posters and how to make a poster. As this is a writing class to design a poster, students may only develop their outlining ability instead of paragraph writing. Therefore, I ask my students to write a short passage based on their posters to improve their paragraph writing skills. Ⅶ. Analysis of the blackboard Design



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