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Unit 4
Astronomy: the science of the stars
(Words and expressions)

Task 1: 重点单词及短语 。 globe 1.____________n .球体;地球仪;地球 global →____________ adj.全球性的;全世界的 violent 2.__________adj .猛烈的,激烈的,暴力的 violently adv.猛烈地,凶猛地 →____________ →_____________ violence n. 暴力,暴行 like 3.________ prep . 不同 ; 不像 ; adj. 不同 的 → ______ unlike dislike v& n.不喜欢 (反义词)prep.像 v. 喜欢→_______ harmlessadj.无害的 4.________adj. 有害的→_________ harmful harm It n. does no harm to do sth. →___________ 伤害,损害; v.损害 (1)______________________________ There is no harm in doing sth. 做某事是个好主意(或没有坏处) harm to sb/ sth do sb./sth. harm (2) do _________________(3)_________________ (4)____________________ 对.......有害 be harmful to sb./sth.

Playing computer games will not only do harm to ①__________________ your physical is harmful to health, but also it ②_________________ There is no your mental health. So ③___________ harm in __________advising you to give it up.

5.______ __________n. 存在 exist vi.存在;生存→ existence →___________adj .现存的 existing exist in (1)___________________ 存在于.......中 (2)__________________ 靠......生活/生存 exist on There exists …. 某地有...... (3)__________________ in existence (4)__________________ 存在 ①Even though he is a little boy,strange exist in ideas always _____________ his mind. ②They can't ____________ exist on the money he's earning. ③________________ a good way to solve the There exists existing problem in biology.

6. _______n. puzzle 谜;难题 v.(使)迷惑;(使)为难 →___________ puzzling adj.令人迷惑的 → ___________adj. 感到迷惑的 puzzled


be in a puzzle (1)_______________________ 感到困惑; (2)________________________ 对......迷惑 be puzzled about 不解 学以致用:

The present situation is__________ , puzzling and we are all _________ about what puzzled will happen in the days to come.

prevent…from 7.________________________ 阻止;抑制 归纳拓展:阻止某人做某事 prevent sb. (from) doing sth. (1) __________________________ sb. (from) doing sth. (2)stop __________________________ (3)__________________________ keep sb. from doing sth. 注意:被动语态中上述搭配中的from都不可省略. 学以致用: 用所给词的适当形式填空 speaking ①Nothing would prevent him from _________ (speak) out against injustice. ②The laws prevent everyone here from being attacked _______________(attack) . ③The laws prevent everyone here from attacking __________________(attack) pandas.

Task2: 用介词或所给词的适当形式填空。 gently 1.I could feel the wind ___________ (gentle) blowing through my hair. global 2. We live in a _________(globe) village,but this doesn’t mean that we all behave in the same way. in 3. This kind of plants has been ________ existence for millions of years. to his father that the white 4. The boy lied______ hen ____________a black egg and that he had laid lying had laid it in the box which was_________ under this bed. (lie, lay) 5. The girl looked at me with a ____________ puzzled expression. Maybe that problem was quite puzzling ___________________.(puzzle)

Unlike 6. __________ (like) most people in the office who come to work by car, I usually come to work by bus. 7. Larry was in violent ________pain. As a result, he behaved __________and treated everything violently violence with____________ .(violent) 8.This object gives off _________gases. They harmful may do harm ________ our health. You to must make the object__________ harmless before you use it. (harmful) floating 9. He found something ___________(float) on the lake, which frightened him. up 10. I cheered ______immediately and floated weightlessly around in our spaceship.

Task 3 Sentence corrections.

Task3: Sentence correction. 1.This game systems allows you to have system fun wherever you are. 2. The old lady became seriously ill last week, and she has only existed in milk ever since. onjuices can be 3. Experts point out that fruit harm to children’s teeth. harmful 4. Once he has made up his mind, no one can prevent him carry out the plan. carrying 5.The other day my pet cat gave birth on a new little cat.


6.But his curiosity was difficult to control

and this new computer was really puzzle
to him.


7.They are so like that nobody believes

unlike they are sisters.
8.Thus they have, on their turn, become the

in on the planet. most important animals
9.Watch out cars while crossing the road.

∧ for 10.We should try to combine theory by


Task4: Translation. 1. 所以,我没有及时抽出足够的时间给你写回信。 _______________________________________ Therefore,I couldn’t spare enough time to _____________________________________ write you back in time. 2. 既然你已经长大了,你可以自己做决定了.(now that) Now that you've grown up, you can _______________________________________ _____________________________________ make up your mind by yourself. 3.我们正在寻找防止有害气体扩散(spread)的方法 。 (prevent…from) We are looking for methods of _______________________________________ _____________________________________ preventing harmful gas from spreading. 4.就我个人而言,先向他道歉没有什么坏处。 (there is no harm in doing sth.) As far as I'm concerned, there is no harm in ______________________________________ making an apology to him first. ______________________________________

Reflection: 1.我学会了: _________________________ 2.还没掌握的: _____________________________

3.易错点: ______________________________

Task 5


Recite the key words and phrases learned today and prepare the text.


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