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Unit4 Language points

选修六 Unit4 语言点

12 月 24 日

Unit4 Language points
Part1 (P1-3) 一. 短语翻译 1. 快速的增长______________________ 2. 发生,产生___________________ 3. 偶遇, ___________________ 4.随机抽查___________________ 6. 除非___________________ 5. 而非,而不是___________________ 9. 反对___________________

7.探索自然现象___________________ 8. 同意,订阅___________________ 10.把某人称作______________________ 12.倾向于________________________ 14.大量的(不可数)___________________ 11.温室效应___________________

13. 被困于_______________________ 二.短语运用 1. run out / run out of (选词填空)


1)The supply of food almost __________ and we felt helpless. 2) we could see his patience _________ little by little. 3) He has ____________ the money his mother left him . 2. Please tell me how the accident _________ __________(发生). I am still in the dark. 3. rather than --- instead of other than ---- except for (选词填空) 1) The parents should be punished _________ the boy. 2) It is the parents _________ _________ the boy who should be punished. 3) I have no friends here _________ _________ 4. amount of + 不可数名词 you .

1) Large quantities of earth ___________ (be) being washed away . 2)A large amount of energy__________(be ) wasted. 三.句型学习(翻译并分析句子) 1.______ _____ ______ ______ ______(毫无疑问)the earth is becoming warmer and that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. ? 边学边练:完成句子。 (1)毫无疑问, 过多的电脑游戏会对学生的健康有不良影响。 ___________________that too many computer games can ____________________ on students? health (2)我怀疑他是否会成功。 I _________ ________ he will succeed. 2. Some byproducts of this process are called “greenhouse” gases, the most important one of which is carbon dioxide. 句型:the most+ adj.+ one of+ which/ who is ... 其中最……的是…… 边学边练: 完成句子。 (1)他有很多书,但是大部分书只是摆设。


选修六 Unit4 语言点

12 月 24 日

He has a lot of books,but__________________ are just on show. (2)请把封面是红色的那本书给我看看。 Please show me the book , the cover of___________ is red. (3)这里有很多的动画片,其中我最喜欢的是《喜羊羊与灰太狼》 。 Here are many cartoons,_____________________is Happy Sheep And Gray Wolf. 3.Without the ?green house effect?,the earth would be about thirty-three degrees Celsius cooler than it is. 常用的词或短语有: without, but for, otherwise, or, but 等。 【练一练】 1)Without your help, we could not have succeeded. =If we_____________( not have) your help, we could not have succeeded. 2)But for electricity there would be no modem industry. = If there______( be ) no electricity, there would be no modem industry 3)He was having a meeting with his students; otherwise he would ______________(come). 4. It means that more heat energy tends to be trapped in the atmosphere causing the global temperature to go up. [分析] means 后接一个宾语从句。causing the global temperature to go up 为分词短语, 在 句中充当结果状语。 [巩固] 翻译下列句子。 ⑴ 全世界很多国家都踢足球, 这使它成为最流行的运动之一。 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ⑵ 地震是在午夜发生的, 结果导致很多人死伤。 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Part2(P4-7) 一.短语翻译 1. 精确地测量________________________2. 采取措施做某事_________________________ 3. 上升到 ___________________4. 上升了_________________ 5. 结果____________________6. 一个叫丽丽的物理学家____________________________ 7. 一个叫水霖的学校_______________________________ 8. 官方声明___________________ 9. 反对________________________ 10.疾病的传播___________________11.严重的暴风雨___________________ 12.对待· · · 态度___________________ 13. 二氧化碳的数量___________________ 14.物种的消失___________________ 15.一系列的___________________ 16.从· · · 到· · · 不等___________________17. 积极地态度__________________ 18. 消极的态度___________________ 19.积聚,建立___________________ 20. 树立信心___________________ 21. 尽管(介词)___________________


选修六 Unit4 语言点

12 月 24 日

22. 继续做某事___________________23.保持联系___________________ 24.取得联系___________________ 25.冒险做某事___________________ 二.句式学习:强调句学习 1. It was ____________ he was chosen ___________ made us very happy. 2 I wonder when it is ___________ we?ll leave for HongKong. 3. It was 8 a.m._____________ the terrible earthquake struck the area. 4. It was the place ____________ they once stayed three years ago. 5. ____________ happened to Tom is not known to everyone of us. 6. 用强调句翻译 ⑴ 老师说, 正是司机的粗心导致这起严重的交通事故。 ______________________________________________________________________________ ⑵ 我们都认为是懒惰使他经常在考试中失败。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 三.语法填空(根据课文填上合适的词,并弄清楚为什么) 1. There is no doubt ________ the earth is becoming warmer and _________it is human activity _________ has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. 2. All scientists subscribe to the view ______ the increase in the earth?s temperature is __________ the burning of fossil fuels 3. Some byproducts of this process are called “greenhouse” gases, the most important one of _________ is carbon dioxide 4.There is a natural phenomenon ________ scientists call the “greenhouse effect ” 5.This is ________ small amounts of gases in the atmosphere trap heat from the sun and __________ warm the earth . 6. __________ the ?greenhouse effect?, the earth would be about thirty-three degrees Celsius cooler __________ it is . 7. The problem begins _______ we add huge quantities of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 8. It means that more heat energy tends _____________ (trap)in the atmosphere _______ (cause) the global temperature to go up 9. In our area, the price of the new house has gone up ____1000 yuan per square meter. That is, it has gone up ___ 10, 000 yuan per square. 10. People who are in favor of peace are ________ (oppose) to the nuclear weapon. 11. She is a person___________(oppoe)to going shopping with others . So she seldom stays with those __________ her ideas about shopping 12. 我反对醉酒时驾驶。 I ___________________________________ while drunk.


选修六 Unit4 语言点

12 月 24 日

13. He has a wide range of interests, __________(range) from chess __________canoeing. 14. It was a scientist ________(call) Charles Keeling who made accurate measurement of the amount _______ carbon dioxide . 15. They also agree that it is the burning of more and more fossil fuels _______ has resulted ______this increase in carbon dioxide. 16. The attitudes of scientist _________ this rise are __________ ( complete ) different . 17.On the one hand ,Dr Foster thinks that the trend ________ increases the temperature ________ 5 degrees would be a catastrophe. 18 . It will encourage a greater range __________ animals – all of _________ will make life for human beings better.

Unit4 Using Language
一.完成句子 1 __________ ___________ __________(代表)the department I would like to thank you all. 2. The manager can?t be here , so I am going to speak______ ________ ______ ______(代表他). 3. I?d appreciate________if you can help me solve the problems. 4. make a difference 起作用,有关系 1) The rain didn?t make much difference to the game. 2) 不管你去与不去,它对我都没有多大影响。 ____________________________________ whether you go or tomorrow. 5. Finally and most importantly ,be an educator. 最后,也是最重要的是,做一个教育者。 拓展: last but not least 最后一点但同样重要的是 1)________________________________(最后也是最重要的是), find out what you like , then do it . My child! 6. Remember – your contribution counts. 你的贡献是很有价值的! 1) 数,点数: She was counting her money. countable___________ 【练习】 1. There was _____________ (disagree) among doctors about the best way to treat the disease. 2. ___________ (pollute) from cars is the main cause of global warming. 3. If she could __________________________________ (忍受那里的条件), we would take her with us. 4. I don?t mind your knowing it ______ __________ ______ (只要)it goes no further. 5. If you want to save energy, you?d better not use the air conditioner, the heater __________ _______ __________(等等) when it is not necessary. 她正在数她的钱。 2) 认为,视为,相信: On the whole she counted herself a fortunate wife. uncountable____________



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