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Unit 4 language points

Unit4 Language points
1、 野生动植物__________________ 2、 保护__________________ 3、 减少;或变少__________________ 4、 危害;使受到危险__________________ 5、 灭亡;逐渐消失__________________ 6、 和平地;和睦地;安详地__________________ 7、 在危险中;垂危__________________ 8、回答; 响应; 做出反应__________________ 9、如释重负; 松了口气__________________ 10、 突然笑起来_______________________________ 11、 仁慈;宽恕;怜悯__________________ 12、 确定的;某一,一定__________________ 13、 保护……不受……(危害) __________________ 14、 形成;产生__________________ 15、 以致于;结果__________________ 二、用适当的短语填空

(1)用与 decrease 相关的短语填空。 The membership _______150. 会员数减少到了 150 人 The number of students in the class has _______ 20. 班级里的人数减少了 20 人。 人口出生率正在下降。 The birthrate is_____________. 我在寻找一本失去的书。 (2)用与 hunt 相关的短语填空。 I am__________ a lost book. 许多人一生追求成名,但一无所获。 Many people _________ fame in their lives but never find it. (3)用与 mercy 相关的短语填空。 We _____________ (对……毫不留情) those who turn against our country.? Most farmers are _______ ______ (任由……摆布) the weather.? During the World War II, many Jews were killed _____________. (残忍地,无情地) (4)选择 contain 或者 include 填空 The jar ____ ten glasses of water. 这个罐子盛有 10 杯子。

There are ten of us here, _______ three girls. 这里有十个人,包括三个女孩。 I could not ___________ my laughter. 我无法控制自己不笑出声来。 (5)用 affect 的适当形式填空。 1). 众所周知,吸烟影响健康。 As is known to all, smoking _____ health. 2). 教授的演讲深深打动了听众。 The audience ______deeply______by the professor’s speech. (6)用 appreciate 的适当形式填空。 1. 如果你能在周五晚上照顾一下孩子们,我将非常感激。 I would __________ you could take care of the kids on Friday night. 2. 看翻译作品不能真正欣赏到外国小说的美妙之处。 You can’t really __________ foreign novels in translation. 4. 在过去的两年中,我们的房子已经增值了 50%。 Our house has ______________ 50% in the last two years. (7)用 success 的适当形式填空。 1). All of us are determined to be _____ to the communist cause. 2). The doctors worked hard and _____ saved thousands of the wounded. 3). Our country _____ in sending up Chang’e 1 into the sky at 6:05 pm, October 24, 2007. 4). —The meeting is very _____. Do you think so? —Yes, it is really a great _______. (8) 用 die 相关的短语填空。 1).As the region is becoming hotter, this kind of grass is _____________.? 2).Their chatters and laughter _____________ as the group rushed out of the classroom.? 3).When all the guests had left, the whole house _____________.? 4).We need to take action before all the endangered animals _____________.

(9) 用与 danger 相关的短语填空。 Last month Jane was seriously ill and was (1) . Thanks to the doctors, she

received the operation in time and so she was (2) at last. Unfortunately, when she came back to the factory, she learned that she was (3) losing her job because the boss thought she was too weak to do the work. (10) 用与 long 相关的短语填空。 (1)People in that country_______ an enduring peace. (2)She _________ back to China.

(11) 用适当的动词填空。 We should _____________ our attention on the development of science. The exhibition _______________ people’s wide attention to wild animals. More attention should be ____________ to the mind health.


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