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Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note

(Words and expressions )

Task 1: 重点单词及短语。 1.____________n. adventure 冒险; 奇遇 vt. 冒险 →_______________adj. 爱冒险的;大胆的 adventurous 2. _________n scene .(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色 on the scene _______________________ 在现场;当场 permit 3. ____________ vt.& vi.许可;允许;准许; permitted(过去式/分词)→_________( →_________ permitting 现在分词) /′p??mIt/ n.通行证;许可证;执照 permission n.许可;认可,准许 →____________ permit sb. to do sth. 允许某人做…… (1)_______________________ (2)________________________ 允许做某事 permit doing sth. with one’s permission (3)__________________________ 得到某人的允许/未经某人的允许

without one’s permission

①The rules of the school do not permit

parking (park) near the school gate. ___________
②Weather _____________ permitting (permit), we will
set off for the market for some bargains.

③If you don't have the permit, you are not

to use permitted_____________ (use) the room. permission (permit), I will ④With your______________
carry out the project as soon as possible.

4. ____________ n.斑点,污点;地点; spot vt.认出;发现 spot sb doing sth. (1)_______________________ 发现某人做某事 on the spot (2)___________________ 当场;在现场 5.___________ vt.& vi.寻找;探索;寻求 seek sought 过去式) →__________( sought →________( 过去分词) seek for / after (1) ______________________ 寻找;追求 seek to do sth. (2)________________________ 试图做某事 6. ____________ vi.& vt.认为;说明;总计有; account n.说明;理由;计算;账目 account for (1)____________________ take account of 说明(原因等)?;做出解释;占……?比例? take… into account/ consideration (2)___________________________________ 把….考虑在内

学以致用: 用account的相关词语完成下列小片段.
Darling, you said you couldn't understand why I was so upset. Last month, I went to the to open an account (开一个 bank, ready ①____________________ taking 银行账户). But ②______________the low account / consideration interests into __________________________ (考虑到), I changed my mind. I bought a house with the money I had saved for years. However, because of the new policy, the price of the house went down sharply. accounted for That ③___________________( 解释) my being so disappointed.

amount .数量;数额;金额。 7.__________n 可作可数名词和不可数名词。 (1) the amount of+不可数名词 ---- “…的量” 单数 (作主语时谓语用___________) (2) a large /good / great amount of+不可数 单数 名词---“大量;许多”(作主语时谓语用 ______) (3) large / good / great amounts of+不可数 复数 名词----“大量;许多”(作主语时谓语用 ______) 学以致用: 用所给词的适当形式填空。 is ①A large amount of money __________(be) needed to buy an apartment in Beijing now. ②Large amounts of money__________ (be) are needed to buy an apartment in Beijing now.

manner 8. ___________n .礼貌;举止;方式 (注:作” 礼貌,风俗”时,常用复数形式) 归纳拓展: in a…….way in a…..manner (1) ___________________ 以……方式/方法/态度 It is good (bad) manners to do sth. (2)_______________________________ 做……是有(没有)礼貌的

It is polite (impolite) to do sth.

Task2: 用介词或所给词的适当形式填空。 1.The boys wandered ___________(wander) around the town with nothing to do. manners (manner) 2. As a student, it is bad _________ to come late to class. 3.As a worldfamous author,Mo Yan is creative and has written many____________ (novel). novels 4. In Australia, surfing is a popular sport among young people where they can seek adventure (adventurous). excitement and___________ 5. After __________(seek) advice from his seeking father , he decided to become a writer. patience 6.Although the patient was out of __________, patient the nurse was still ____________with her work and did it______________. (patience) patiently

7. Although I have much___________ in him, belief believe I don't __________this story. He is always unbelievable things. telling us_______________ (unbelievable) for/after 8. They sought________somewhere to shelter. 9. The police were called and they were on _______the spot in three minutes. 10. Men in black suits stood outside their houses____________ (stare) at us. staring 11. Nine people died_________the scene and on one more person died in hospital in the car crash. 12. Stop ____________(scream), we can hear screaming you clearly.

Task3: Sentence correction. 1.Her parents died when she was a baby

∧ was 2. Under the rules of the game, you really
never know what will happen in the future.

and she brought up by her aunt.

You have to take chance.

3. Time spent in playing computer games

∧ a chances

account for the largest part of students'
spare time.


4.After the girl got off the bus that evening, she hit a tree on accident.


5. If time permit, I may go to Shanghai with

permits my friends.
6. A large amount of damage were done in
a short time.


7.To the contrary,volunteers insist that they have got tired of the life on the earth.


8. The man in rag begged from door rags to door.

9. He spotted a man enter the spot entering where a heated discussion was on.
10. Susan was tired of waiting for Tim to do it, so she just goes ahead and went did it by herself.

Task4: Translation. 1.没有驾驶执照,你就不允许开这辆车。(permit) Without a driver's permit, you are not _______________________________________ _____________________________________ permitted to drive the car. 2.他无法说明他旷课的原因, 所以老师打电话给他 的父母。(account for) He could not account for his absence _______________________________________ from school, so the teacher phoned _____________________________________ ______________________________________ his parents. 3.警方一接到报警电话就火速赶到了车祸的现场 On receiving the call, the police rushed _______________________________________ to the scene of the traffic accident. _____________________________________ 4.至于英语,我们应该利用一切机会说。 (as for) As for English, we should make use ______________________________________ of every chance to speak. ______________________________________

Reflection: 1.我学会了: _________________________ 2.还没掌握的: _____________________________

3.易错点: ______________________________



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