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Animal Farm- closing quiz

Animal Farm Quiz 1. In Animal Farm, Orwell criticizes primarily which world leader? A. Joseph Stalin B. Adolf Hitler C. Leon Trotsky D. Vladimir Lenin Orwell completed Animal Farm during what international conflict? A. The Cold War B. The Great War C. The Russo-Japanese War D. World War II Animal Farm is best described as a cautionary tale against A. totalitarianism B. communism C. National socialism D. Marxism Animal Farm fits all of the following genres except A. farce B. satire C. allegory D. fable In what armed conflict did Orwell participate voluntarily? A. the French Congo Uprising B. the Spanish Civil War C. the February Revolution D. the Red Terror Orwell played all of the following roles during World War II except A. member of the Home Guard B. secret police agent C. propagandist D. war correspondent Which of the following is true of Orwell? A. he embraced luxury B. he was a poor student C. he died before the age of 50 D. he never married Before Animal Farm, Orwell was known primarily as a(n) A. soldier B. member of the bourgeoisie C. teacher D. essayist Orwell's other extremely successful novel is called A. Brave New World


















B. The Master and Margarita C. Harrison Bergeron D. Nineteen Eighty-Four In what year did the Russian Revolution occur? A. 1924 B. 1917 C. 1939 D. 1905 The initial Soviet campaign to quash internal dissidence was called A. the Five Year Plan B. the Red Terror C. the Cold War D. the Decembrists' Revolt What event allowed Stalin to assume Soviet leadership? A. Hitler's ascension B. The February Revolution C. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk D. Lenin's death What character in Animal Farm represents Karl Marx? A. Napoleon B. Snowball C. Old Major D. Benjamin What character in Animal Farm represents Trotsky? A. Napoleon B. Snowball C. Boxer D. Squealer What character in Animal Farm represents Stalin? A. Frederick B. Napoleon C. the Horse-Slaughterer D. Squealer The dogs in Animal Farm can be said to represent A. educated elites B. secret police C. foreign diplomats D. peasants What character adopts the personal maxim, "I will work harder"? A. Snowball B. Clover C. Boxer D. Benjamin Which class of creatures stages its own small-scale rebellion against the pigs?

A. the sheep B. the hens C. the wild rats and rabbits D. the cows 19. Squealer's job is to distribute what among the animals? A. propaganda B. reading materials S. weekly assignments D. rations 20. Which of the following is not a slogan in Animal Farm? A. "All animals are equal / But some animals are more equal than others" B. "Long live Comrade Napoleon" C. "War is peace / Freedom is Slavery / Ignorance is Strength" D. "Four legs good, two legs better" 21. Which of the following is/are most clearly an example of propaganda? A. the pigs' decision to wear clothing B. the reductions of rations C. Squealer's optimistic statistics D. the original Seven Commandments 22. The threat of what scares the animals into submission? A. Pilkington's atrocities B. Jones's return C. a trip to the glue factory D. Old Major's exhumation 23. Which of the following is NOT one of the Seven Commandments? A. "No animal shall dishonor his father" B. "No animal shall drink alcohol" C. "No animal shall sleep in a bed" D. "No animal shall kill any other animal" 24. The pigs break all of the Seven Commandments EXCEPT A. they break all of them B. "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy" C. "All animals are equal" D. "No animal shall drink alcohol" 25. When the animals tour the farmhouse, they discover that the Joneses lived in A. sin B. denial C. squalor D. luxury 26. By the end of the book, Napoleon has done all of the following EXCEPT A. B. change the farm's flag acquire the title-deeds to the farm

C. D.

restore the farm's original name admit to his tactics of deception

27. At the book's end, the pigs are A. B. C. D. a force that cannot possibly be overthrown transformed into human beings indistinguishable from humans wealthier than the humans

28. Whom does Napoleon award the honor "Order of the Green Banner"? A. B. C. D. himself a sheep, posthumously Boxer Squealer

29. What does Napoleon mistake for the onset of death? A. B. C. D. drunkenness hallucinations coccidiosis hypothermia

30. Whom does Napoleon blame for the windmill's destruction? A. B. C. D. the rebellious hens the four dissenting pigs Boxer Snowball

31. What does Napoleon do to falsely convince the outside world of Animal Farm's prosperity? A. B. C. D. he sends Squealer to town to read false statistics to the humans he executes animals in order to decrease the farm's population he shows Whymper the food bins, which are made to look full he reduces rations in order to send more goods to Willingdon

32. Which animal is absent from Old Major's big meeting? A. B. C. Mollie Clover Benjamin



33. According to old Major, what is Man? A. B. C. D. "the guiding light in the quest for animal equality" "the thought police of animal lives" "the most mysterious animal on Earth" “the only creature that consumes without producing”


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