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必修4unit1words and expressions

Unit 1
Women of achievement

(Words and expressions )

Task 1: 重点单词及短语 1. achievement ________________ n.成就;功绩 achieve →______________ vt.完成,成就;达成 connection n.连接;关系 2. _____________ connect →______________ v.连接;衔接 connect….with… _________________________ 与.....连接 3. _____________ organization n.组织;机构;团体 organize →________________ vt.组织;安排 organized →_____________ adj.被组织化的,有组织的 organizer →_____________n. 组织者 behave 4. __________ vt.& vi.举动;(举止或行为)表现 behavior →_____________ n.行为

observe 5. _________ vt.观察; 观测; 遵守 observation n.观察;观测 →_____________ observer →_____________ n.观察者 (1)________________________________ observe sb. do sth. 观察某人做某事(全过程) observe sb. doing sth. (2)______________________________ 观察某人正在做某事 6. ___________ specialist n.专家 →_____________ adj.专门的,特别的 special specialize 专攻;专注于 →_____________ 7. __________________ n.款待;娱乐 entertainment →_____________ entertain v.款待(客人),请客;招待

8. __________ n.人群;观众; vt.挤满;使拥挤 crowd crowded →_____________adj. 拥挤的 crowd in (on) ______________________ 涌上心头;涌入脑海 inspire 9. _____________ vt.鼓舞;激发;启示 →_____________n inspiration .灵感;鼓舞 →_____________adj. 鼓舞人心的 inspiring inspired →_____________adj. 受鼓舞的,受启发的 10. considerate _____________ adj.考虑周到的 →_____________ consideration n.考虑;体谅 →____________ consider 考虑;认为 11. _____________ vt.& n.支持;拥护;赡养 support (1)_________________________ 赡养家庭 support a family (2)_________________________ 支持或支援 in support of

respect vt.& n.尊敬;尊重;敬意;方面 12.__________ respectful →_____________ adj. 恭敬的;有礼貌的 →_____________ respectable adj. 值得尊敬的 respect sb. for sth. (1)______________________________ 因某事而尊敬某人 give/ send one’s respects to sb. (2)_______________________________ 代某人问候某人 show/ have respect for sb. (3)______________________________ 尊重/尊敬某人 in all respects (4)_____________________________ 在各个方面 in respect of = with respect to (5)_____________________________ 关于;就……而言

13. __________ argue vt.& vi.讨论;辩论;争论;主张 argument →_____________n .争论;争辩;争吵 argue with sb. about/ over sth. (1)_____________________________ 与某人争论某事 argue sb. into doing sth. (2) ____________________________ 说服某人做某事 persuade sb. into doing sth. (3) ____________________________ argue sb. out of doing sth. 说服某人不做某事 persuade sb. out of doing sth. (4) ____________________________ argue for / against 为支持/反对某事而争论 beyond argument (5) ______________________ 无可辩解 argued for The workers, who① __________________ with their own rights, ②argued _________________ the argued boss for a few days, but failed to ③________ ___________________ him into giving a rise in wages.

refer to 14. ____________ 提到,参考;涉及;指的是;查阅 refer to…as…. _______________________ 把……称作…… 15. _________ intend vt.计划;打算 →___________ intended adj.有意的;有计划的 →___________ intention n意向,意志 intend doing/ to do sth. (1)__________________________ be meant for 打算做某事 intended for = be designed for (2) be ___________________________ 专供……使用;专为……设计 intend sb. to do sth. (3) __________________________ 打算让某人做某事 had intended to do sth. (4) ____________________________ 本来打算做某事

越来越多的人打算投资(invest) 这项专为妇 女儿童设计的项目,因此他打算让她去做些调 查,但是他本来打算亲自做这项工作的。 More and more people ①_________________ intend to invest ______________ / investing the project, which②______ is intended for ________________women and children, so he intended her to carry out ③______________________________ some had intended to do research but he ④______________________ the task himself.

16. __________ vt.递送;生(小孩儿); deliver 接生; delivery →___ ________ n.递送,发送;递送品 发表(演说等)

deliver a speech (1)____________________________

发表演说 be delivered of= give birth to (2)__________________________ 生

Task2: Fill in the blanks. 1.He has to do an extra job after work, for he has a large family ______________(support). to support 2.Before moving off, Lin _____________ inspired (inspire) her to carry on her study. 3.The organization she founded carried out __________(campaign) and welfare projects campaigns to help cut the death rate for the poor. 4.As a good _____________, she was good at organizer ______________ parties. So there was no organizing doubt that the party was well______________. organized (organize)

crowding (crowd) 5.Many people kept __________ in and the room became very crowded. arguing 6.It's no use ___________(argue) about the question with him for he won't change his opinion. 7. The book referred to some specialists achievements who had made great ______________ (achievement) with the support of the government. 8. A harmonious society is very important, so all the laws must be observed (observe). strictly_________

Task3: Sentence correction. 1.Being disabled, she was looking down upon

looked by the children of her generation, who
showed no respect for her.
2.She intended to becoming a doctor after

become she came across Lin Qiaozhi by chance.
3.When I passed his house,I observed him

play in his yard.
4. It is said that the young man managed to

playing an

lead a active life.

5.Though it was late into the night, Mr. Smith still carried on his work in the office. with 6.Bob behaved bad towards them while badly Tom's behaviour showed that he was interested in them. 7.One day, I came across a book in a bookshop which was intended to parents. for the 8. The scientist referred to the discovery as most exciting new development in this field. 9.His work is good in respect of quality but bad in respect to quantity.



Task4: Translation. 1.在昨天的会议上校长发表了一个重要演说,这给 他的学生们留下了深刻印象。(deliver) ______________________________________ The headmaster delivered an important speech at the meeting yesterday ,which ______________________________________ left a deep impression on his students. ______________________________________ 2.我们羡慕并尊敬莫言先生,他在2012年成功获 得诺贝尔文学奖 .(respect) ______________________________________ We admire and respect/ show respect for ______________________________________ Mo Yan for his success in winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012. ______________________________________


争辩的。最后,他说服我们不再吸烟了。(argue) He argued against smoking, and argued ______________________________________
that it was beyond argument that smoking ______________________________________ was harmful to health. At last, he argued us ______________________________________ out of smoking. ______________________________________

Task 5


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