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金 岳 霖 先 生

《金 岳 霖 先 生》 The gold YueLinXian born\" 【预习案】 In 【 preview 】 【学习目标】 \"Learning objective\" 1 了解时代背景,整体把握文章的脉络与情感。 1 understand the era background, an overall understanding of the context and the emotion of the article. 2 学习通过人物的外貌、言行,突出人物个性的写法,激发学生对人物个性描写产生兴趣。 2 learning through the character's appearance, words and deeds, outstanding character writing, stimulate students interest in character description. 3 品味本文平实而简练的语言,体会一个优秀人物的独特的人格魅力。 Article 3 taste plain and concise language, experience a good characters unique personality charm. 【知识准备】 \"Knowledge preparation\" 1、关于金岳霖: 1, about the illuminating: 金岳霖(1895—1984) ,中国现代哲学家、逻辑学家。字龙荪,湖南长沙人。1911 年入北京 清华学堂,1914—1921 年在美国宾夕法尼亚大学、哥伦比亚大学学习政治学。获哥伦比亚 大学政治学博士。之后在英、德、法等国留学和从事研究工作。1925 年回国,1926 年在北 京清华大学任教授,创办清华大学哲学系。 Jin yuelin (1895-1984), China's modern philosophers and logicians. Word Long Sun, changsha, hunan. Tsinghua school in Beijing in 1911, 1914-1921 in the United States, Columbia University to study political science at the university of Pennsylvania. Dr Political science at Columbia University. After studying in Britain, Germany, France and other countries and is engaged in the research work. Returning to China in 1925, a professor of tsinghua university in Beijing in 1926, founded by tsinghua university department of philosophy. 金岳霖在中华人民共和国建立前, 主要精力集中在教学和学术研究上。 发表了几十篇哲学和 逻辑论文,出版了《逻辑》 《论道》 《知识论》3 部专著。金岳霖是把西方现代逻辑介绍到中 国的主要人物。他推动了中国对现代逻辑的研究,并培养了许多逻辑学者。 (选自《中国 大百科全书?哲学》 ,中国大百科全书出版社 1987 年版) Jin yuelin before the People's Republic of China, mainly focus on the teaching and academic research. Published dozens of philosophy and logic papers, published \"logic\" \"remarks\" knowledge theory \"three monographs. Jin yuelin is the main character of western modern logic is introduced to China. He pushed the Chinese study of modern logic, and has trained many logic scholars. From the \"encyclopedia of China philosophy\", the encyclopedia of China publishing house, 1987) 2、关于作者: 2, about the author: 汪曾祺(192O~1997) 现、当代作家。江苏高邮人。1939 年考入昆明西南联合大学中文系, 深受教写作课的沈从文的影响。1940 年开始发表小说。 Wang zeng-qi (192 ~ 1997) o, contemporary writers. Jiangsu gaoyou. China kunming, southwest united university Chinese department in 1939, by shen congwen influence of teaching writing.

Beginning in 1940 published a novel. 1943 年大学毕业后在昆明、上海任中学国文教员和历史博物馆职员。1946 年起在《文学杂 志》 、 《文艺复兴》和《文艺春秋》上发表《戴车匠》 、 《复仇》 、 《绿猫》 、 《鸡鸭名家》等短篇 小说,引起文坛注目。1950 年后在北京文联、中国民间文学研究会工作,编辑《北京文艺》 和《民间文学》等刊物。1962 年调北京京剧团(后改北京京剧院)任编剧。著有小说集《邂 逅集》 、 《羊舍的夜晚》 、 《汪曾祺短篇小说选》 、 《晚饭花集》 、 《寂寞与温暖》 、 《茱萸集》 ,散 文集《蒲桥集》 、 《塔上随笔》 ,文学评论集《晚翠文谈》 ,以及《汪曾祺自选集》等。另有一 些京剧剧本。短篇《受戒》和《大淖记事》是他的获奖小说。作品被译成多种文字介绍到国 外。他以散文笔调写小说,写出了家乡五行八作的见闻和风物人情、习俗民风,富于地方特 色。作品在疏放中透出凝重,于平淡中显现奇崛,情韵灵动淡远,风致清逸秀异。 After graduating from college in 1943, Shanghai as a middle school Chinese teachers in kunming and the historical museum staff. Since 1946 in the journal of literature, \"Renaissance\", and the journal literature and art in the spring and autumn wear cartwright, \"revenge\", \"green cat\", \"chickens and ducks famous short stories, such as literary world attention. After 1950 years in Beijing federation, the Chinese society for the study of folk literature work, edit the Beijing literature and arts and folk literature and other publications. In 1962, the Beijing Peking Opera troupe (renamed Beijing Peking Opera) as a writer. With collection \"encounter\", \"the sheep house night\", \"short stories of wang zeng-qi, take dinner set, loneliness and warmth, the dogwood is set, essays\" PuQiao set \", \"tower of essays, literary essays\" cui wen talk later \", and \"wang zeng-qi. Essays and so on. Some Beijing Opera script. Short story \"the vow\" and \"big 4\" is his award-winning novel. Work has been translated into many words is introduced abroad. Style in his prose writing novels, wrote home various small tradesmen, customs, folk stories and custom, rich in local features. Work a dignified, fully in ShuFang appeared in insipid in peculiar, affection is clever and comfort, wind-induced YiXiu vision. 【教材助读】 \"Teaching material to read\" 【自主学习指导】边读课文,边勾画重点生字词,通过工具书解决,并将其书写到学案上, 记忆掌握。 \"Autonomous learning guide\" to read the text and outline the key words and settled through reference books, and the writing case to study, a master of memory. 1、给加点的字注音。 1, to add some word phonetic notation. 呢帽(ní) 昵称(nì) 麂皮(jǐ) 夹克(jiā) 夹袄(jiá) 夹肢窝(gā) Trilby (ni) nickname (ni) suede (j ǐ) (ji ā) padded jacket (jia) armpit (g ā) 脖颈(gēng)演绎(yì) ) 麋(mí)鹿 鳏(guān)夫 长颈鹿(jǐng) Neck (g ē ng) deductive (yi)) elk deer (mi) alone (gu ā n), a giraffe (j ǐ ng) 2、字形 2, the font 3、这是一篇回忆性散文,第一段总领全文,其中有个句子是全文的核心句,这核心句中有 个词是全文的文眼,请读第一段找出来? 3, this is a prose, the first period of the master in full, one sentence is the core of the full text, the core of a word is the full text of the eyes, please read the first paragraph to find out? 明确: “西南联大有很多有趣的教授,金岳霖先生是其中的一位”文眼是:有趣。

Clear: \"there are a lot of fun, a professor at the southwest Mr Jin yuelin is one of the\" eye is: interesting. 4、文中写了金岳霖先生哪些事?表现出他怎样的性格特点? 4, the paper wrote what Mr Jin yuelin? Show how his character? 明确:*样子有点怪——让人莞尔 Clear: * look a bit odd, let a person smile *提问方式别出心裁——今天穿红毛衣的女同学回答问题 * questions way is unique, the female student to answer the question in the red sweater today *幽默的答问——以希奇古怪的问题回答希奇古怪的提问 * humorous answers - with eccentric question answer questions from the eccentric *枯燥的学问——他觉得好玩 * boring learning - he felt funny *对话式教学——像苏格拉底一样,兴之所至、自由随意 * - like Socrates, dialogue type teaching mood, free free *讲座时停下来捉跳蚤把玩——不拘小节大有六朝名士扪虱而谈的遗风。 * lecture stopped to catch a flea - informal play great in the six dynasties celebrities a survival from the ammonites lice and talk. *他和云南斗鸡同桌用餐和教授的孩子比试水果的大小——孩子气十足,充满了赤子之心、 童心未泯。 * professor he and yunnan chicken sit at the same table for dinner and the size of the children have a fruit, childish, filled with pure heart, a child. 小结:这个学术上聪明过人,在现实生活中,确是个让人发笑,率真可爱,不拘小节,自由 随意,孩子气十足充满了赤子之心的有趣的金先生 Summary: the academic clever, in real life, it is a let people smile, lovely forthright, informal section, free casual, childish is full of pure heart interesting Mr Kim 5、品读文章语言,说说它的特色。 5, read the article language, tell me about its features. 明确:本文语言平实而有韵味,像朱自清的《背影》一样自然而然少做作,文字简练,不事 夸张,只求辞达而已,但却能很好地表现人物的本来面目,表达作者的写作意图。 Clear: in this paper, the language level and have lasting appeal, like \"shadow\" of zhu zi-qing naturally less affected, writing concise, no exaggeration, just quit it, but it can well show true colors of the characters, express the author's writing intention. 【探究案】 】 【 explore case 1 本文围绕了金岳霖先生的( )来行文,思考以下问题: 1 this paper around the Mr Jin yuelin's () to writing, think about the following questions: (1) 金先生有何奇特的外貌? (1) Mr King have peculiar appearance? 讲课时戴帽,帽沿压得很低;戴一副一白片一黑片的眼镜;穿一件其他教员很少穿的夹克。 Lecture in cap, brim pressure very low; Wearing a pair of glasses; a white one black pills Wear a other faculty members rarely wear jacket. (2)金先生有何奇特的行为举止? (2) Mr King have strange behavior?

患眼疾,微仰着头;走起路来深一脚浅说一脚;在学生面前抓自己身上的跳蚤;养一只大斗 鸡,同一桌吃饭;搜罗大梨、大石榴,与小孩比赛。 Risk of eye diseases, slightly tilted my head; Start to a foot deep one feet elementary introduction; In front of the students to grasp their fleas; Have a big cock, at the same table for dinner; Looking for big pears, pomegranates, and children. (3)金先生有何独特的教学风格? (3) Mr King have unique teaching style? 有时一上课就宣布穿红毛衣的女同学回答问题, 致使女生们紧张而兴奋; 面对学生们提的各 种问题,他都回答;开选修课,师生平等对话,上课时与王浩探讨问题,旁若无人。 Sometimes a class is declared a state of the female students to answer the question in the red sweater, cause girls nervous and excited; In the face of the students of all sorts of questions, he answered; Open elective courses, the equal dialogue between teachers and students, a class with wang hao to discuss problems, defiant. (4)金先生与学生对逻辑学专业的见解有何不同? (4) Mr Kim with the student to the logic of professional opinions differ? 学生觉得逻辑枯燥,但他觉得“很好玩” ;沈从文要他作“小说和哲学”的讲座,他得出结 论是:小说与哲学二者没有关系。 Students find logic is boring, but he felt \"fun\"; Shen congwen to \"novels and philosophy\" in his lecture, he concluded that the novel has nothing to do with philosophy of the two. (5)金先生对友情有何独特表现? (5) Mr King have any unique performance on friendship? 林国达因游泳死了,他在课堂上表现出悲哀;林徽因死后,别人都忘记她了,可他还记得林 的生日。 Lin Guo dyne swimming is dead, he sad in the classroom; After the death of Lin huiyin, others have forgotten her, but he still remember Lin's birthday. (6)金先生的业余生活是怎样度过? (6) Mr Kim's leisure life is how to spend? 喜欢与孩子相处, 做孩子的游戏; 老年时, 坐在平板三轮车上逛王府井大街, 以示接触社会, 观察生活。 Like to get along with children, do the child's game; Old age, sat on a tablet tricycle, wangfujing street in touch society, the observation of life. 2、 “有趣”是金先生的主要特色,在其身上,还有重情的一面,试作分析。 2, the main features of \"interesting\" is Mr Kim, in its body, there are serious side, tried to analysis. 明确: Clear: (1)给逝去的人林徽因过生日——重于情深于情。其情也特别的深特别的纯粹特别的真挚 特别的伟大。第十段中说金先生是个单身汉,这缘于他对林徽因的真挚深沉的感情! (1) to those who lost Lin huiyin's birthday - focuses on deep in love. The mood also special deep special special pure sincere particularly great. In the tenth paragraph says Mr. Kim is a single, this is due to his deep and sincere feelings of Lin huiyin! 林徽因是个建筑学家, 曾参与国徽和人民英雄纪念碑的设计, 她还是个诗人、 中国现代作家, 风华绝代、聪明过人,她嫁给梁思成后,金先生为她终身未娶,将爱情转化为友情,与梁林 夫妇结为友谊深厚的朋友,和他们一家始终比邻而居,给他们照顾孩子。在林徽因死后还给

她过生日,可见金先生重于情深于情。 《世说新语》上说: “圣人忘情,最下不及情,情之所 钟,正在我辈。 ”如果这个我辈能囊括一些人的话,金先生算一个吧,我们也就算最下不及 情的那一类吧。 Lin huiyin is an architect, participated in the national emblem and the design of the monument to the people's heroes, modern Chinese writer, she was a poet, heyday, clever, after she married liang sicheng, Mr Kim for her lifelong not marry, friendship, love can be converted to establish deep friendship with Liang Lin couple of friends, and they always live right next to each other, to give them to take care of the children. After the death of Lin huiyin also her birthday, Mr Kim is more important than visible deep in love. The journal west-wing said: \"the saint too forgetful, the qing, the sentiment of clock, is invaluable.\" If this to include some people like us, Mr Kim is a right, we also calculate the qing under that category. (2)金先生重情不仅是对林徽因对其他人也是如此。文中还有一个细节体现了金岳霖先生 重情,是那个地方? (2) Mr Kim to feeling is not only of Lin huiyin for others. This paper has a detail reflected Mr Jin yuelin heavy feeling, is the place? 明确: 在第五段中林国达溺水而亡后, 一向有趣的金岳霖先生在叹惋林国达死了很不幸之余, 竟然一节课都没有笑容。 Clear: in the fifth section of eng countries drowned after Mr Always interesting jin yuelin regret Lin Guoda died unfortunately, a class is the one without a smile. 这是一个什么样的人啊!在讲座时停下来,当着学生的面捉跳蚤把玩,也是一个在林徽因死 后还给她过生日的人,让我们用什么话来评介他呢!也许我们无从说起,那么还是用汪曾祺 的文字来概括吧!请同学们找出文中可以用来概括金先生特点的那句话? This is a what kind of person! Stop at the lecture, fleas in front of students play, is also a return after the death of Lin huiyin to her birthday, let us use what words to review his! Maybe we don't talk about, then is summed up in his words! Please find the paper can be used to summarize the characteristics of Mr Kim that sentence? 明确: 谁又能想到坐在平板三轮车上东张西望的老人是这样一位一肚子学问, 为人天真热爱 生活的大哲学家。 Clear: who can think of sitting on a flat tricycle look in all directions of the old man is such a full knowledge, a naive love life of the great philosopher. 3、总结本文采用什么方法刻画人物的形象? 3, we conclude what method is used to depict the character's image? 明确:鉴赏散文的细节之美 ?细节是文艺作品中细腻地描绘人物性格、事件发展和自然景物 等的最小组成单位; ¨人物性格等的具体表现,由许多细节描写所组成; ¨细节用于刻画 人物,或点画肖像,或描写动作,或烘托心理,运用得当,具有传神写照的艺术效果; ¨ 细节描写要具有真实性, 要服从艺术形象的塑造、 故事情节的展开和主题思想的表达的需要。 Clear: appreciate the beauty of the details of the prose? Details are exquisite depict characters in literary works, such as event development and the natural scenery of minimum unit; ¨characters such as specific performance, composed of many details; ¨details used to depict character, or by drawing portraits, or to describe actions, or psychological, foil is applied proper, with vivid portrayal of artistic effect; ¨details to authenticity, and to obey the artistic image of the shape, the spread of the plot, and the expression of theme. 作者对金岳霖的描写是漫画式的。漫画笔法,可以是讽刺的,也可以是亲切热情的。本文表

现为后一种, 我们看到的似乎是一幅夸张了的人物漫画, 其实并不是作者想有意地或人为地 夸张,而是人物本身就具有夸张性的特点,作者只要照直写来就自然生动活泼了。值得注意 的是,作者似乎只写直观印象,并不像平时见到的写名人的文章那样郑重其事,非写出人物 的深刻性、崇高性不可;作者写的是活生生的人物,印象、感性、趣味的特点非常突出。 The author's description of jin yuelin's caricatures. Comic brushwork, can be the irony, can also be a kind of enthusiasm. This article show the latter, we see seems to be a picture of a exaggerated comic characters, it's not the author want to intentionally or artificially exaggerated, but itself has the characteristics of exaggerated sexual characters, the author just walk due to natural and lively. It is important to note that the author seems to only intuitive impression, not like the writing celebrities usually see formal, not write the characters of profundity, superiority; Written by the author is a living person, the characteristics of the impression, sensibility, interest is very prominent. 细节描写是指抓住生活中的细微而又具体的典型情节,加以生动细致的描绘,它具体渗透在 对人物、景物或场面描写之中。或指文学作品中对人物某些细小的行为举止(语言、动作、 肖像、服饰、表情、心理等)和事情的细枝末节进行的具体、细致的描写。比如吴敬梓写严 监生临死前伸出的两个指头, 刻画人物之吝啬; 曹雪芹写刘姥姥赴宴时一语逗起的哄堂大笑, 描摹人物之憨厚;鲁迅写孔乙己给孩子们分茴香豆,卖弄“茴”字的多种写法,迂腐之态毕 现;写他又脏又破,似乎十多年没有补,也没有洗的长衫,把孔乙己追求功名、惟恐失去读 书人身份的内心世界揭示得十分深刻。 Detail refers to seize the life's subtle and specific typical plot, vivid and detailed description of them, it specifically built among the characters, scenery or scene description. Or refer to some small behavior of the characters in literary works (language, action, portraits, clothing, expression, psychology, etc.) and what the details of the specific and detailed description. Such as write yan wu ching-tzu guo-zi-jian diploma before dying out two fingers, characters of stingy; Cao xueqin wrote granny liu dinner when a language made up of laughter, to depict the characters of simple and honest; Written by lu xun kong yiji points for the children with aniseed, display a variety of writing of \"Hui\" word, pedantic of tai scene; Write his dirty and torn, seems no supplement for more than ten years, nor washed his gown, kong yiji pursuit of fame, is jealous of reader identity to reveal very deep inner world.



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