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新人教必修4 Unit4 Body language-language points

Language points 1. I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. curious adj. = eager to learn or know be curious about sth. 对……好奇 be curious to do sth. 急于…… out of curiosity 出于好奇 As a little girl, she was curious about the origin of human beings. The tourists were surrounded by the curious children. 2. …closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain. =…, Julia Smith from Britain closely following. 3. Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. verb + sb. in/ on/ by +the 身体部位 (1) approach 名词 n. 靠近;临近;接近 going near or nearer to a place The enemy ran away at our approach. 在我们接近时, 敌人跑了。 We heard the approach of the train. 我们听见火车开过来了。 n. 方法;步骤;通路;通道 The approach to the house was a narrow path. 通往这房子的路是一条狭窄的小径。 The best approach to learn a foreign language is the study of the spoken language. 学习外语的最好的途径是学口语。 at the approach of winter 冬季将临的时候 be easy of approach 容易到达; 容易接近 on the approach of death 临死的时候 v. 走近;靠近;接近 come near or nearer to someone or something You must approach the bird very quietly or it will fly away. 你必须悄悄地走近那只鸟, 否则它会飞走的。 The summer is approaching. 夏季即将来临。 approach sb. about sth. 为某事同某人打交道 approach sb. for information 向某人了解情况 approach sb. with a suggestion 向某人建议 (2) touch vt. a. 触摸, 接触, 触及, 轻触 I told you not to touch my things. b. touch sb./ sth. (with sth.) 感动(某人)触动某人(某人的感情) Her miserable experience touched us all deeply / touched our hearts with sorrow. 她经历很不幸,我们深受 感动 / 我们都很伤心。 c


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