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unit4 unit4language points1

必修 4 Unit 4 language points 1.greet sb with sth 用...问候某人 greet each other 互相问候 give/offer/send greetings to sb 向某人问好 2.represent sth to sb 向 某 人 说 明 某 事 stand for =on behalf of=on one's behalf 代表 be representative of sb/sth ... 的 代 表

3.be curious about 对..感到好奇 be curious to do sth 好奇做某事 out of curiosity 出于好奇 meet/satisfy one’s curiosity 满足某人的好奇心 with curiosity=curiously 好奇地 4.approach to 接 近 / 做 某 事 的 方 法 或 途 径 approach sb about/for sth 因某事与某人打交道 6.defend...against/from 保卫,防卫...免受 7.it is likely that= sb/sth is likely to 很肯能 it is possible(for sb) to do sth= it is possible that 8.in general=on the whole 总的来说,通常 general knowledge 常识 at the approach of 在 快 到 .. 时 候 major in 主修

it is probable that

generally speaking 一般来说

9.with ease= easily 容易地 be/feel ill at ease 心神不宁 put sb at ease 使某人感到自在 take one’s ease 休息,放松一下 take it easy 别着急,别担心 take one's time 不急,慢慢干 10. turn one’s back to/on 背对,背弃,不理睬 turn one’s mind/thought/attention to sth 把自己的心智,思想,注意力倾注在某事上 turn a deaf ear to sth 不听,充耳不闻 11.give a hug to sb 拥抱某人 hug oneself with joy 沾沾自喜


Unit4language points

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Unit4 Language points

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