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2017-2018学年人教版英语选修六Unit2 Poems2.1习题含答案



SectionⅠ—WarmingUp,Pre-reading, Reading&Comprehending

一、根据句意和首字母或汉语提示写出单词 1Have you got any c 答案:concrete 2Smiles can c 答案:convey 3Almost every child enjoys nursery r 答案:rhymes 4We are facing two c next. 答案:contradictory 5Our plan needs to be f 答案:flexible 6A generator 答案:transforms 7Peter was lying on the sofa doing nothing in 答案:particular 8She hoped to get a job on the local newspaper and for ChinaDaily. 答案:eventually/finally 9There is house. 答案:endless (没完没了的) work to do when you have children in the (最终) work (特别). (转化) mechanical energy into electricity. enough to meet the needs of everyone. suggestions,so we don’t know what to do . one’s satisfaction. proposals as to what we should do?

10The novel has been 答案:translated 二、单句改错

(翻译) into many languages.

1Can you sing any songs,neither in Chinese or in English?

答案:neither→either 2You have no reasons you are playing games instead of studying in the classroom.

答案:reasons 后加 why 3Now only 30 students make up of a class in my village.

答案:去掉 of 4Because of the pollution,the villagers are run out of the drinking water.

答案:run→running 5Once you get into trouble,don’t be nervous;that is,take easy.

答案:easy 前加 it 三、用下列词组的正确形式完成句子 make sense give a great impression play with either...or... take it easy attention to run out of translate...into in particular be made up of 1—Mr.Smith,I have an ache in my leg. — 答案:Take it easy 2If we 答案:run out of water,we will die. .Let me have a look. pay

3This funny book 答案:is made up of 4Look at the picture, one just like it. 答案:pay attention to 5His speech 答案:gave a great impression 6It is difficult 答案:to translate;into 7Among Shakespeare 答案:in particular 8This sentence doesn’t 答案:make sense 9The boy was 答案:playing with 10When the girl is happy,she 答案:either;or ★四、阅读理解 A all English . poems,I

ten units.

its colour and then paint another

on the audience.

Tang poems







a toy plane when his mother called him.



Robert Lee Frost (March 26,1874—January 29,1963) was,in the estimation of many Americans,the greatest American poet of the 20th century,and one of the greatest poets writing in English of the 20th century.Frost received 4 Pulitzer Prizes(普 利 策 奖 ).He married Elinor White and had 2 kids.Robert never in truth had any jobs,except being a poet,but he published many poems in his lifetime. Frost,although most associated with New England,was born in San Francisco and lived in California until he was 11.Frost grew up as a city boy and published his

first poem in Lawrence,Massachusetts(马萨诸塞州).He attended Dartmouth College and Harvard University( 哈佛大学 ) but did not complete the degree.Ultimately,after purchasing a farm in Derry,New Hampshire,he became known for his wry(挖苦的) voice that was both rural and personal. In 1912,he sold his farm and moved to England to become a full-time poet.His first book of poetry,ABoy’sWill,was published the next year.He returned to America in 1915,bought a farm in Franconia,New Hampshire and launched a career of writing,teaching and lecturing. He recited his work,TheGiftOutright,at the inauguration(就职典礼) of President John F.Kennedy in 1961 and represented the United States on several official missions(使命). He also became known for poems that include an interplay of voices,such as


schoolchildren highly


memorize poems


poem include



MendingWall,Birches,AfterApplePicking,ThePasture,FireandIce,TheRoadNotTaken,and Directive.
He died on January 29,1963 of a heart attack when he was 88 years old.Robert Frost was buried in the Old Bennington Cemetery,in Bennington,Vermont.Harvard’s 1965 alumni directory indicates him having received an honorary degree. During his life,the Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville,Maryland was named after him. 1From the passage we can see .

A.Robert Frost lived in New England before he was 11 years old B.Robert Frost was the greatest American novelist of the 20th century C.Robert Frost recited his work,TheGiftOutright,at the inauguration of President John F.Kennedy in 1991 D.Robert Frost was offered great honour after his death 答案:D 解 析 : 细 节 理 解 题 。 从 倒 数 第 二 段 的 “Harvard ’

s1965alumnidirectoryindicateshimhavingreceivedanhonorarydegree.”看出 , 在他去世 后 , 哈 佛 大 学 授 予 他 荣 誉 学 位 。 从 第 二 段

“...wasborninSanFranciscoandlivedinCaliforniauntilhewas11.”看出 11 岁之前,佛洛 斯 特 生 活 在 加 利 福 尼 亚 , 排 除 A 项 。 由 第 一 段 的

“thegreatestAmericanpoetofthe20thcentury”可知 B 项应为 poet。 由第四段可知 C 项改 为 1961 才正确。 2What does the underlined word “Ultimately” mean? A.Finally. C.Really. 答案:A 解析:词义猜测题。本段的前部分说了他的简历,段末说了最后的情况。从 “Ultimately,afterpurchasingafarm...hebecameknownfor...” 看 出 该画 线词 含 有 “最 后”之意。 3His first book of poetry A.was published in 1912 B.was finished on a farm C.was written in California D.came out as ABoy’sWill 答案:D 解 析 : 细 节 理 解 题 。 从 第 三 段 . B.Consequently. D.Easily.


sWill,waspublishedthenextyear.”看出他的第一本诗集在 1913 年以 ABoy’sWill 的名字
出版。故 D 项正确。 4Which of the following can be the best title of this passage? A.American Poets B.Robert Frost—The Great Poet C.A Most Famous Poem D.Robert Frost’s Death 答案:B

解析:主旨大意题。 通读全篇可以看出本文简述了罗伯特·佛洛斯特的一生,突出了他作为诗 人的成就。B 项包括人物和身份以及人们对他的评价。

B Though we don’t see each other very much nor do we write to each other very much nor do we phone each other very much I always know that,at any time I could call,write or see you and everything could be exactly the same. You would understand everything I am saying and everything that I am thinking. Our friendship does not depend on being together. It is deeper than that. Our closeness is something inside of us that is always there ready to be shared with each other whenever the need arises. It is such a comfortable and warm feeling to know that we have such a lifetime friendship. —Poem by Susan Polis Schutz 5The poem’s theme is about A.life C.thinking 答案:B 解析:主旨大意题。由诗的第九行和最后一行可知。 6It seems that the author is A.truthful B.lonely . B.friendship D.writing .

C.single 答案:A 解 析 :



tseeeachotherverymuchnordowewrite...nordowephone...Icouldcall,writeorseeyou... ”可知。 7According to the writer,friendship can last by A.seeing each other often B.writing to each other often C.telephoning each other often D.your heart 答案:D 解析 : 细节理解题。由诗的前三行可知 A、 B 、 C 三项错误 ;由“Ialwaysknowthat...”及 “Itissucha...feelingtoknowthat...”可知 D 项正确。 ★五、语篇填空 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。 (导学号 55580006) At one point along an open highway,I came to a crossroads with a traffic light.I was alone on the road by now,but when I drove up to the light,it 1. red,and I braked to a halt.I looked left,right,and behind me.Nothing.2. a car,no suggestion of headlights,but there I sat,3. (wait) for the (turn) .

light to change,the only human being for at least a mile in any direction. I started wondering 4. of 5. I refused to run the light.I was not afraid (catch) by the police,because there was 6.

(obvious) no cop anywhere around and there certainly would have been no danger in going 7. it.Much later that night,the same question of why I’d to me.I think I stopped because it’s part

stopped for that light came 8.

of a contract(契约) we all have with each other.It’s not only the law,but it’s an agreement we have,and we trust each other 9. (honour) it:we don’

t go through red lights.Like most of us,I’m more ready to be stopped from doing

something bad by the social agreement that 10. than by any law against it. 答案 :1.turned 2.Not 3.waiting 4.why 5.being caught

(disapprove) of it



8.back 9.to honour




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