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初一提升班 期中考单选测试


学校______________ 姓名__________


( )1. We’d ___________ fly a kite.

A. like B. love C. like to D. to love

( )2. My parents would like _______ do my homework first every evening.

A. me to B. I C. I to D. me

( )3.There are many different _________ animals in the zoo.

A. kinds B. kind of C. kinds of D. a kind of

( ) 4.Jim’s father is ___ old.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. kinds of D. kind of

( ) 5. Is it green _______ blue?

A. and

B. or C. but

( ) 6. I don’t like swimming ________ skating.

A. and B. or C. but

( ) 7. Study hard, _____you won’t pass the exam.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

( ) 8. --Would you like to go shopping with us?


A. I would B. I do C. I’d like D. I’d like to

( ) 9. How many ______ are there in the fridge?

A. beef B. pieces of mutton C. pieces of breads D. porridge

( ) 10. --__________? --I’d like some black tea.

A. What do you want B. What are you doing

C. What will you do D. What can I do for you

( ) 11. Which one is yours, A ______ B?

A. but

B. and C. or

( ) 12. He asked me for ________ paper, but I didn’t have _________.

A. some, some B. any, some C. some, any D. any, any

( ) 13. –Dad, _______ is my MP3?

--I put it in your desk. A. what B. how C. whose D. where ( ) 14. All the ___ teachers enjoyed themselves on March 8th, because it was their own holiday.

A. man B. men C. woman D. women

( ) 15. –What do you have for breakfast?

--I often have ________ or _______.

A. breads, noodles B. bread, noodles C. breads, noodle D. bread, noodle

( ) 16.Look! Two ______ are talking happily under the apple tree.

A. man teacher B. man teachers C. men teachers D. men teacher

( )17.--Shall we invite Tom to play football now?

--Oh, no. He ____ his clothes. A. is washing B. wash C. has washed

( )18.There isn’t ____ water in the glass. Could you get ______ for me, please?

A. some, some B. any, any C. some, any D. any, some

( )19. --________ do you like beef?

第1页共3页 成才热线:1.石岐:8888 8987;2.一中:8870 9930;3.沙溪:8833 3636;4 实验:8885 9987.


--Very much. A. How B. Where C. What D. Which

( ) 20.—Would you like some green tea?

--_____? A. Yes, please B. No, please C. No, I don’t D. Yes, I would

( )21. Linda likes a glass of coffee, __ her brother doesn’t .

A. with B. on C. in D. at

( ) 22. There are different ______ books in our school library .

A. kind B. kinds of C. kind of D. a kind of

( )23. What about ______ reading at home now?

A. do some B. doing any C. do any D. doing some

( ) 24. We arrived at the village ____a snowy evening.

A. at

B. from C. on D. in

( ) 25. Most of the students______ their time _______ lessons in classes.

A. spend, having B. spent, had C. take, to study D. cost, to study

( ) 26.Sam enjoys _______stamps. And now he has 226 of them.

A. to collect B. colletted C. collects D. collecting

( ) 27. I often see my teacher, Ms Zhao ______ books in her office.

A. reads B. to read C. read D. is reading

( ) 28. His parents were worried that he ____too much time chatting on line.

A. spent B. cost C. paid D. had

( ) 29. –How was your weekend? --Great! We _____a picnic by the lake.

A. have B. are having C. had D. will have

( ) 30 I had a bad cold, the doctor asked me ________ at home for a few days.

A. staying

B. to stay C. stayed D. stays

( ) 31. –When ______ you ______ the computer? --Yesterday.

A. will, buy B. have you bought C. did, buy D. do, buy

( ) 32. The boys like playing _____ animals in the zoo.

A. with

B. and

C. to

D. /

( )33. --How about going out for a picnic? --______.

A. Yes, I am B. I’d love to C. I like D. I would love.

( ) 34.Sam always practices _______ at home.

A. cooks B. cook C. cooking D. cooked

( ) 35. –How was your winter holiday? --Great! We ______ ourselves.

A. enjoy B. are enjoying C. enjoyed D. will enjoy

( ) 36. The boy ____ four hours in studying geography.

A. spent B. cost C. paid D. took

( ) 37. Most of ______ went shopping yesterday.

A. we B. them C. our D. theirs

( ) 38. I have no brother ____ no sister.

A. but B. or C. and D. with

( ) 39.My parents will go ___ vacation in New York soon.

A.for B. on C. to D. at

( ) 40. --______ did you go on vacation? --To Dalian.

A. When B. How C. What D. Where

第2页共3页 成才热线:1.石岐:8888 8987;2.一中:8870 9930;3.沙溪:8833 3636;4 实验:8885 9987.

第3页共3页 成才热线:1.石岐:8888 8987;2.一中:8870 9930;3.沙溪:8833 3636;4 实验:8885 9987.





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