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Unit 1 Art


A teacher asks a student how much one plus one is in his
class.The student works out the problem with a calculator.

The rapid development of science and technology brings

us great convenience,but we shouldn’t rely on modern tools
completely. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文?

短文填空 根据课文A History of Western Painting完成下列短文。 The style of Western art has changed many times,_____ while

Chinese art has changed ____ less often. Art ___________ is influenced (influence)
by the way of life and beliefs. During the Middle Ages,the main aim of painters was to represent religious themes. Artists were interested in creating respect and love for God. In the Renaiss Ance,people focused more on humans and less on religion. Artists

tried to paint people and nature __ as they really were. Masaccio
used perspective in his paintings which _____ made people convinced

they were looking through ______ a hole in the wall __ at a real scene.
In the late 19th century,Europe changed a great deal from a mostly agricultural society to a mostly industrial one ___. The impressionists were the first to paint outdoors. They had to paint _______ quickly (quick) and their paintings were not detailed

as those of earlier painters. Today people accepted impressio
nists’ paintings as the beginning of modern art. Some modern art is ________ abstract while some is realistic.

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Sometimes moral values are ________( abstract 抽象的).

2.Contemporary ____________ (当代的) buildings are of different styles.
possessions (财产) belong to his country. 3.All his __________ 4.To be honest,I prefer his sculptures _________(雕塑) to his paintings.

5.He made an _______( attempt 试图) to escape from being punished.
6.Islam and Buddish are two of the great r eligions of the world. 7.The judge believed this evidence he offered is c onvincing . 8.He thought what the child painted was r idiculous . 9.The c ontroversial book hasn’t come out. 10.Who is the representative(代表) of I mpressionism ?

Ⅱ.短语填空 1.On hearing this Jane looked up,smiling,and then

__________ returned to her reading.
2.________ Scores of people arrived at the stadium,excited to see the game. 3.Doctors believe that smoking may ______ lead to lung cancer. coincidence ,we happened to be travelling on the 4.By _____________

same train.
5.She looked very pale,and seemed to have suffered

a great deal ___________.

6.I want to sell the house,but on _______________ the other hand I can’t bear the thought of moving. 7.Advertising is intended to appeal ________ to consumers,but it does

not force them to buy the product.
8.I have corresponded with her for some years,but I have never met her __________. in the flesh 9.Generally a correct idea will take many years before it ____________ is accepted as true. 10.I think the problem may ____ lie in the fact that no attention has been paid to this matter.

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.Today the impressionists’ paintings are accepted as the beginning of what __________________________ we now call “modern art”(我们现在 称为的现代艺术). (what) 2.The garden of this lovely mansion is also well ______________ worth a visit (很值得一看). (visit)

3.________________( It is amazing that 令人惊奇的是) so many great works
of art from the late 19th century to the 21st century could be contained in the same museum. (amaze)

1.But today they are accepted as the beginning of what we call “modern art”.

___________________________________________________ Another important project we are going to carry out is what _______________________ we call National Education.

2.Many art lovers would rather visit this small art gallery than
any other in New York. [翻译]他宁愿贫困也不愿以不正当手段获取金钱。 He would rather stay poor than get money in a dishonest way. ____________________________________________________ 3.They tried to paint people and nature as they really were. [翻译]他要求我如实地描述我看到的那些事情。
He required me to describe the things I had seen as they really were. _____________________________________________________

4.Henry Clay Frick,a rich New Yorkers,died in 1919, leaving his house,furniture and art collection to the American people. [翻译]敌人惊慌地逃跑了,留下大堆死尸和大量的武器。

________________________________________________ The enemy fled in a panic,leaving behind a lot of dead
__________________ bodies and weapons. 5.You can also explore Frick’s beautiful home and garden

which are well worth a visit.
[翻译]她做的饭很值得尝一尝。 ____________________________________ The meal she cooks is well worth a taste.

1.abstract adj. 抽象的;理论上的 n.摘要;概括 识记an abstract of...一篇(段)……的摘要 v.摘录;提取

be abstracted from从……提取……
in the abstract大体上 He wrote an abstract of the scientific article. 他给这篇科普文写了一段摘要。 Salt can be abstracted from sea water. 盐可以从海水中提取。

完成句子 (1)请把这本小说做成摘要。 Please make ____________ an abstract of this novel. (2)金属是从矿石中提炼出来的。 Metal is ______________ abstracted from stone. 句型转换

(3)A:In general,people like her.
B:_____________ In the abstract ,people like her.

2.aim v. 瞄准;对准 搭配aim...at...把……瞄准、对准 (1)猎人把枪瞄准一只鹿。 The hunter ________ aimed his gun __ at a deer. 识记aim at瞄准;以……为目标 be aimed at针对;意指……而言

aim at doing sth./be aimed at doing sth.旨在做某事;目
的是要做某事;打算做某事 aim to do...立志要……;打算做……;目的是……


The program __________ is aimed at a teenage audience.
(3)政府正力争减少50%的失业人数。 The government __________ is aiming at a 50% reduction in unemployment. (4)我的目标是暑假前减掉4公斤体重。 aiming to lose 4kg before the summer holiday. I’m ________________

3.consequently adv. 因此;所以 The rain was heavy;consequently,the road was flooded. 雨很大,因此洪水淹没了道路。 用法consequently连接两个分句,构成一个句子时,在其前 用一个分号(;),在其后常用一个逗号(,);也可以开始一 个新句子,但通常在consequently后用一个逗号。

派生consequent adj.(on,upon)是由于;是……而致
consequence n.结果,后果,重要性 take the consequences 承担后果

句型转换 A:As a result of her mother’s illness,she left school.

B:Her mother became ill;____________ consequently ,she left school.

4.convince vt. 使信服;使确信 We finally convinced them of our innocence. 我们终于使他们相信我们是清白的。 I am convinced that she is telling the truth. 我确信她讲的是事实。 搭配convince sb. of sth.使某人相信某事

convince sb. to do sth.说服某人做某事
convince sb. that...使某人相信…… It is convinced that...人们相信

辨析convince/persuadeconvince是通过摆事实,讲道理,使 人相信一个事实,其后常接介词of或that从句。 persuade表示用劝说的方法,使人愿意采纳某种意见或采取 某一行动,偏重于意志和感情色彩。形成 persuade sb. to do

sth.或persuade sb. into doing sth.的结构。
用persuade和convince的正确形式填空 (1)我们说服她搭火车去。 persuaded her ____ We __________ to go by train. (2)她试图使我相信她的诚实。 She tried to convince _____________ me of her honesty.

5.attempt v./n. 努力尝试

I attempted walking along the rope.我试着走绳索。
He failed to set a new record,but it was a good attempt. 他虽然没有创出新的纪录,但他作了很大的努力。 搭配attempt(try) to do常表示试图做某事(未成功) manage to do sth.指努力做某事(已成功) attempt试图做某事 make an attempt尝试,企图

完成句子 (1)他试图游过英吉利海峡。 He ______________________________________________. made an attempt to swim across the English Channel

(2)他试图打破世界纪录。 breaking the world record. He attempted _________________

6.appeal vi. 要求;恳求;诉诸 搭配appeal (to sb.) for sth.恳求(某人)……

appeal to sb.to do sth.恳求某人做某事
appeal to sb.引起某人的兴趣;吸引某人 (1)设计得要雅俗共赏,老幼皆宜。 appeal to all ages and social groups. The design has to ________ (2)她哀求绑架者释放她的儿子。 She appealed to the kidnappers _______________. to release her son

(3)警方呼吁公众提供有关这宗罪案的信息。 The police are ____________________ appealing to the public for information about the crime.

Organizers appealed to the crowd ___________. not to panic

7.possession n. 拥有;占有;据有 搭配come into one’s possession被某人占有;落入某人之手 take/get/gain possession of拿到……;占有;占领 in possession of拥有;持有 in the possession of sb./in one’s possession为某人所有 How did the painting come into your possession?

You cannot legally take possession of the property until three weeks after the contract is signed. 契约签署三周以后,你才能合法取得这份产业的所有权。

理解 possession of a shotgun. (1)他合法地持有猎枪。He is __ in lawful ___________ (2)那张珍贵的邮票为一位不知名的收藏家所拥有。 The rare stamp is ________________ in the possession of an unknown collector. 联想in charge of管理,掌握 in the charge of由某人管理

in control of控制
in the control of为某人所控制

1.by coincidence 碰巧;凑巧;巧合 观察例句,注意划线部分的用法

(1)She and I both arrived at the same time by pure

(2)By a curious coincidence,my husband and I have the
same birthday. 纯粹是巧合,我丈夫和我同一天生日。

2.lie in 在于 完成句子 (1)我们的优势在于解决问题的能力。 Our strengths _____ lie in problem solving.

He thinks the only recipe for success _______________. lies in hard work

3.in the flesh 活着的;本人

I’ve seen her perform on television,but never __________. in the flesh

4.that is 也就是说 Most visitors reach Scotland from the south,that is, from England. 大部分游客都是从南部来苏格兰,即都从英格兰来。

We need to live a regular life. That is,we can keep good
hours and refrain from smoking and drinking in the daily


5.a great deal 大量;非常多,许多 辨析a great/good many非常多,许多,做形容词修饰可 数名词。 说出下列句子中划线部分的用法。 (1)The old woman’s life is a great many better now. (2)We have learnt a great deal from our professor.

(3)People spend a great deal of money on National Day.
(4)He has extracted a great many examples from the grammar book.

(3)作数量词,只能接不可数名词 饰可数名词


1.But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century when painters like Giotto di Bondone began to

paint religious scenes in a more realistic way.(PP.2—10)

句型It+be+adj.+that clause 说明该句中it是形式主语,that从句是真正的主语。

根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 (1)真遗憾他拒绝了这个建议。 to accept this suggestion. It is _____ ______________ a pity that he (should)refuse (2)建议每个学生都得在晚会上唱支英文歌。

It is __________ __________________________ suggested that each student (should)sing a song in English
at the party. (3)好像他们现在急需帮助。 It _____ in great need of help. seems that they are ___________

2.On (the) one hand,some modern art is abstract;that is, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes,but instead concentrates on certain qualities

of the object,using colour,line and shape to represent them.
On the other hand,some paintings of modern art are so realistic that they look like photographs.(PP.3—52)一方面

眼睛看到的东西如实地画出来,而是集中展现物体的某些 品质特性,用色彩、线条和形状把他们呈现出来。而另一 方面,有些现代派的艺术作品却是那么真实,看上去就像 是照片。

句型on the one hand...on the other hand...一方面……另一方

根据汉语意思完成句子或翻译句子。 (1)塞翁失马,安知非福;塞翁得马,安知非祸。

____________________ ,loss implies gain;____________________, On the one hand gain implies on the otherloss. hand

____________________ ,this job doesn’t pay well, On the one hand ____________________ but on the other hand ,I can’t get another one.
(3)一方面,我非常想去看电影,可是另一方面我得按时完成这 一方案。 ______________________________________________________ On the one hand,I want to go to the movie,but on the other hand I have to finish the project on time. ____________________________________

3.At the time they were created,the impressionist paintings were controversial,but today they are accepted as the beg inning of what we call “modern art”.在印象派作品的创建 初期,它们是存在争议的,但是如今已被人们接受而成为现 在所说的“现代艺术”的始祖了。

句型what we call意为“所谓的;我们常说的”,在句中通常用
作插入语。类似的短语还有:what is called,what is socalled, what is now等。

They lived in what we call “Stone Age”. 他们生活在我们常说的“石器时代”。 I am not talking about what is now called “learner autonomy”. 我这里并不是在讨论所谓的“学习自主性”问题。

(1)我们应该改进所谓的生活质量。 We should improve _____________________________. what is called the quality of living (2)这种植物在现在的美国生长得最好。 This plants grows best in __________________________. what is now the United States

表示事实、现象 (1)We cannot ignore the fact that many people still don’t have enough to eat. (2)No one can deny the fact that the environment is getting polluted more and more seriously. (3)There is no denying the fact that people’s living conditions

are being improved on the whole.
(4)This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. (5)However,that’s not the case.

(6)No one could have failed to notice the fact that traffic problems are becoming more and more serious. (7)Nowadays there seems to be a consensus in society that going to university is the only access to success.

(8)Recently the problem has been brought into focus.
这类表达形式有很多,你能想出更多的句子来吗? __________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

参考句式 (9)The truth is quite other than what you think. (10)The truth is quite otherwise.

(11)This is common in lowerprice computers.
(12)It is a common phenomenon in society that people are getting politer than they used to be. (13)Recently there is a heated/fierce debate in our class on whether middle school students should take on some parttime

jobs on their weekends.
(14)Nowadays,there exists an increasingly serious social/economic/environmental problem.

你最喜欢的句子 ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

练练吧 用三四句话谈一谈污染现象。

___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

参考答案 No one can deny that industrialization has brought people great wealth. However,we cannot ignore the fact that it also brings with it the problems,of pollution,which does great

harm to people’s health. The government should take urgent
measures to solve this problem and promote a cleaner envir onment. To help solve these problems we can start by educat ing the public about the great harm of pollution.

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2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 1 Art课时作业

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高考英语一轮复习Unit1Art学案新人教版选修6 - Unit 1 Art 艺术 晨读·记忆 Abstract Art Abstract art used to be controver...

Unit 1 Art

Unit 1 Art_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Module VI Unit 1 Art Unit 1 Art DESIGNERS: Zhang Jinxia Jia Guoxi Cai Jun Ding Caiyun Tie Fang Hu Module VI ...


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