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2016 年湖北教师招聘说课指导:高中英语阅读课说课稿模 板
湖北教师考试网为广大考生提供湖北教师招聘笔试、 面试资料。 目前东湖教师招聘正在 进行中,湖北教师考试网为广大考生提供湖北教师考试面试资料。

Good morning, my distinguished judges. It’s my great honor to stand here sharing my teaching ideas with you. I’m number candidate. May I begin my analysis of my teaching plan now? (OK, Thank you!) As to my interpretation, it contains the following main parts: the analysis of the teaching material, the students, the teaching objectives and the teaching procedure, now, please allow me to introduce them one by one. Well, firstly, let me talk about the analysis of teaching material. The content of my lesson is from senior high school English book of People’s Educational Press Unit , The topic is . This lesson is about . Through the learning of this lesson, students will be able to . Then, here comes my analysis of the Ss. Senior high school students are independent in thinking and cooperative in discussing. Most of them have a good way of learning and a strong desire of seeking knowledge. However, some of them are still diffident in speaking English and are easily to scatter their attention. All these element shall be taken into consideration when I am implementing my teaching activities. Now let’s move to the next part--teaching objectives According to the new standard curriculum and the syllabus, I will set the teaching aims as follows: First, Knowledge objectives: (语言目标:语音,词汇,语法,功能,话题) 1. Students are able to grasp the main idea of the whole passage and each separative paragraph. 2. Student will master the usage of adverbial clauses of concession and the important expressions such as . .



Second, Ability aims (技能目标:听,说,读,写) 1. By using the reading strategies of skimming and scanning, students can catch the general idea and detailed information of the part within a limited time. 2. Through finishing tasks in groups, students will cultivate their ability of sharing opinions with others. Third, Emotional aims (情感目标:兴趣,自信,合作,爱国,国际视野) 1. Students can foster their interest and desire in learning English. [page] 2. Students develop their confidence in expressing themselves. By completing the task, (1) the Ss will increase their interests in (2) the Ss will set up self-confidence in _____________. (3) the Ss will have the bravery of facing , (4) the Ss will have the consciousness of (5) the Ss will can appreciate the beauty in . Well, next I will talk about the important points and difficult points. In order to achieve the teaching goal and with consideration to the actual teaching condition, I will establish the important points and difficult points as follows. The important points are the useful words, phrases, and sentence patterns. The difficult points mainly focus on how to use different reading strategies for different reading purposes. Here comes my Teaching methods& learning methods According to the analysis of teaching material and Ss, I will mainly adopt the Communicative Approach and Task-based Language Teaching Approach, which means I will invite the students to further their understanding of


the passage by fulfilling various tasks and cooperate with their group members. As to the study methods, I will have the students to study in a relaxed atmosphere. they will cultivate their cooperation ability through group work and pair work and they will form a good habit of independent thinking by solving problems on their own. Now let’s come to the most important part of my lecture---The analysis of the Teaching Procedures To fulfill the teaching aims and stress the important points and difficult points, I will arrange my teaching procedures as the following steps. Step one: “Warming up and Leading-in”. As we all know that “interest is the best teacher”, so here, I will play a short English video about to cultivate Ss’ learning interests and create a relaxing English learning atmosphere. Step two: Pre-reading. In this step, I will ask students the question that and invite them to look at the title to predict what the passage is about. No matter what their answers are, I will give them positive feedback. Purpose: during the independent thinking stage, students will recall their learned knowledge. Although not all the answers are correct, they will be more concentrated on the textbook and become more eager to read more. Step three: While Reading. It will cost me 20 minutes and consists of extensive reading and intensive reading activities. First comes the Extensive reading activity. I will introduce the reading tip of skimming to facilitate their reading, I will say to them that “when doing skimming, lets focus on the key words and sentences of each paragraph instead of reading the passage sentence by sentence, I will give you 3 minutes, after skimming, you are expected to tell me how many parts can the whole passage be divided into and the what are them about.” Purpose: the task can impart the students with the reading strategies of skimming, which can greatly improve their reading comprehension ability and independent thinking ability. Then, let’s move to another important reading activity--intensive reading, this time, students should read the passage very carefully, at


the same time they should underline the words and phrases which they don’t understand, and discuss with their partners the following questions: Question 1: Question 2: Question 3: Besides, students are also required to finish the match practice below through paying attention to : Next, I will explain some important language points. For the new words, I will lead the Ss to guess the meaning of the new words according to the context. For the sentences, I will demonstrate the sentences via my course-ware with the key parts deliberately colored and invite the students to work out the grammar rules by group work. For example, . After that, I will give them more examples and ask them to do the translating exercise to help them better understand the usage of . By doing these two tasks, Ss will on one hand have a further understanding of the whole passage, on the other hand, they will also be able to use the target language of in their communication. They’ll also experience the sense of achievement in finishing the relative difficult tasks. Step four: Post-reading. It will cost 10 minutes. Here, I will arrange two tasks to strengthen students’ understanding of the reading part. [page] Task 1: discussion Students work in groups and discuss the topic: ? After a ten-minute discussion, representatives of some groups will be invited to do the report. Task 2: retelling Here I will show my students a short passage with key words and phrases missing, and then ask some students to do the retelling by filling the blanks orally. The reasons why I set these two activities are that all the students can have their opportunities of expressing their own ideas, and by working in groups, Ss will raise their cooperation awareness and appreciate the


excellent thought of others. As the teacher, I can check if my class have already grasped the knowledge just as I expected. Then, at the end of the class is step five: summary & homework. I will ask some students to share what they have learned before I make a final conclusion. I will summarize the class like this: “ ”.In this way, Ss can make a self-assessment and some of them are able to gain a proud sense. As for the homework, students are required to search more information about , they can refer to various information sources for help. Homework is so important in that it can train their self-study ability. Now let’s focus on the last part. Blackboard Design In order to show the important points and difficult points in a more clear way, I will divide the blackboard into three parts. On the left, I’ll write down the main idea of each part, the middle part is reserved for the important points, and on the right, I will write down some tasks. That’s all for my presentation, I appreciate your attention very much! Thank you very much! 注:本文章用于访问者个人学习、研究或欣赏,版权为“中公教师网”所有,未 经本网授权不得转载或摘编。已经本网授权使用作品的,应在授权范围内使用, 并注明"来源:中公教师网"。违反上述声明者,本网将追究其相关法律责任。

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