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英语CrossWord Puzzle

同学们, 以下单词都是高考高频词汇, 发动你的脑筋, 看能不能在 10 分钟内填出来呢? (部分单词已经给出答案了哦)

Across 1. n. story handed down from the past, especially one that may not be true 5. n. exhibition of goods 6. adj. easily hurt or damaged 7. v. recognize or acknowledge sth as true, often reluctantly 8. adj. (of things) that can be used or obtained 10. n. money charged for a journey by bus, ship, taxi, etc 11. v. take part or become involved(participate) 13. v. keep sth in existence at the same level, standard, etc 16. v. use (money) to buy shares, property, etc, in order to earn interest or bring profit 17. n. taking and keeping possession 18. adj. needing immediate attention, action or decision 19. v. raise somebody to a higher position

Down 2. v. show sth clearly by giving proof or evidence (demonstrate) 3.n.chemical element, a gas without color, taste or smell, present in the air and necessary for all forms of life on earth 4. n. giving up of sth, usually in return for sth more important or valuable 7. v. choose sb for a job or position of responsibility 9. v. understand and enjoy (sth); value highly (appreciate) 12. n. person's behavior (esp its moral aspect) 14. v. provide evidence for the truth or correctness of (a report, an opinion, etc)(confirm) 15. n. representation of a person or an animal in drawing, painting, etc

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