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2018秋苏教译林版英语六年级上册Unit 5《Signs》单元测试卷

单元练习 译林版小学英语六上 Unit5 单元试卷 听力部分(30%) 一、 Listen and number.听录音,给下列图片排序.(10 分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、Listen and order。听录音,给下列短语排序(10 分) ( )at a shopping centre ( )be carefulX| k | B| 1 . c|O |m ( )wet floor ( )want some juice ( )can’t litter ( )take your juice into the shop ( )eat some noodles ( )don’t smoke ( )look for ( )in the forest 三、(Listen and complete. )听录音,完成句子。 (10 分) 1、 Be _______, the floor is wet. 2、 What does that sign ________? 3、 We shouldn’t _________here. 4、 The shopping centre is so clean. Don’t here, please. 5、 We are on an________. 笔试部分(70 分) 一、Read and choose.选出画线部分读音不相同的一项。 (5 分) ( )1、A. bird B. thirty C. farmer ( ) 2、A. smoke B. go C. shop ( )3、A. great B. tea C. eat ( )4、A. near B. bear C. year ( )5、A. sign B. with C. little 二、 英汉词组互译 (16 分) X| k | B| 1 . c|O |m 1. 保持干净 2. 在九月 3 . 围着他们 4. 交朋友 单元练习 5. 继续走 7. 一次郊游 9. 等待答案 11. 禁止乱扔垃圾 13. No parking 15.keep off the grass 6. 作为午餐 8. 不准吸烟 10.小心地滑 12. 禁止饮食 14. stay away from 16.underground(写出同义词) 三、选择题 (10 分) ( )1. May 21st reads___________________________________. A. May twenty-one B. the May twenty-first C. May the twenty-first ( )2. “Keep off the grass” means we ______ walk on the grass. A. can B. shouldn’t C. must D. should ( )3. Jim and Ben ________ about Ben’s birthday yesterday. A. are, talk B. were, saying C. are, speaking D. were , talking ( )4. The camera isn’t in my pocket. It________ there a moment ago. A. be B. was C. is D. were ( )5. Mr Green usually his friends when he was young. A. writes B. is writing C. wrote D. write 新课 标 第 一 网 ( )6. Does the sign ‘No ’?——Yes, it does. A. say, writing B. says, write C. says, writing D. say, write ( )7. Why we swim in the river? —— Can’t you see the sign ‘No swimming’ there? A. can B. should C. can’t D. shouldn’t. ( )8. Where were my shoes?________________________ A. It’s on the desk. B. They are under the desk. C. They were under the desk. ( )9. John is twenty years old, but he has only five birthdays. Why? Because he was born(出生)_________. A. at night B. five years ago C. on the last night of a year D. on February 29 ( )10. I called yesterday afternoon. But she in. A. she, isn’t. B. her, wasn’t C. her, isn’t 单元练习 四、 按要求完成下列句子 (6 分) 1. Tom can write now.(用 last year 替换 now) 2. It means “No littering”.(划线提问) 3.You should go in first.(改成否定句) ____________________________________ 4.He take it into the office.(改成一般过去时) ____________________________________ 5.It means the floor is wet.(一般疑问句) 6.He bought the things from the shop



长铁一中 2018 年高二第一学期第一次月考 英语试题总分 150 分 时间 120 分钟 第Ⅰ卷 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 做题时,先将答案标在试卷上。...

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