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2016下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:中学英语说课稿Unit 7 What does he look like?

2016 下半年四川教师公招考试资讯: 2016 下半年四川教师公招资格复审公告汇总 2016 下半年四川教师公招面试公告汇总 2016 四川教师公招面试辅导资料

2016 下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:中学英语说课稿 Unit 7 What does he look like?
Good morning, dear judges. I’m No.1. I am glad to interpret my lesson here today. The lesson plan I am going to talk about is from unit 7 what does he look like? Now, I will present it from several parts: the analysis of teaching material, teaching objectives, important points and difficult points, teaching procedures, the blackboard design and so on. I. The analysis of teaching material This course is the first period of Unit 7, which is chosen from PEP English, Grade. 7. This course mainly talks about people’s appearance, such as people’s height, build and hair. It can help students to judge different looks of different people. And improve their communicate abilities and find people according to him/ her appearance. Therefore, this lesson plays an key role in their further studying. II. The analysis of students The students in Grade. 7 can adapt to the junior middle school English learning atmosphere and methods. After the last term, many students have got familiar with the present tense. So I think it’s easy for them to master this course. But they are young, more encouragements are needed. And teacher should try to give more time to students to practice. III. The analysis of teaching objectives According to the new Curriculum Standard in English, I set the teaching objectives as follows: The first one, knowledge aim: By the end of the class, students can read and write these words: hair, tall, height, thin, heavy, build, etc. and can read “curly, straight, medium.” Students can describe one’s appearance, by using these sentence

patterns: What do you look like? I’m short. What does he/she look like? He/She has short hair. The second one, ability aim: Promote students’ listening and speaking skills and communicative competence about describing one’s appearance. Promote students’ competence of analyzing, inducing, and summarizing. The third one, emotional aim: Promote students’ awareness of helping others. IV. The analysis of teaching important points and difficult points Vocabulary: hair, tall, height, thin, heavy, build, curly, straight, medium. Target languages: -What does he/she look like? -He/She is tall. -What do you look like? -I’m thin. I have short hair. V. The analysis of teaching methods As we all know ,the main instruction aims of learning English in middle school is to cultivate students’ basic abilities of listening and speaking and their good sense of the English language . So in this lesson I will mainly use Task -based Language Teaching Method and the Audio-Lingual Method. That is to say, I will let the students learn in real situations to finish a task by making activities such as talking, guessing game, having a competition and so on. About learning strategies: self-learning and cooperative learning. VI. The analysis of teaching aids To help students learn better. I will mainly use chalks, multimedia recourse, pictures. VII. The analysis of teaching procedure Next, let’s focus on the most important part of this lesson, the analysis of teaching procedures. I’ll finish this lesson in the following steps. Step 1. Lead-in I’ll ask students some questions and lead them to describe the QQ show pictures on the screen. Then I will write “long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair”

on the blackboard. It can arouse students’ interest to speak English and make students have something to say by using interesting QQ pictures. Step 2. Pre-listening Then, let’s move to next step, pre-listening. I will show pictures of star stars, which elicits “tall, short, of medium height ,heavy, thin, of medium build”, and at the same time I will write these words on the blackboard. Then game time. I will divide the class into two groups. I will read the words on the blackboard once, students repeat them twice. If I read it aloud, students should read quieter. If someone makes mistakes, another group will get one point. The reason why I design this part is that I believe the competition can arouse students' interest in learning English. Step 3. While-listening Now let’s talk about the third period, while-listening. There are 3 activities in this step. The first activity is extensive listening. I’ll ask students to listen to the tape, then find out the main idea of this conversation. The second activity is intensive listening. I will ask students to listen to the tape once again. And try to find the answer. “What does he look like?” I will write the dialogue on the blackboard. The third activity is to read after the tape. Through this section, students could understand the dialogue. Step 4. Post-listening Next step is about post-listeing. Students should finish a task: you meet a woman who is looking for his son, and you want to help her to find his child as follows: ---Excuse me. Did you see a little boy? ---Oh. What does he look like? ---He is ... / he has... During this training, students are able to practice dialogue in a real situation Step 5.Summary and homework Now, let’s come to the summary. I’ll make a summary together with students at the end of the class. It can help students review what we have learned today.

The homework is to make a new dialogue with the new words and sentences and share it in next class. It can provide more opportunities to practice after class. VIII. The analysis of blackboard design The last part is my blackboard design. These are the new words and phrases. These are key sentences. It shows the important points for students.

Finally, I believe that students are able to describe person's appearance, distinguish the difference of the use of “is / has”, and their sense of helpfulness will be promoted at the end of the lesson. That’s all for my presentation. Thank you for your listening.



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