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南京市 2014 届高三年级学情调研卷.
第一节单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.There is____thing as failure. Failure is. just life trying to move us in another direction. A. no such B. not such C.such no D. such not 22. The majority of employers are planning to cut down on wages____the economic crisis. A. by means of B. in defence of C. in reaction to D. with regard to 23.Being a doctor is one of the few professions____if you make a mistake,it can mean somebody's life. A. that B. which C. when D. where 24. -I need to advertise for a roommate for next term. 一____?Alicia said she's interested. A. Why bother B. What for C. Since when D. How come 25. Her last book sold five million copies and we hope this one will be____popular. A. so B. as C. such D. much 26. Heroes are those who,given a choice between doing the right thing at great personal cost or the wrong thing for great personal benefit,____the former. A. choose B.chosen C. choosing D. to choose 27. The fear of failing exams can cause you .to panic and stress can be a(n)____to your performance at school. A. solution B. invitation C. block D. access 28.一一 What time____you____Ann? -At about 7 o'clock,or maybe later, when I am done with this report. A. did;meet B. are;meeting C. do;meet D. have;met 29. During the 1950s,R&.B changed modern music further and led to____we know as rock and roll. A. as B. what C. that D. which? 30. A global village has indeed____among the teenage generation,who share common values and attitudes. A. set up B. speed up C. risen up D. sprung up 31.I chose the most popular major instead of my favorite one,but I had to drop out and started again where I___have gone in the first place. A. must B. might C. should D. would 32.--I have you asked John to come to the party this evening? --Yes,I have,but he____ A. doesn't B. hasn't C. hadn't D. won't 33. Schools often__the diversity of students’talents because they typically focus on a narrow view of academic ability. A. Oppose B. applaud C. overlook D. promote 34.The real secret to successful learning lies in students____an interest in what they are doing· A. to take: B. taking C. taken D. having taken 35 一 I just can't stop worrying about the result of my medical examination. 一__.There’s nothing you can do now but wait.

A. Sit back and relax B. Watch out for it C. Just a moment D. Take your time 第二节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) I met Billy the last summer before college. He was handsome and his irreverence(玩世不 恭)was 36 to me. We liked each other the first instant we met.37 ,I was a straight A student and my parents had high hopes for me to 38 an Ivy League(常春藤联盟)school. Billy did not 39 into the equality. We were in love nevertheless-that 40 teenage love.I still remember we had a plan for prom(舞会).It was understood that we had 41 about where we would dance and drink and party together. This meant one thing to my parents-panic.And it grew as the 42 letters began to roll in. Of the eleven schools I applied to,nine accepted me. And one of them was Brown University-the Ivy League college 43 in historic Providence,Rhode Island. There was no 44 that I was drawn to Brown,but Billy (who had joined the army)was 45 down south and I had offers 46 for me there,too. I was torn between my love for him and my family 47 . One weekee 48 ,the start of school,my mother had a talk with me.She said I was eighteen years old and I had a 49 to make---one that went 50 .beyond the choice of 51 to attend university. In August,I 52 and drove north to Providence.It took several months to 53 that my life was moving on in a way that was completely different from Billy's,Brown changed my life,opening doors and giving me the 54 I now use to think,to learn and to write·Life is always about 55 it seems,and the older I get,the more I understand this. Still,there are times when I think of Billy because he taught me about love. 36. A. appealing B. disturbing C. confusing D. amusing 37: A. Unfortunately B. Actually C. Luckily D. Originally 38. A. leave B. finish C. start D. attend 39. A. fit B. look C. break D. run 40. A. mature B. crazy C. normal D. wrong 41. A. talked B. looked C. lied D. argued 42. A. acceptance B. rejection C. application D. recommendation 43. A. located B. placed C. set D. laid 44. A. point B. challenge C. question D. need 45. A. left B. sent C . dismissed D. employed 46. A. hoping B. asking C. waiting D. searching 47. A. tradition B. expectation C. reputation D. connection 48. A. before B. after C. at D. since 49. A. decision B. plan C. rule D. promise 50. A. out B. away C. deep D. far 51.A. when B. how C. whether D. where 52. A. got up B. packed up C. held up D. turned up 53. A. foresee B. realize C. imagine D. consider 54. A. chances B. position C. tools . equipment 55. A. surprises B. adventures C. opportunities D. choice

第三部分阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A Taylor Swift,23,US Unlucky in love as she may be,Swift was lucky at the Billboard Viusic Awards on aunday night. 1 he singer received the night's top honor,Artist of the Year, as well as Top billboard GU Artist lop Female Artist,1-op country A rtist and Top Digital bongs Artist. Her album lied topped the billboard ZOO and country album categories,and her single we Are iv ever liver Uettang tack L ogether was named 1 Op Country Song. Adele,25,UK Adele has been appointed a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire this week during Queen Elizabeth 11's annual Birthday Honors,the BBC reports.The singer was recognized for her service to music.The award is another highlight in a fruitful year for Adele,who,in addition to a Grammy and a Golden Globe,won a Best Original Song for Skyfall in Oscar 2013. Robert Downey Jr,48,US The actor, best known for playing the superhero Iron Man, left an'` 18-month-old fan in floods of tears because he wasn't wearing hischaracter's red and gold suit in public. The heartbreaking meeting>'. happened last Thursday while the actor was out for a walk i n theMassachusetts towns of Sunderland and Shelburne Falls. A photo ofthe crying kid and Downey looking both concerned and awkward quicklymade its way into the international news. Jennifer Aniston,44,US In the 10 months since her August 2012 engagement(订婚 学科网)to Justin Theroux,all eyes have been on Aniston,with fans wondering just when she will become Mrs Theroux. But multiple sources in contact with Aniston and her inner circle say that plans for the much expected wedding appear to be left for the present time. The couple decided to delay the big day because they're both busy with work. 56. On which page of a newspaper can you find the above material? A. On the front page. B. On the entertainment page. C. On the sports page. D. On the education page. 57.2013 has been a fruitful year for Adele for she has won all the following awards EXCEPT _______ A. the Golden Globe B. the Grammy C. Artist of the Year in Billboard D. Best Original Song in Oscar 58. The anecdote about Robert Downey Jr happened_______. A. on a casual occasion B. at a fan meeting C. at a movie promotion D. at a press conference 59. Which of the following is true according to the text?

A. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was written for Taylor Swift's country.

B. Adele sang on the BBC to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. C. Robert Downey did not know what to do when the kid started crying. D. Jennifer Aniston is working on her wedding despite her busy schedule. B Once on a dark winter's day,when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavy in the streets of London that the lamps were lighted and the shop windows blazed with gas as they did at night, an odd-looking little girl sat in a cab with her father and was driven rather slowly through the main street. Sara Crewe leaned against her father,who held her in his arms,as she stared out of the window at the passing people with an old-fashioned thoughtfulness in her big eyes. At this moment she was remembering the voyage she had just made from Bombay with her father, Captain Crewe. She was thinking of what a strange thing it was that at one time one was in India in the hot sun,and then in the middle of the ocean,and then driving in a strange vehicle through strange streets· “Papa,” she said in a low,mysterious little voice which was.almost a whisper. “What is it,darling?”Captain Crewe answered,holding her closer and looking down into her face. "Is this the place?"Sara whispered. "Yes,little Sara,it is. We have reached it at last.,, It seemed to her many years since he had begun to prepare her mind. for "the place”,as she always called it. Her mother had died when she was born,so she had never known or missed her. Her young,handsome,rich father seemed to be the only relation she had in the world. During her short life only one thing had troubled her,and that thing was "the place,, she was to be taken to some day. The climate of India was very bad for children,and as soon as possible they were sent away from it-generally to England and to school. "Couldn't you go to that place with me,Papa?"she had asked when she was five years old. "Couldn't you go to school,too? I would help you with your lessons.,, "But you will not have to stay for a very long time,little Sara,”he had always said. "You will grow so fast that it will seem scarcely a year before you are big enough and clever enough to come back and take care of Papa.” She had liked to think of that.She liked to talk to him and read his books-that would be what she would like most in the world,and if one must go away to "the place,, in England to attain it,she must mAke up her mind to go.She liked books more than anything else,and was, in fact,always inventing stories of beautiful things and telling them to herself. Captain Crewe held her very closely in his arms as the cab rolled into the big,dull square in which stood the house which was their destination. 60. The story happened_______. A. on a moonless night B. on a foggy day 61.Sara Crewe came to England to_______ C. on a hot day D. on a starry night

A. visit her relatives B. see her mother's house C. receive education D. buy books for her father 62. We can learn from the story that Sara Crewe was_______. A. sceptical B. curious C. cheerful D. imaginative

C The Green Microgym in Portland,Oregon has all the usual stuff you'd expect-sweaty people,loud music,smooth exercise equipment-but it has some extras as well. Everywhere you look,there are power wires. And these aren't the typical kind that let you surf the Web while you ride a spin cycle-although you can do that to o.The gym uses special exercise equipment that captures(捕获)the energy you create while riding, converts(转换)it into electricity and channels it into the power outlets(插座 学科网). The idea of using exercise equipment to produce electricity is not new. A gym in Hong Kong has been doing this since 2007. But clean (and healthy)energy is just now starting to catch on in U. S. gyms· "We have seen a significant increase in interest in the past six months,which is a good sign that fitness centers are ready to spend money on green technologies,” says Mike Curnyn,co-founder of the Green Revolution,a Connecticut-based firm that wires bikes into a central battery that can store energy. The Green Microgym,first opened in 2008,has more than 200 members and is doing so well that owner Adam Boesel opened another one five miles from the original.Although membership costs about the same as ordinary gyms,customers can earn gift certificates from local businesses for watts produced while exercising.An average workout creates 37. 5 watt hours,which is enough to power a phone for a week. Boesel uses spin bikes made by Resource Fitness,a Seattle company he co-owns,that captures energy produced from the flywheel. Wires send the converted AC current(交流电流) into any standard wall outlet-for this reason,the product line's name is Plug Out-and the energy created is used before the building draws power from the grid(电网).Unlike the Green Revolution equipment,Plug Out machines cannot store extra energy. A third company,the Florida-based ReRev,is adding converters to a specific brand of spin bikes. But since the converters add$1,000 to the price of the equipment,the ReRev and Green Revolution machines are at a disadvantage. Resource Fitness,by contrast,sells its equipment for the same$1,200 price as nonelectricity-producing machines,removing the question of how long it will be until the energy savings pay for the cost of the unit.The company can afford to do this because its designs don’t call for the extra wiring needed for battery packs and large converters.It is also trying to price competitively with standard equipment so more gyms-and gym Boers-will make the switch. 63.Members of the Green Microgym earn gift certificates for_. A .using the man-powered exercise equipment B. saving electricity for local businesses C. producing green electricity to power their phones D. paying higher membership fees 64.The spin bikes made by Resource Fitness are different from those by Green Revolution in that A. they are easier to ride B. they are more expensive C. they don't have wires connected D. they can not store extra electricity


65.What might prevent the green exercise equipment from getting more popular? A .People's unwillingness to go green. B. The high cost of making it. C. Safety problems concerning electricity. D. Lack of certif icates. 66. The underlined words“make the switch”in the last paragraph most probably mean A. change to a different gym B. use green exercise equipment C. switch on the spin bikes D. add a battery to the machine D Something that has always interested me about Abraham Lincoln is,not surprisingly,his sense of humor. As far as I can tell,he's the first American President to have one. That's because the term“sense of humor,, really wasn't in common usage until the eighteen-sixties and seventies.In the eighteen-forties and fifties,it was called“the sense of the ridiculous," and didn't have the positive connotations(隐含意义)that“sense of humor" has oday. Back then,what was ridiculous was what invited ridicule(讥笑).Funniness and cruelty went hand in hand.Of course,they still do a lot of arm-in-arm walking in our day as well. Lincoln’s humor was very different because,for one thing,it was actually "humor"as what the word meant in his time. We don't make the distinction between "wit(风趣)”and "humor” anymore; but in the nineteenth century people did.Wit was unpleasant and offensive while humor was pleasant and sympathetic.It’s。the difference we note now when we distinguish between "laughing with”and“laughing at.”Lincoln was much more about "laughing with”than "laughing at.”And when“laughing at,”it was often himself he was teasing. In the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates,when Douglas accused Lincoln of being two-faced, Lincoln replied,referencing his plain looking,“Honestly,if I were two-faced,would I be showing you this one?”And,in a way,Lincoln's face itself tells us much about his sense of humor. You can comb through thousands of photographs of politicians,soldiers,and the like from Lincoln's time and not find a single smile. True, the long exposures(曝光)required for photographs of that time made smiling difficult.Yet Lincoln alone,as far as I can tell,overcame that difficulty. Interestingly .while having a sense of humor,or at least the appearance of one provided by comedy writers .has become a necessary characteristic for an American President in our time,in the。ineteenth century,too much humor was considered。problem. -And that was the case for Lincoln.A journalist covering the Lincoln-Douglas debates commented that“I could not take a real personal liking to the man,owing to an inborn weakness?that he was extremely, fond of iokes,anecdotes,and stories.” 67.We can infer from Paragraph 2 that__ A .the American President could influence the use of English E. the term "sense of humor”wasn't invented until the 1860s C .what is funny to someone might be offensive to someone else D .the concept of humor remains the same despite the passing of time 68 .The underlined words“this one”in Paragraph 4 refer to__. A. Lincoln's unattractive face B. Lincoln's sense of humor

C.debate they were having D.cruelty that went with funniness 69 We rarely s(。people from Lincoln's time wear smile:in their photos because_. A. being humorous was considered inappropriate B. they found it quite funny to smile before camera C. not smiling for photographs was the fashion D. photography technology then was not advanced 70.What might the writer think of the journalist covering the Lincoln-Douglas debates? A. His comment accurately reflected his time, B. He created a false picture of Lincoln. C. He was prejudiced and self-centered. D. He was brave to point out Lincoln's weakness.
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