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Read the passage about Yuan Longping and finish these sentences:
was ____in born 1. He____ 1930.
graduated _____ from the Southwest Agricultural 2. He______ University in 1953. came ___ up __ with 3.He ___ _ an idea for a hybrid rice in the 1960s. succecded ____the in 4. Together with other people, he _______ development of hybrid rice in 1973. 5. In 1980,the techology for hybrid rice was ___ introduced ______ to the United States. so ____ that (以便于) 6. The teachers watch us carefully___ no one can cheat in the exam. said that (据说) China has the largest 7.__ It ___ is ____ number phone users.

Read the passage about Hellen Keller and fill in the blanks with proper words:
Hellen Keller, the well-known writer and the educator, died on June 1st 1968,_at __ age of _______ _____88. When she was nineteen months old, Hellen ____ It made her fell ____. ill blind deaf ____ and_____. With her teacher’s help in 1887, She began to learn words. After she finished university. She visited many countries. She was very famous for her courage hard ___. work She did her best to____ ______and ____ help other people who were deaf or blind. She will missed be greatly_______.

Please read the passage about Norman Bethune and finish off these exercises:
operating ___ on (做手术) 1. That doctor is ________

a patient now.
give ____ first 2.It’s very important for patients to ____ aid ____( 得到急救). northern 北方的) 3. My grandfather has travelled in_______( countries. buried 埋葬) in Tang County, 4. Norman Bethune is _____( Hebei Province.

Listening practice- about Albert Einsten
Einstein was born in 1879 and died in 1955. During his lifetime, he thought about the universe and solved many problems in physics , but also wrote many articles. He is most famous ______for his Theory of Relativity. His key to success was not to stop questioning and to keep thinking. He thought anyone who had never mistake made a _____had never tried anything new. One death week before his______, he signed his last letter. The letter asked people to give up nuclear weapons.



According to some information about Guo Jingjing ,please introduce her to others:
Guo Jingjing File

Full name: Guo Jingjing Date of birth: October 15,1981 Date of place: Baoding, Hebei,China Hobby: listening to music and doing sports Weight: 50kg Height: 1. 63m Sports event: 3m springboard Highest achievements: the gold medals in 2004 Athens olympic games and be honoured with the most successful woman diver in olympic history.

一.词汇知识: 1)掌握词汇(30个):
life, mind, century, anyone, death, farmer, southwest, research, honour,technology, produce, besides, spare, develop, super, blind, deaf, sight, courage, greatly, war, northern,situation, operate, peace, kill, blood, wounded,soldier, whom

universe, lifetime,solve, relativity,nuclear,weapon, divorce, graduate, agricultural, devote, development, well-known, writer, hearing, anti-Japanese, aid, bury, accidentally

1. Einstein was the greatest scientist in the 20th century . 2.When he thinks of his dog’s d eath , he will be very sad. anyone 任何人) at home? 3.Is there _______( 4. We would like peace (和平),not wars. 5.The doctor saved many people’s lives (life). develop 发展) the natural resources of our country. 6.We must _______( 7.The factory ________(produce) many kinds of medicines. produces every year. greatly 8.I am ______(great) surprised to see him. situation (处 9.He has finished writing his novel in a difficult ________ 境).

1. be famous /well-known for/因--而出名 be famous /well-known as作为--而出名 2. so that (为了,以便,结果,因此) 3. come up with (找到或提出) 4. set an example to sb =set sb an example 给某人树立榜样 make an example (举一个例子) 5. day after day一天又一天(强调重复 ) day by day一天又一天(强调变化) 6. give first aid 进行急救 7. in a difficult situation =in a hard situation 在困难的情况下 8. in the 1960s 在二十世纪六十年代 9. be honored with被授予--10. give up +doing sth/sth 放弃做某事/某 11. since then 从那以后

12. care about 在意 13. in one’s life 在某人的一生中 14. a new type of rice 一种新型的大米 16. make a mistake /make mistakes 犯错误 17. operate on sb 给某人动手术 18. besides =in addition to 除了--还有 19. learn sth from sb 向某人学习某事或某方 面的知识 20. months and years 常年累月 21. together with 和----一起 22.think and think 反复思考

1. he has devoted himself to research and to the development of new varieties。 devote oneself to 致力于,献身于 to是一个介词,后面跟名 词,动名词 2. I wonder what my mother and grandmother will say . 这是一个特殊疑问词引导的宾语从句,采用陈述句语序 3. It is said that Professor Yuan is one of the richest people in China。 It is said that是由it作形式主语,that引导的从句作真正主语 的句型。 be said 是被动结构,表示“-----被说,据说” 类似的还有:It is reported that据报道/ It is hoped that 人们希望 /It is thought that 人们认为 / It is believed that人 们相信 /It is well-known that众所周知 4.The boy could write at the age of four=The boy could write when he was four。

5 .What would your life be like if you couldn't see or hear. 这是一个表示虚拟语气的句子,虚拟语气用在非真实的条件句 中,虚拟条件句中的be的过去式一般用were,结构为:if+主 语+动词的过去式(从句),主语+would(should、could) +动词原形(主句) 6.Since then,(常用语现在完成时)Since then, she has been a math teacher. 7.He cares about nothing but his research. nothing but 只,仅仅。 8.Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.没有犯过错误的人就不会尝试新的东西。 9.We didn‘t get there on time because of the heavy rain. =We didn't get there on time because it rained heavily. because of +名词/代词/动名词 because +从句

The Passive Voice
构成形式:主语﹢be ﹢V.pp 形式
1.一般现在时:主语﹢is/am/are ﹢ V.pp 形式 2.一般过去时:主语﹢was/were﹢V.pp 形式 3. 情态动词:主语﹢can/could/must/should ﹢ be ﹢V.pp 形 4.一般将来时:主语﹢will ﹢ be ﹢V.pp 形式 5. 现在完成时:主语﹢have/has ﹢ been ﹢V.pp 形式

1.用所给词的正确形式填空。 1)---Our school__________ was built (build) in 1979. 2) As China is developing stronger and stronger, is spoken (speak) by more and more people in Chinese ________ the world. opening 3)--- Would you mind my ________(open) the door? --- Yes I do, It is cold outside. be handed in (hand in) on time. 4) The homework must_____________ to sing 5)She is often heard_______(sing) in the room. mending 6) My bike needs________(mend). teaching 7)She devoted herself to________(teach) in her life. be watered (water) very often. 8)The young trees should___________ has been finished 9)The work ________________(finish) already. will be given 10)A talk on how to improve English ___________(give) this Friday.

请为你最敬佩的人物写一篇传记, 用上以下句型,词数60—80词.

Be born in / graduate from/be from/succeed in/ be famous for/learn…from…

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