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2014-2015 学年度英语八年级下学期期中试卷
第一部分: 听力(25 分)
Ⅰ. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。每个句子读一遍。 (5 分)

A B C D E 1. _________ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. ________ 5. ________ Ⅱ. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读一遍。(5 分) ( ) 6. A. Don’t be afraid! Be brave, dear! B. Just a little, dear. C. I hope so, dear. ( ) 7. A. I’m afraid so. B. That’s right. C. That’s all right. ( ) 8. A. Sounds good. B. Right! C. No way! ( ) 9. A. No, I’m going there by bus. B. Taking a taxi there is a better way. C. Yes, I’m riding a bike there. ( ) 10. A. Thank you. B. He lost the way. C. He passed the exam. Ⅲ. 听对话, 选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。 (5 分) ( ) 11. What does the man like best ? A. Harry Potter. B. The Sound of Music. C. Titanic. ( ) 12. Can the woman buy a ticket? A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can’t. C. We don’t know. ( ) 13. How does Tom feel? A. He feels almost mad. B. He’s very excited. C. He feels a little disappointed. ( ) 14. Who likes Beijing Opera? A. Mary. B. Jack. C. Mary’s father. ( ) 15. What are they going to do? A. They are going to put on a short play. B. They are going to listen to some English songs.

C. They are going to sing some English songs. Ⅳ. 听短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) 。短文读两遍。 (5 分) ( )16. Cao Liang is a middle school student. ( )17. Cao Liang’s father has no job. ( )18. Cao Liang’s teacher asked her students to raise money for him. ( )19. Cao Liang can afford the school things easily. ( )20. All of the students are very glad to help Cao Liang. Ⅴ.听短文,填空。短文读两遍。(5 分) Many people around the world like sports. For example, running, boating, 16. and so on. 17. is my favorite type of race. Most of people like it. They think cycling can save 18. and keep them 19. . Now let’s join them and do 20. with them.

第二部分:笔试 (95 分)
Ⅵ. 单项选择。 (15 分) ( ) 26. On my way ____ home, I lost a ticket ____ Titanic. A. to; to B. to; of C. /; of ( ) 27. The old man lives ____ but he doesn’t feel ____. A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone C. alone; lonely D. lonely; lonely ( ) 28. Ann is tall, Lisa is as ______ as her. A. taller C. tallest ( B. tall D. the tallest

D. /; to


) 29. —How much did your new bicycle ________? —Only 200 yuan. A. spend B. pay C. cost ) 30. —Huanhuan is ____ boy, but he can sing an English song. —What a smart boy! A. an-one-year-old B. a one-year-old C. a one-year old

D. take

D.an one-year- old


) 31. —You should work harder from now on ______ you want a bett er life. A. after ( B. if C. because D. though D. hurt bad

) 32. Li Lei’s legs were ____ in the traffic accident yesterday. A. badly hurt B. bad hurt C. hurts ( ) 33. —Do you know Hubei? —Of course. It’s ____ the north of Hunan. A. in B. at C. to ) 34. —____________? —I’d like to book some tickets. A. What can I do for you C. What’s up

D. on


B. What do you do D. What are you doing

) 35. —Please tell Jim to call me as soon as you ____ him. —All right, I will. A. saw B. see C. will see D. is seeing ( ) 36. In Hong Kong, you must drive _____ because the traffic goes on the _______. A. careful, left B. careful, right C. carefully, left D. carefully, right ( ) 37. —What’s mum cooking in the kitchen? —Fish. Can’t you _______ it? A. taste B. smell C. eat D. look ( ) 38. —I was lost on my way to the science museum. Luckily, a policeman helped me. —You should _______ him. A. say thanks to B. be afraid of C. be angry with D. feel sorry for ( ) 39. —An earthquake happened in Japan. Hundreds of people lost their lives. —________ terrible news! I’m sorry to hear that. A. What B. What a C. How D. How a ( ) 40. Don’t let ____ in. I’m too busy to see ____. A. nobody; somebody B. anybody; nobody C. anybody; anybody D. somebody; anybody Ⅶ 完形填空。 (10 分) I became lame (瘸的) when I was three years old. I can’t stand without the sticks(拐杖). Only in my wheelchair (轮椅)can I “ 41 ”. I still remember the first day at school. When I came to the door, everyone in the classroom watched me in 42 . My face turned red. I couldn’t help 43 back. Then the kindness and sympathy(同情) in their eyes stopped me doing so. I went shyly to an empty 44 . Because I was lame, I didn’t want to walk in front of my classmates. I was afraid that they might 45 me. In those days I was very sad to see others walking 46 . One day, a few students came to me and pushed me in my wheelchair around our school. I was really 47 to see everything with my own eyes. After that we often read, played and talked together. My friends are 48 ready to help me. It made me 49 I couldn’t walk. Once they asked me, “What is the most beautiful thing in our school?” Without hesitation (犹豫)I said, “it is the 50 .” ( ) 41. A. walk B. run C. sit D. stand ( ) 42. A. thought B. interest C. anger D. surprise ( ) 43. A. entering B. to enter C. turning D. to turn ( ) 44. A. classroom B. school C. seat D. sit ( ) 45. A. look after B. look like C. laugh to D. laugh at ( ) 46. A. quickly B. slowly C. happily D. quietly ( ) 47. A. brave B. sad C. worried D. excited ( ) 48. A. sometimes B. seldom C. never D. always ( ) 49. A. forget B. remember C. imagine D. think ( ) 50. A. teachers B. friendship C. classmates D. schoolyard Ⅷ 阅读理解。 (30 分) A


An old farmer spent all his life working in the fields in the countryside in the north of China. One day he decided to go on a visit to the capital city—Beijing. When he walked out of the train station, he found everything was new and strange to him. It was the first time for him to see tall buildings everywhere. The old farmer visited a lot of interesting places in the city. He rushed into a large tall building and saw a lift. He didn’t know what it was and stood there. While he was watching, he found an old woman get into the lift and closed the door. After a while, the door opened again and a very beautiful young girl came out. The old farmer was very surprised, “What a magic little room!” He said to himself, “It can change an old woman into a young girl. The next time I come here, I’m going to bring my wife to get into it. ” ( ) 51. The old farmer lived ____. A. in the countryside B. in the city C. in the north of England D. in a tall building ( ) 52. The old farmer was _______ what he saw in Beijing. A. afraid of B. mad at C. surprised at D. not interested in ( ) 53. The old farmer ____. A. came to the city for the first time B. had traveled to the city several times C. found nothing new and strange in the city D. only visited the large tall building ( ) 54. When the old farmer was in a large tall building, he saw ____ get into the lift. A. a young girl B. an old man C. his wife D. an old woman ( ) 55. From the passage, we can guess the old farmer ________. A. knew a lot about the lift B. was interested in the lift C. wasn’t interested in what he saw D. didn’t like the lift B Films in Oscar Cinema this week A Simple Noodle Story ?Chinese film ?Directed(导演) by Zhang Yimou ?Mainly acted by Sun Honglei, Xiao Shenyang, Maomao ?Film type: comedy ?From Monday to Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. ?Ticket price:¥55 2012 ?American film ?Directed by Roland Emmerich ?Mainly acted by John Cusack, Thandie Confucius ?Chinese film ?Directed by Hu Mei ?Mainly acted by Chow Yun-fat, Jue, Chen Jianbin ?Film type: documentary movie ?From Wednesday to Friday, at 8:00 p.m. ?Ticket price:¥55 Avatar ?American film ?Directed by James Cameron ?Mainly acted by San Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana ?Film type: action and fantasy

Newton, Woody Harrelson, Amanda Peet. ?Film type: fantasy movie ?From Friday to Sunday, at 7:30 p.m. ? Ticket price: ¥ 60 (Half on Sunday for students) (

movie ?From Tuesday to Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. ?Ticket price:¥45


( (


) 56. The film directed by _______ is a documentary movie. A. James Cameron B. Roland Emmerich C. Hu Mei D. Zhang Yimou ) 57. If you want to see the film directed by Zhang Yimou, go to Oscar Cinema on _________. A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Friday D. Saturday ) 58. Students can pay only ______ when they want to see the film 2012 on Sunday. A. ¥25 B.¥30 C.¥60 D.¥20 ) 59. If you only have time for a film on Thursday, what film can you see? A. A Simple Noodle Story B. Avatar C. 2012 D. Confucius ) 60. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Sigourney Weaver acted in the film 2012. B. The film A Simple Noodle Story has the highest price of the four films. C. All the films start after 8 o’clock in the evening. D. The four films are in the same week.

C Many people like to travel by plane, but I don’t like it because the airport is usually far from the city. You have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off which is often late. You can’t open the windows. You can’t choose the food. Planes are fast, but it still takes hours to get out of the airport and into the city. I like travelling by train. I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually good in cities. When you are late for a train, you can catch another one. You can walk around in the train and open the windows. You can see many interesting things on your way, though it takes a little more time. I also like cars. You can start your journey whenever you want to, and you don’t need to get to a railway station or a bus stop. Also you can carry many things with you in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road. ( )61. Why do many people like to travel by plane? A. Because it is fast. B. Because it is safe. C. Because you can walk around in the plane. D. Because it is cheap. ( )62. Which is not the good thing about the train? A. It is safe. B. It takes a little more time.

C. You can open the window. D. You can walk around in the train. ( )63. If you want to take a lot of things with you, what will you take? A. A bus. B. A car. C. A train. D. A bike. ( )64. What is the bad thing about the car? A. You needn’t go to a railway station. B. You can start your journey when you want to. C. There are too many cars on the road. D. You needn’t go to a bus stop. ( )65. According to the passage, which sentence is true? A. He thinks taking a plane takes a lot of time to go to and get out of the airport. B. He likes to take a train because it takes a little more time. C. He likes to take a car because he has a car. D. He likes to take a plane because you can choose the food. Ⅸ. 词汇部分。 (10 分) A)根据句意及首字母提示,在空白处填入一个适当的单词。 (5 分) 66. It’s n________for us to feel sad when something bad happens to us. 67.When we are in trouble, we should learn to s______ at life. 68. Don’t make so much n_______. The baby is sleeping. 69. Please write soon. I’m looking f_______ to hearing from you. 70. She gets A in this English exam and she is p______ of herself. B)根据句意及汉语提示填空。(5 分) 71 The old man feels very l______ because he has no friends to talk with. (孤独的) 72.—Do you like Beijing Opera? —Yes. It is our national opera and it expresses Chinese ______. (文化) 73.He _______ to talk with us because he was very angry. (拒绝) 74.Guizhou is on the ______ 75. There are twenty ______ of Yunnan. (东北) in the bus. (乘客)

Ⅹ. 情景交际。 (5 分) 根据对话情景选择适当的选项补全对话,其中有两项是多余的选项。 A: Good morning, Xincheng Hotel. Can I help you? B: Good morning, 76 77

A: OK. We have rooms with a bathroom, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. Also, from the windows you can see a beautiful park near our hotel. B: 78 w W w.xK b 1. c om

A: A standard room with two single beds costs ¥150 and a room with one single bed costs ¥120. 79

B: OK. I want to book two standard rooms with two single beds and one room with one single bed.


A: How long will you stay? B: About two days. A: All right. Two standard rooms with two single beds and one room with one single bed. Please pay for the rooms before 17:30. 80

B: I’m Li Zhi and my telephone number is 8267-6936. Thank you. A: You’re welcome. A. They are very comfortable. B. How many standard rooms do you want? C. I want to book rooms. D. Have a good time! E. Your name and telephone number, please. F. What about the price? G. Sounds exciting!

Ⅺ. 书面表达。 (15 分) 如今骑自行车的人越来越多, 自行车是重要的交通工具之一, 骑自行车是人们锻炼身体 的好方式。 请以 Riding Bikes Becomes More and More Popular 为题写一篇 80 词左右的短文, 短文内容必须包括以下要点: 1.自行车是一种非常方便的(convenient)交通工具; 2.自行车价格便宜,人们都可以支付得起; 3.骑自行车是一种好的锻炼身体的方式; 4.骑自行车可以节约能源,利于环保。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


Ⅰ. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。每个句子读一遍。 1. Sam is very angry because he can’t find his new bike under the tree. 2. The girl is afraid of the dog. 3. What a kind and helpful girl! She is helping Granny cross the street! 4. The girl looks worried because she has too much homework to do. 5. He is always in a bad mood on rainy days. Ⅱ. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读一遍。 6. Mummy, I’m afraid of taking bitter medicine. 7. Bicycles are popular all over the world. 8. How about visiting the Green Park this afternoon? 9. Are you going there by bus? 10. Why is he so happy? Ⅲ. 听对话,选择正确答案。每段对话读两遍。 11. W: Which movie do you like best, The Sound of Music, Titanic or Harry Potter? M: I like Harry Potter best. 12. W: Excuse me! One ticket, please. M: Sorry, there are no tickets left. W: What a shame! 13. W: Tom, you look so excited! What’s up? M: My classmates and I are going hiking tomorrow. 14. M: Do you like Beijing Opera, Mary? W: No, Jack. But my father likes it a lot. 15. M: Shall we sing some English songs for the New Year ’s Party? W: No. Let’s put on a short play instead. Ⅳ. 听短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) 。短文读两遍。 Cao Liang is a middle school student. He is a good boy, and he studies very hard. But his family is very poor, because his mother got ill a few years ago, and his father has no job. He makes money by selling newspapers in the street. When his teacher knew this, she asked her students to raise money for him. All the students are kind and friendly. They are very glad to do that. Cao Liang is so thankful that he studies harder than before. Ⅴ. 听短文,填空。短文读两遍。 Many people around the world like sports. For example, running, boating, swimming and so on. Cycling is my favorite type of race. Most people like it. They think cycling can save energy and keep them healthy. Now let’s join them and do sports with them.


第一部分:听力 Ⅰ. 1-5 DACBE Ⅱ.6-10 ABAAC Ⅲ.11-15 ABBCA Ⅳ.16-20 TTTFT Ⅴ. 21. swimming 22. Cycling

23. energy

24. healthy 25. sports

第二部分:笔试 Ⅵ. 单项选择。 26. D 本句考查句式 on my way to+名词, 但后接副词时必须把 to 去掉, 变成 on my way+ 副词。Home 在此句中为副词。而后句属固定短语 a ticket to Titanic。故选 D。 27. C 考查 alone 和 lonely 的用法。alone 指独自,单独,但不一定孤独;而 lonely 指内 心的孤独,可作定语或表语。故选 C。 28. B as…as 意为“与??一样” ,中间接形容词或副词原级。 29. C 30. B 31.B 32. A 物做主语,用 cost 表花费。 a one-year-old 一个一岁的。 由句意可知。 考查单词 hurt。句子中有 be 动词,所以在此 hurt 为形容词,badly 修饰 hurt 要放 在 hurt 之前,为 badly hurt。故选 A。 33. D 湖北在湖南的北部,接壤用 on。 34. A What can I do for you?是售货(票)员常用的交际用语,意为“你想要什么?” 。 时间状语从句中从句用一般现在时代替将来时。 修饰动词用副词 carefully,第二空为常识考查。 根据题意知用“闻起来” 。 警察帮助了你,你应当向他道谢。 news 是不可数名词,不与冠词连用。What terrible news!多么可怕的消息呀! 考查不定代词的用法。在否定句中,一般用 anybody。第二句为 too ... to 结构, 暗含否定,因此仍用 anybody。故选 C。 Ⅶ. 完形填空。 41.A 只有坐在轮椅上我才能“走路” 。 42.D 根据文意,教室里的学生都惊奇地看着我。 43.C can’t help doing sth. 情不自禁地做某事。且根据句意可知。 44.C 根据句意“我害羞地向一个空座位走去。 ”可知。 45.D 根据文意,我害怕他们会嘲笑我。 46.C 他们快乐地行走与我的悲伤形成对比。 47.D 第一次亲眼看到学校的景致当然很激动啦! 48.D 由文意知,热心的朋友总是帮助我。 49.A 因为朋友的温暖帮助我忘了自己身有残疾。 50.B 整篇文章讲述的是友谊。 Ⅷ. 阅读理解。 51. A 由第一句可知,老农来自中国北部农村。故选 A。

35. B 36. C 37. B 38. A 39. A 40. C

由第一段第三句话可知。 由第一段最后一句话可知。 由第三段第三句可知,他看到一位老太太进了电梯。故选 D。 由文中最后一句话可知。 由表 2 知。 由表 1 知。 由表 3 知。 由表 2 知。 由表上方的标题知。 由第一段最后一句 Planes are fast, ... 得知飞机是因为速度快而被人们接受的。 由第二段最后一句? though it takes a little more time. 可知火车的缺点是旅行耗 时长。 63. B 由第三段倒数第二句 Also you can carry many things with you in a car. 可知。 64. C 由最后一句 But sometimes there are too many cars on the road. 可知只有 C 项为汽 车的缺点,其他选项不合题意。 65. A 由第一段最后一句 Planes are fast, but it still ... 得知唯有 A 项符合文章意思。 Ⅸ. 词汇部分。 A)根据句意及首字母提示,在空白处填入一个适当的单词。 66. normal 67. smile 68. noise 69. forward 70. decide B)根据句子意思,从方框中选择合适的单词并用其适当的形式填空。 71. eastern in the eastern part of 在??的东部 72. turns take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事 73. smiling smiling face 笑脸 74. successful 用形容词 successful 修饰名词 singer。 75. Luckily 放在句首,用副词 Luckily Ⅹ. 情景交际。 76. E 因为答语是 Yes,所以要用一般疑问句。 77. F 由下文 He won’t go with us to Xi’an.知要少买一张票。 78. C 由答语知。 79. D 听到坏消息时常用的回答。 80. B 此处表达祝愿。 Ⅺ 综合填空。 81. countries 82. foreign 83. weather 84. lovely 85. Besides 86. really 87. saying 88. much 89. uncomfortable 90. strangers Ⅻ.书面表达。 Riding Bikes Becomes More and More Popular More and more people choose to ride bikes to go to work or school. They don’t want to drive their cars because there are many problems. For example, there is not much room to park cars. We know it is very convenient for people to go anywhere on bikes. And it needs less space to park. What’s more, bikes are not expensive, and each family can afford two or three bikes. Riding bikes can also keep our bodies healthy, because it’s a good way to exercise. If most people ride bikes, it can save more energy and it doesn’t cause any air pollution. That’s why riding bikes becomes more and more popular.

52. C 53. A 54. D 55. B 56. C 57. A 58. B 59. D 60. D 61. A 62. B




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八年级英语上册期中测试题 最新仁爱版.doc

八年级英语上册期中测试题 最新仁爱版_英语_初中教育_教育专区。仁爱版八年级英语,仁爱八年级英语教案,八年级英语课件,八年级英语导学案,八年级英语测试题 ...

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