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1.find it funny to see someone sliding……
形式宾语 宾语补足语 真正主语

1. find it… to do 发现做(某事)很…… 他发现向父母解释自己的困境是很难的。 it ____ hard ____ to explain He found ___ ______his difficulties to his parents. 她发现学好英语是很重要的。 She found it very important to learn English well.

能用于这种形式宾语结构的动词还 有:feel, think, make 等等。 He makes it a rule to check his homework carefully. I don’t think it possible to do it.

宾语补足语可以是:1)名词, 2)形容词,3) 省to不定式,4)过去分词 5)介词6)现在分词

Make yourself comfortable. He made them work hard.

形容词 省to不定式 过去分词 介词

I made myself understood.
I made him outside the room.

She made his son studying all day. 现在分词
A lot of exercise made him a strong boy.名词

动词+宾语+宾语补足语。可以加宾语补足语 的动词有:感官动词:see, watch, notice, find, observe, catch, hear, feel; 使役动词:get, have, make, let, keep leave, send.
我听到鸟儿在唱歌。 I heard birds singing. 对不起, 让你久等了。 I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

2. content 1)adj. 满足的,满意的;2)vt. 使满足;
3)n.目录 4)n. 所含之物;内容;所容纳的东西; She is content/satisfied with the job. The content of the book is on Page 1. I will show you the content of my bag
be content /satisfied with sth /sb; be content to do sth 做某事感到满意 你对你的工作满意吗? Are you content with your work? 她带在家里照顾孩子,感到非常满足. She is quite content to stay at home looking after her children.

3. worse off 穷的,缺少的;境况更差。 我去她家一看,发现她的生活状况比我的更差。 I went to her home and found her living worse? off ? than ? mine . condition was______ _____ ? __ ?___ 我们不应该因为穷而叫苦连天---许多 人的家境更糟。 We shouldn’t complain about being poor ---many families are much worse off.

原形: badly off : in a poor position, esp. financially 潦倒;穷困 反义词:well off

They are too badly off to have a holiday.


better _____ off ____ than In fact most people are______ they were five yeas ago.

4. The news astonished him. = It astonished him to hear the news听到这消息, 他大吃一惊 astonish vt. 使惊异;使大为吃惊。 astonish sb. 使某人惊奇 这个消息令大家惊讶。 The news astonished everybody. 我被那些巨大的声响吓了一条。 I was astonished at/to hear the loud sound. 他出现在宴会上,使我们感到惊讶。 We were astonished that he appeared at the party.

be astonished at sth.对……感到惊讶

be astonished to do sth.对做……感到惊讶
be astonished that 从句 对……感到惊讶 5.entertain sb. (with sth.): 用sth.使sb.快乐/用sth.款待sb. 他在家里用美食招待客人。 He entertained the guests with delicious food.

6. Born

(adj.) 天生的

He is a born singer.

7.in particular=particularly
Be particular about…… 对…讲究的/挑剔 的

6.inspire sth. in sb. (=inspire sb. with sth.) 使某人产生某种感情,激发某人的某种感情。 那位父亲激发了儿子的信心。 The father inspired confidence in his son. 他经常引起我们的厌恶。 He inspires dislike in us.
[问题探究] We were inspired by his inspiring speech? 这句话如何翻译? 他那令人鼓舞的演讲令我们受到鼓舞。

inspire sb. to sth./to do sth.

老师激励我们更加努力。 The teacher inspired us to work harder. The teacher inspired us to great efforts.

7. worn-out adj. 不能再穿(用)的,穿旧的;筋疲力尽。 他常穿一件破烂不堪的大衣。 He often wears a worn-out coat.

以……为背景。 这个戏剧的背景是伦敦。 The play is set in London.
8.be set in

那本小说以18世纪的巴黎为背景。 The novel is set in 18th century Paris.

9. fortunate adj. 幸运的,吉利的。 be fortunate in doing 在……方面幸运 她很幸运嫁了一个好丈夫。 She is fortunate in having a good husband. be fortunate to do sth. 幸运的能做某事 我很幸运有健康的身体。 I’m fortunate to have good health.

It is fortunate that… ……是幸运的 说来幸运,他被恰好驶过的船救起。 It was fortunate that he was saved by the passing boat.

10. be caught in 遇上,被绊住,受阻。 我们遇到了交通堵塞,开会来晚了。 We were caught in a heavy traffic jam and arrived late for the meeting.

12. try vt. & vi. 尝试,试行;设法;审 理(案件); 尽力做某事 try to do sth. 尝试着做某事 try doing sth. 他试着用酒精擦拭那污渣。 He tried cleaning the spot with alcohol. 我要设法学会西班牙语。 I’ll try to learn Spanish.

13. mouthful n. 一口 -ful 是一个后缀,加在名词之后,表示“充 满的”。例如: 他喝了一口苦药,扮了个鬼脸。 He took a mouthful of the bitter medicine and made a face. 一把 a handful of an armful of 一抱 a basketful of 一篮 a bucketful of 一桶

14. outstanding adj. 突出的;杰出的。 例如: 显著的例子 an outstanding example 杰出人物 an outstanding person

15. wave goodbye to somebody 向某人挥手告别 我挥手向他告别。

I waved goodbye to him.

We waved a greeting to the teacher.

16.whisper v. 耳语;私语;密谈。 例如:
whisper sth. whisper to sb. whisper sth. to sb. whisper to sb. that… whisper that… It is whispered that…

他对她耳语,以避免让别人听到。 He whispered to her so that no one else would hear.
她小声对我说她觉得很害怕。 She whispered to me that she felt very afraid.

传闻说他身患癌症。 It is whispered that he has cancer.

17. V-ing做定语:分析并归纳
动 A walking stick==a stick for walking 拐杖 名 A sleeping car==a car for sleeping 卧铺车厢 词 A waiting man== a man who is waiting 现 正在等待中的男人 在 分 The rising sun 正在升起的太阳 词 ==the sun which is rising


be content with badly off pick out cut off star in knock into

表达情感 (Emotion) I enjoy this very much because… I laugh at that kind of thing because… This is fun because… How wonderful/surprising!

It surprises me that…. I felt happy because… It’s amusing that…

重点句型: 1. They stopped laughing at his theory when it proved to be correct. 当他的理论证明是正确后,他们不嘲笑了。 2. She finds it her duty to take good care of the children. 她觉得好好照顾孩子是她的责任。 3. He had slid into bad habits. 他不知不觉地染上了坏习惯。 4. They come to see me at times. 他们有时会来看我。

5. Perhaps it makes us feel more content with our life because we feel there is someone else worse off than ourselves. 可能这会使我们对自己的生活更满足,因为 我们感到有人比我们跟不济。 6. Everyone was astonished to hear the astonishing fact. 大家听到那令人吃惊的事实都感到震惊。 7. He is famous for his readiness to help others 他因乐于帮助别人而出了名。

8. Imagine you are hungry and all there is to eat is a boiled shoe. (试想一下)你肚子饿了,可供食用的仅有一 只煮熟的皮鞋。

9. It’s easy to pick him out in a crowd because he is very tall. 很容易从人群中辨认出他,因为他个子很高。
10. Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoe, treating it as if it were the finest meat. 然后他把鞋带上端的皮子切下来,就像是切 一块最好的肉。

11. He makes it seem as if it were one of the best meals he has ever had! 这顿饭他吃起来就像是他所吃过的最美味一 餐! 12. It happened that I had a lot of books on me that day. 碰巧那天我身上带了很多的书。

13. I have already read the book twice, but I really want to read a third time. 这本书我已经看过两遍了,但我还想再看一 遍。

14. She has no sense of time. 她没有时间观念。 Your brother has a good sense of humor. 你兄弟很有幽默感。 a sense of: “…感;…观念;……意识”。 a可以用any,no等代替。

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让他俩摇的。”耿憨笑了,说:“二壮哇,没有那么可怕,让大家伙儿把场子打得大一些就行了。你今儿个晚上就试着摇一次,以后就 敢摇了!男子汉,胆儿大一些!”看二壮还是迟疑着不敢答应,董家成也说:“二壮,听你憨叔的,今儿个晚上就试着摇一次!唉,都 怪他娘那个急脾气,把俺家二壮给驯服成了这么个胆儿小的性子!”裴氏说:“也不全是。都是一个娘生一个娘养的,你看大壮和妞儿 就不这样哇!尤其是妞儿,倒是打小儿就像个野小子一样呢!”郭氏也说:“就是哇,这性子主要是天生的呢!有意地多让二壮做一些 放胆儿的事儿也就是了。可这话又说回来,斯文也有斯文的好处哇。如果他实在不想摇那个玩意儿,咱们也没有必要难为娃儿的。”耿 憨拍一拍大壮的肩膀,说:“大壮,你当年摇得挺不错嘛,要不待会儿去教一教他们?”大壮没有回答,而是忽然突兀地说:“憨叔, 俺想好了,如果耿叔他们明年八月十五还不回来,俺和俺爹秋后了就去汉口镇上找他们去!”看到耿憨张大嘴巴说不出来一句话来,董 家成也说:“是的,俺已经答应大壮了,要是他们父子们赶明年八月十五还回不来,俺们父子俩就去汉口镇上找一找!俺就不信了,耿 兄弟那么能干的人??”秀儿说:“俺也和你们一起去!反正待在家里也是干着急!”耿憨说:“秀儿你别着急,万一真要南下找他们 去,也是俺和你兄弟们去的,哪里用你去啊!”秀儿说:“耿英能跟耿伯伯他们去,俺怎么就不能出门儿呢?”董家成也说:“秀儿你 不用想着去,好好儿得在家里等着就行了。还有憨子,粉坊里离不开人,你们父子们也不用去,有俺们爷儿俩去就足够了!”耿憨想一 想,说:“那到时候就叫青山和你们一起去哇,反正他和大壮一直跑外的。你们要真出去了,人多点儿也好有个相互照应什么的!”郭 氏实在忍不住了,撩起衣襟来擦了把眼泪,说:“他们有腿哩!这如果到了最后的期限了还不回来,你们几个就是辛辛苦苦地跑去了又 会有什么用哇?”听了郭氏这伤心不已的话,大家一时无语了。裴氏和秀儿突然哭出声来,耿兰和董妞儿也跟着哭了。大壮声音哽咽地 说:“婶儿,无论如何,俺一定要去汉口镇上找的;如果找不到他们,俺,俺,俺就不回来了??”郭氏泪崩了,颤巍巍地说:“傻娃 儿,你在说些什么呢?成心不让婶儿活了哇!”董家成也颤声儿说:“壮子,你,你怎么这么不懂事哇!你婶儿够苦了,你还给她添 堵!”大壮狠狠地擦一把泪,倔强地说:“俺说的是真的!”耿憨尽量控制住自己焦虑不安的情绪,赶快按一按董家成的腿,又拍一拍 大壮的肩膀,说:“你真是个傻娃儿,你耿叔他们是有腿的呀。再者说了,外面的情况咱又不了解的。倘若他们在汉口镇上不适合干了, 或者有了更好干的地方,肯定会


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