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book7 unit4 Language Points 语言点

1. mud/muddy 2. week/weekly 3. rectangle/rectangular 4. adjust/ adjustment/ adjustable 5. participate/ participation/ participant 6. arrangement/arrange 7. donate/ donation/ donator 8. voluntary/ volunteer 9. political/ politics 10. distribute/ distribution 11. operate/ operation

二、短语翻译: 1. hear from 2. (be) dying to 3. the other day 4. dry out 5. dry up 6. in need

三、课前预习,从课文找出下列短语。 1. 多达,达到 2. 适应 3. 肯定,确切的 4. 对…没有概念 5. 遇到,看到 6. 老实说 7. 对…有影响/作用 8. 与…分享 9. 参加 10. 颠倒地

1. It was wonderful to hear from you. hear (sth.) from sb. 接到某人的信 = receive sb’s letter 知识拓展 听说;听到 hear about / of … hear that +从句 听说 翻译: 1)昨天很高兴收到你的来信。 I was glad to hear from you yesterday. ______________________________________ 2)我听说你因为交不到朋友不开心。 I heard that you were not happy for making no friends. ______________________________________

2. I know you're dying to hear all about my life here. (be) dying to do / for sth 极想;渴望 dying die 过去式______ died 过去分词_____ died 现在分词_____ 其他同义表达: be eager / anxious to do sth. 渴望/极想做某事 long to do / for sth. 渴望做某事 desire to do / for sth. 强烈渴望得到…… be thirsty to do / for sth. 渴望得到…… is dying to (1) Jerry _________________( 渴望) be a pianist. am dying for (2) I'm so thirsty that I _______________( 渴望得到) a cup of tea.

3. Many of them have walked a long way, sometimes up to two hours, to get to school. (L11,P29) ① I can take up to four people in my car. 我的车能载4个人。 ② What is he up to? 他在忙什么? ③ She is up to the job. 她可以胜任这个工作。 归纳: ① up to 多达,直…到 ② be up to sth=be busy doing sth 忙于… ③ be up to(to为介词,接V-ing形式) = be fit for 胜任…


My German isn't up to translating that letter.

4. The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when,before I knew it, the mixture was bubbling over everywhere! the other day 不久前的一天 比较:the other day, one day, some day, another day

the other day 不久前的一天, 用于一般过去时 one day 某一天既可指过去的某一天,又可指将来的 某一天 some day 将来的某一天, 用于一般将来时 another day 改天可表近期将来的某一天,也可表过 去或状态延续的“又一天”

练习: 用所给动词的适当形式填空 will come 1) Never give up, and your dream ______ (come) true one day. will tell (tell) you all about it. 2) Some day I _______ bought (buy) many 3) The other day, he _________ books from the bookshop. will tell (tell) you the rest of the story 4) I _______ another day.

5. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students,most of whom will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway. relevant adj. 与……有关
be relevant to = be related to 有关的;切题的

练习: (1) What he said was not directly to relevant_________ what he had done. (2) 你有相关的经验吗? Do you have some relevant experience? _________________________________

6. The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to adjust. v.adjust

adjustable adj. ________ adjustment n. _________

例句学习: (1) She adjusted the seat to the height of her son. 她调整座椅到适合儿子的高度。 (2) It took her a long time to adjust to living alone. (3) The new students slowly adjusted themselves to the new life. (4) He soon made an adjustment to the army life. 结构归纳: adjust sth.to sth. 调整……以适应…… adjust to (doing) sth 适应于…… adjust oneself to... 使自己适应于…… make an adjustment (adjustments) to 对…作出调 整

练习: (1) The height of the bicycle seat is adjustable (adjust). ____________
(2) 她很快使自己适应了这种生活方式。

She soon adjusted herself to this way of life. __________________________________

7. I loved listening to the family softly talking to each other in their language,even though I could not participate in the conversation. participate in 参与;参加 练习: participated in /took part in ①They all ___________________ the competition. joined ②At the age of eight, he ________a group of child joined in / attended / took part in dancers. ③The children ____________________________ the English evening attend and had a good time. ④ He didn't _________ school yesterday because of his illness.

participate 正式用语,表示“参加,参与”。强调与他人 in 共同参加某一活动,暗示以一种积极的态度参加 attend join

正式用语,一般指参加会议、出席典礼或招待 会等,也可以指上学、听课、听演讲或讲座等 常用词,作及物动词;常指参加某组织或团体, 并成为其中的一员

指参加群众性的活动,侧重说明主语参加该项 take part 活动并在其中发挥一定的作用。part前若有修饰语, in 要用不定冠词加形容词 参加正在进行的活动,其宾语一般是竞赛、娱 乐活动、谈话、讨论、 聚会、游戏等名词,可 以用于join in (doing) sth./join sb. in(doing) sth.结构 中

join in

8. 1)Tombe told me that the can was heated to dry out the leftover food. 2)Many rivers in Africa have dried up recently. dry out 强调浸水等物的完全变干;干透 dry up 强调河流、井等干涸;使干/枯竭

练习 out ①The paint should have dried ________ by this time tomorrow. up ②His imagination seems to have dried ____.

9. Otherwise they don’t waste anything. ① We’ll go early, otherwise we may not get a seat. 我们必须早点出发,不然没有位置。 ② He evidently thinks otherwise. 他显然想得不一样。 归纳: ① 连词= or / if not 否则,不然
② 副词= in another way / apart from 用别的方法; 不同地; 在其他方面; 除此之外

otherwise (否则)you'll Seize the chance, ___________ regret it.

五、句型学习 1. The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when,before I knew it,the mixture was bubbling over everywhere! be doing...when... “正在做…就在这时(突然)…”
翻译: 他正在街上走着,这时突然遇到了一位老朋友。 He was walking in the street when he met an old friend.

2. But last weekend another teacher, Jenny, and I did visit a village which is the home of one of the boys, Tombe. “do / does / did+动词原形”构成的强调句 练习: (1) 他昨天的确来这里了。 He did come here yesterday. (2) 我们确实经常骑自行车去上班。 We do often go to work by bike.

六、句子结构分析 1. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of whom will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway.
I wonder 本句是一个复合句,主句是 ___________, 从句分 whom how 宾语


3 个谓语动词,分别 定语 从句。 共有_______ __________ wonder/ is/ will be going back 是_______________________。 Most of whom 修

students 饰的是____________.

2. We walked for two and a half hours to get there-first up a mountain to a ridge from where we had fantastic views and then down a steep path to the valley below. 该句子的主句是 We walked for two and a half hours to get there ____________________________________, a ridge from where we had fantastic views 从句是______________________________ , 引导词是______ where ,修饰 _______ a ridge 。 并列连词是 and 连接_________________________ first up a mountain to a ridge 和 _______ then down a steep path to the valley below _____________________________________ 。

Using language

一、课文短语学习 1. donate an unusual gift 赠送一份特殊礼物 2. choose from… 从……中选择 3. in need 在困难中, 在危急中 4. women’s self-help group 妇女自助会 5. killer disease 致命的疾病 6. health-care service 保健服务 7. primary schooling 小学教育 8. families headed by children 遗孤家庭 9. go hungry 挨饿 10. provide for oneself 自足

1. Would you like to donate an unusual gift? donate vt. 捐赠,赠送 n. donation 例句学习 (1) She donated her books to the library. 她把自己的书捐赠给图书馆。 (2) She made a donation of $5,000 to the charity. 她捐了5000元给慈善机构。 【常用结构】: donate sth. to sb / sp. 向某人/某地捐赠某物 make / give / present a donation to … 向……捐款 练习: to donate (1) She decided ________(donate) the kidney (肾) of her dying son to a sick boy in the hospital. She donated her books to (2) __________________________( 她捐献她的书给) the library when she retired from her position.

2. ……but a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it. (L2 P34) ① This is sometimes a voluntary choice. 有时这是一种自愿的选择。 ② He enlisted as a volunteer in the army. 他以自愿兵从军。 ③ Many people volunteer to work on the farms. 许多人志愿在农场工作。 归纳: voluntary adj.自愿的;志愿的;无偿的 volunteer n.志愿者 v. 自愿(常与to 连用)自愿 去做… volunteer to do 自愿做…

练习: They are retired and working in the organization as ___________(自愿).


3. Choose from this catalogue a really useful gift for some of the world' s poorest and bring hope for a better future to a community in need. 在困难中;在危急中 in need 例句学习 (1) A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难朋友才是真朋友. (2) He now is in great need of much money. 他现在很需要一大笔钱. (3) It is hard to satisfy all the students’ needs. 很难满足所有学生的需要。 知识拓展: be in need of sth. 需要… satisfy / meet one's need(s) 满足某人的需要 练习: for people (who are) in need (1) This organization can provide assistance __________ (在困难中的人们).is in great need of (2) The school ___________ (十分需要) English teachers.

4. When you purchase an item, we will send you an attractive card ……(Para.3) ① The receipt is your proof of purchase. 这张发票是你购物的凭据。 ② He purchases the house for his parents. 他为父母买了那栋房子。 ③ He purchased the car with all his money. 他用他所有的钱买了那辆车。 归纳: purchase n. /v. 购买 给某人购买某物 purchase sth. for sb. purchase sth. with sth 换得或获得某物

5. distribute (P35) ① The process is distributed into three stages. 工作进程分为三个阶段。 归纳: distribution n. 分布,分配 distribute into… 把…分类为… 翻译:樱花树在日本分布很广。 The cherry tree has a wide distribution in Japan.

6. operate ① The doctor operated on the patient at once. 医生马上给病人做手术。 ② Her mother began operation of a small grocery. 他母亲开始经营一家杂货店。 归纳: operation n. 操作; 运算; 经营; 手术 operator n. 操作员; 电话接线员
当它作 “做手术”讲时, 构成“operate on sb.” 或“operate sb. on + 某部位”结构。

operated on
? This famous doctor has ______________ many important people. ? 这位名医为许多重要人物做过手术。

三、句子结构分析 1. The gift you give is not something your loved one keeps but a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it.
not 和_____ but 连接两个平行成分,意思是 本句中_______ 3 个定 “不是……,而是……”。整个句子包含______

the gift / something / people 语从句,先行词分别是_______________________,
(that / which) / (that) / who。去掉定 引导词分别是_______________________ 语后句子的主干是___________________________.

the gift is not something but a contribution.


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