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1. Is this mosquito on the wall ___ or dead? Both plants and animals are ___ things. Carl had a stranger way of making his classes ___ and interesting. It will be the largest ___ concert the world has ever seen. A alive B live C living D lively 2. Lucy is ___ out on Sundays. I have ___ nothing to do today. There’s not ___ enough money for another car. The hunter fell of a tree and ___ broke his legs. A almost B nearly C mostly D A and B 3. When I woke up, I found myself ___ in the hospital. Few people liked to visit that ___ places. A ___ man lived in a ___ house by hillside. She was ___, but she didn’t feel ___. A alone B lonely C lone D A and B 4. The teacher asked us to read the text ___ in the morning. We could hear the students talking ___ in the classroom. Facts speak ___ than words. A aloud B louder C loudly 5. The clothes were made ___ for the king. “Drag” means pull along, ___ with effort and difficulty. He sent a ___ governor to this city. It is not ___ cold today. A especial B especially C special D specially 6. This book is ___ too easy for the seniors. His English is ___ good. A fairly B quite C rather D A and B 7. His girlfriend lives in a ___ town. The town his girl friend lives in is ___. The sun is ___ the Earth. His girlfriend lives two miles ___ here. A far away B faraway C far away from D away from

8. This problem will be ___ discussed tomorrow. I was so tired that I could walk no ___. Nanjing is ___ from Beijing than Tianjin is. A farther B further C far D A and B 9. My watch is five minutes ___. The young man ran away ___. I think this coat will fit you quite well ___. So I tried my best to find the answer ___. ___ I found it. A fast B quickly C soon D B and C 10. The villagers speak ___ of the work. The villagers climbed ___ up the tree. The villager is about 1.7 meters ___. A high B highly C tall 11. I hear that you haven’t been well ___. I heard that you went to bed ___ last night. I shall call him again ___. A late B later C lately 12. This shirt is ___ small for him to wear. She is a ___ beautiful girl in town. It is ___ hotter today than it was yesterday. A very B much C too 13. It is ___ for me to talk to her. I’m ___ that you have decided to come. There is a ___ result to our talks. A pleasing B pleased C pleasant D A and C 14. She is very ___ to ring me tonight. It is ___ for her to ring me tonight. She will very ___ come tonight. A likely B probable C probably D possible 15. When you hear the sad news, please keep ___. Please keep ___ while I take your photograph. There is a ___ “b” in the word “climb”. He lived a ___ life in the country. A calm B quiet C silent D still

16. She does talk ___, doesn’t she? The dress is ___ long for me. Do you want the car ___? I don’t want ___ of them, six will be enough. A too many B too much C much too D very much 17. John is the ___ of the boy students in his class. John is ___ than the other boys in his class. No other boy student is so ___ as John in his class. A strong B stronger C strongest 18. Which do you like ___, red or blue? Which season do you like ___, winter, spring, summer or autumn? Which newspaper do you like ___ of all? A good B better C best 19. They are ___ little children that they can’t clean the windows. They got ___ little money that they could not buy a flat. It was ___ bad weather that they had to stay another day. A so B such C very
参考答案: 1. ACDB 2. CABD 3. ABBBD 4. ACB 5. DBCB 6. CD 7. BACD 8. BDA 9. ABCD 10. BAC 11. CAB 12. CAB 13. CBD 14. ADC 15. ADCB 16. BCDA 17. CBA 18. BCC 19. BAB 16.

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