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秋外研版(三起)四上Module 9《Unit 1 Are you going to run on Sports Day》word教案

Unit 1 Are you going to run on sports day? 一、教学目标 1、1 技能与知识目标 1)基本能听懂、会说、会读、会写词汇:for, metre , every day , good luck, come on. 2)基本能听懂、会说、会读、会写句型: “What are you going to do for Sports Day ? “I’m going to….” 二、教学重点、难点: 词汇-- for, metre, every day, good luck, come on. 句型—What are you going to do for Sports Day? I’m going to …… 三、教学准备:录音机,磁带,教学卡片,挂图。 Teaching steps: Step 1:Warmer 1.Greetings T: Good morning , children. Ss: Good morning, Ms Sun. T: How are you today? Ss: I’m fine, thanks . And you? T: I’m great. Thank you so much. 2. Sing a song –“I’m going to go to the zoo.” 3.Listen and do. T: The Sports Day is coming soon. Let’s do some training. Basketball , basketball , play basketball; Football , football , play football ; Run , run , run fast ; Jump , jump , jump high ; Ride , ride , ride fast . Step2: Presentation T: Our Sports Day is coming . I ’ m going to take part in some of the sports games . What are you going to do for Sports Day? Ss: I’m going to … (引导学生回答) S1:I’m going to play football/play table tennis/swim…..[ T:Today we’re going to learn the Module 8 Sports Day Unit1 What are you going to do? (板书) 1) 教师拍手以歌曲形式操练。 “What are you going to do?” “I’m going to run.” “I’m going to run.” “What are you going to do?” “I’m going to run.” T:Oh, I’m going to run the 100 metres. 教授:run the 100 metres T:Look!(展示挂图,指着挂图上 Daming 跑步的图) Daming is going to run the 100 metres on Sports Day. Do you want to know who is the winner of the game? Now, let’s learn the text first and try to find it out. Please open your books and turn to page 30. Listen to the tape and then answer my questions. Q1: What are the children going to have? Q2:What is Daming going to do on Sports Day? Q3:What is he going to do for it? Step3:Practice Game1:“传卡片” T: Boys and girls , let’s play a game,ok? Ss: OK! A :What are you going to do? B: I’m going to play football. 进行词卡传递,速度由慢到快,拿到词卡的学生要用句子回答教师及全班的提问。 Game2:“猜猜我要做什么” 老师请单个学生到教师前面模仿做某事的动作,并提问:“What am I going to do?” 把全班分为男女生两组,使用“You are going to…”猜测。老师要鼓励学生模仿过去学习 过的所有动作。 Step 4: Production T :“You are super! And now you can do the task. Please work in groups and try to finish the task.” (1)学生活动--- 完成运动会报名表。 (2)请部分学生展示对话。 (3)讲解课文。 (4)跟读课文。 (5)学生自由读课文。 (6)全班读课文。 (7)分角色表演课文故事。 Step5: Cooler T: Class is over. See you next time. Ss: See you. Homewok: 1、听磁带跟读课文 20 分钟,家长签字。 2、抄写第 8 模块的单词。 3、预习 Module 8 Unit 2.



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