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六年级上册英语精准检测Unit 2 Ways to go to school

Unit 2 Ways to go to school Part A Let's try & Let's talk Ⅰ.Look and match.(看图连线。) Ⅱ.Read and write.(按要求写出下列单词的相应形式。) 1.child(名词复数)children_ 2.foot(名词复数)feet_ 3.late(反义词)early 4.come(对应词)go 5.talk(现在分词)talking 6.this(对应词)that_ 7.go(第三人称单数)goes_ 8.they (名词性物主代词)theirs_ 9.walk (第三人称单数)walks_ 10.by(同音异形词)buy_ Ⅲ.Read and choose.(单项选择我最棒!) ( B )1.He usually________to school by car. A.go B.goes C.going ( A )2.Let's ________to the nature park. A.go B.goes C.going ( C )3.I come to school ________foot. A.by ( A )4.—________? B.in C.on —By car. A.How do you come to school B.Where is the school C.How are you ( A )5.I sometimes________to school. A.walk B.walks C.walking Ⅳ.Look and fill in the blanks.(看图,根据上下文填空。) In my class,many children go to school on__foot.Some go to school by__bus.Some parents go to work by__car.But some of them go to work by__bike. Ⅴ.Read and number.(给下列句子排序,使其成为一段通顺的话。) (1)Hi,Sarah.Nice to see you again. ( 5 )On foot? Is your home near the school? ( 3 )How do you go to school,Sarah? ( 2 )Nice to see you, too. ( 4 )I usually go to school on foot. ( 6 )Yes.It's next to our school.What about you? ( 8 )Oh.It's time for class.Hurry up. ( 7 )I go to school by bus.My home is far. Part A Let's learn & Write and say Ⅰ.Read and choose.(读一读,选出每组中不同类的一项。) ( A )1.A.on foot B.by bus C.by train ( C )2.A.subway B.train C.walk ( A )3.A.early B.usually C.always ( B )4.A.follow B.works C.talk ( A )5.A.plane B.taxi C.car Ⅱ.Look and choose.(看图,选择出行方式。) A.on foot B.by taxi C.by plane D.by ship E.by subway F.by train 1. (D) 2. (B) 3. ( F)) 4. (C) 5. (E) 6. (A) Ⅲ.Read and choose.(单项选择我最棒!) ( C )1.How do you get to the USA________China? A.for B.to C.from ( B )2.The boy will go________bus. A.to B.by C.on ( C )3.Usually I come to school by bike,________I walk to school today. A.so B.and C.but ( C )4.________I walk to school.________I go buy bus. A.Usually;Some time B.Usually;Sometime C.Usually;Sometimes ( A )5.That's good________. A.exercise B.exercises C.exercising Ⅳ.Think and answer.(结合实际情况,回答下列问题。) 1.How do you go to school? ________________________________________________________________________ 2.How does your mother go shopping? ________________________________________________________________________ 3.How does your father go to work? ________________________________________________________________________ 4.How do you go to the USA from Ji'nan? _________________________________

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