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中考英语总复习 第一部分 系统复习 成绩基石 八下 第14讲 Unit 56课件1_图文

第一部分 系统复习 成绩基石

第 14 讲 Unit 5-Unit 6


1.If he comes,I will tell him the __truth__.(true) 2.I want to be a __reporter__ like my uncle when I grow up.(report) 3.The old man __suddenly__ fell down on the ground when he was walking.(sudden) 4.The radio says that it will be __windy__ tomorrow. (wind) 5.Frank was sitting in __silence__ under the tree.(silent) 6.The young man was bored with the work and wanted to do something __completely__ different.(complete) 7.The __excited__ children forgot to take the presents to the party.(excite) 8.Liu Qian is a famous Chinese __magician__.(magic)


9.Cathy called Jim twice yesterday afternoon,but


A.picked up

B.put up

C.got up

D.woke up

10.I was late for school.Because my alarm didn’t


A.turn off

B.go off

C.cut off

D.put off

11.I didn’t understand what my teacher said __B__,

but later I got it.

A.at last

B.at first

C.at least

D.in fact

12.The rain beat __D__ the window heavily and the

little girl was very afraid.

A.from B.with C.through


13.—You seem kind of __C__ today.Why are you so


—I didn’t pass the math exam.





14.—Look!The fire is __A__.

—Let’s put more wood on it.

A.dying down

B.going off

C.picking up

D.cutting out

15.More and more people __C__ the importance of the eco-friendly lifestyle. A.miss B.promise C.realize D.suggest

16.After the heavy storm,the lake __A__,and the water ran into the houses. A.rose B.compared C.opened D.decided

17.I __D__ just now,so I didn’t hear the phone call.

A.agreed with

B.fell behind

C.was ready

D.fell asleep

18.With the guide __B__ the way,we finally got to the village which we were looking for. A.changing B.leading C.noticing D.allowing

19.—Mom,I want to drive to my grandparents’ home. —Don’t be __A__.You are too young to drive. A.silly B.noisy C.nervous D.sad

20.—You really shouldn’t make such a mistake. —Yes.I found myself very __A__. A.stupid B.helpful C.clever D.strong

21.—How beautiful the city is!

—You’re right.I __D__ it when I got here.

A.got on with

B.took care of

C.had to do with

D.fell in love with

高频考点精讲 考点1 against的用法 Ben was helping his mom make dinner when the rain began to beat heavily against the windows.当雨滴开始 重重地敲打在窗户上时,本正在帮着妈妈做晚餐。 Unit 5 P35
【透析】 against作介词,意为“倚,碰,靠;反对,违 反”。如:The teacher’s desk is against the wall.老 师的办公桌靠墙(放着)。 【归纳】 常用固定词组:be against sth./doing sth.“反 对做某事”,其反义词组为:be for sth./doing sth.“支 持做某事”。

考点2 辨析rise与raise
When he woke up,the sun was rising.当他醒来时,太阳正 渐渐升起。 Unit 5 P35

不及物动词,着重指“上升, The river rose

rise 升高”,主语通常是升高的物 yesterday afternoon.




起,筹集”,强调把某物从较 They raise the flag

raise 低处抬(举、提)到较高处。它 every morning.他们每

可以用于比喻,如提高价值、 天早上升旗。 名誉、地位、工资等

考点3 trouble的用法
I had trouble thinking clearly after that because I was very afraid.从那之后我都无法清晰地思考,因为我太害 怕了。 Unit 5 P39
【透析】 (1)trouble常用作不可数名词,意为“困难,苦恼, 忧虑”。其用法如下: ◆have trouble (in) doing sth.意为“做某事有困难”。如: ①Thousands of people have trouble falling asleep.成千 上万的人都有难以入睡的困扰。②He had no trouble finding a job.他毫不费劲地找到了一份工作。 ◆get into trouble with sb.意为“与某人发生冲突”。如: I used to get into trouble with the police.我以前经常 和警察发生冲突。 ◆be in trouble意为“处于困难(困境)中”。如:Just call me whenever you’re in trouble.无论什么时候你遇到麻烦, 给我打电话。 (2)trouble 作动词,意为“使苦恼,打扰”。如:I’m sorry to trouble you.对不起,打扰你了。

考点4 remind的用法 This story reminds us that you can never know what’s possible unless you try to make it happen. Unit 6 P42
【透析】 remind动词,意为“提醒;使想起”,后常接名词 或代词作宾语,常用于以下结构中: ◆remind sb.of sth.意为“使某人回想起或意识到某物/事”。 如:The story reminds me of my happy childhood.这个故 事让我想起了我快乐的童年。 ◆remind sb.to do sth.意为“提醒某人做某事”。如:My parents often remind me to study hard.我父母常提醒我努 力学习。 ◆remind sb.that...意为“提醒某人……”。如:I reminded him that he must go home before dark.我提醒他 必须在天黑之前回家。

考点5 辨析instead与instead of

But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains?除了移山,愚公还能做什么呢? Unit 6 P42

We walked down the

介词短语,意为“代替, stairs instead of

instead 而不是”。用在句中,后 taking the elevator.我


面跟名词、代词、动名词 或短语



副词,意为“反而,代 If you can’t go to the

替”。修饰整个句子,位 instead 于句首或句末,后面不接
其他的词,表示没有做前 面的事而做了后面的事

meeting,I can go instead.如果你不去开会, 我可以(代替你)去。

考点6 marry的用法 The new couple were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they got married.这对夫妇是如此的激动,以 至于当他们结婚的时候他们情不自禁地笑了。 Unit 6 P44 【透析】 marry为动词,可作“娶”讲,也可作“嫁”讲。常 用结构: ◆marry sb.意为“嫁给某人;与某人结婚”。如:She married a man with a lot of money.她嫁给了一个很有钱的 人。 ◆get married意为“结婚”,表示动作,不能与表示一段时 间的状语连用。如:When did she get married?她什么时候 结的婚?

◆be married意为“结婚”,表示状态,可与表示一段时间的 状语连用。如:They have been married for six years.他 们已经结婚六年了。 【注意】 get married和be married都可以与介词to连用,但 不能与with连用,即be / get married to sb.意为“与某人 结婚”。 如:She got married to a teacher.=She was married to a teacher.她同一位老师结婚了。

考点7 辨析voice,sound与 noise

Then they hear an old woman’s voice from inside the house.然后,他们听到从屋内传来一位老妇人的声音。 Unit 6 P47

侧重指人的声音(说话、唱歌),The girl has a

voice 有时也指鸟鸣声。表示不同种 beautiful voice.那女



用作名词时,泛指自然界的各 Light travels much


种“声音”;用作系动词时, faster than sound.光 后面跟形容词作表语,意为 的传播速度比声音快得



名词,意为“噪音,喧闹声”。The noise of traffic

noise 指不和谐、不悦耳的“噪音” kept him awake.车辆



语法1:过去进行时见P156 语法2:连词when和while的用法见P139和P140 语法3:连词unless,as soon as,so...that...的用法见 P140和P141

考点即时运用 单项填空 1.[考点1]Yao Ming scored 41 points in a game __D__ the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. A.from B.to C.through D.against

2.[考点7]At the foot of Wulian Mountain,you can hear the __A__ of running water. A.sound B.noise C.voice D.silence

3.[考点4]The old song always ___A_ me of my best

classmate.So I like it very much.



C.compares D.competes

4.[考点2]Everyone knew that the sun __C__ in the east.


B.raises C.rises D.raised

5.[考点5]I like reading with my roommates in the library __A__ in the classroom. A.instead of B.instead C.because D.as for

6.[考点3]—Why are you so angry? —Don’t mention it.I got into trouble __B__ my neighbor this morning. A.for B.with C.of D.to

7.[考点7]Oh,my god!The kids are making too much __C__ here.I can’t do anything. A.sound B.voice C.noise D.shout

8.[考点6]She __B__ for ten years and now she has a

lovely daughter.


B.has been married

C.got married D.has got married

9.[考点5]It will take us several days from Beijing

to Henan by car,so let’s fly __D__.


B.in order

C.instead of


10.[语法3]—May I go to climb the mountain with my classmates tomorrow,Mum? —You can’t do that __D__ you finish all your homework today. A.when B.if C.because D.unless

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