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提高训练 完形填空 8

Rose usually wakes up early in the morning. She always has her breakfast at half past six. She leaves home at __1__ seven o'clock. She is never late for __2__. She __3__ many classes in morning. At about twelve fifteen, she comes back for __4__. In the afternoon, she isn't so busy. After school she does her homework __5__ play with other children. In the __6__, her parents come back from the factory. The __7__ have supper together. After that, they usually __8__ newspapers or __9__ the radio for a little time. Sometimes, they watch TV. Rose __10__ at half past nine. But her father often works late at night. (C)1. A) over B) for 【详解】about 大约. C) about D) only

(B)2. A) work B) school C) dinner D) bus 【详解】late for .ph.迟到. 根据下文中"classed"判断地点是学校。 (A)3. A) has B) have C) takes D) does 【详解】have class .ph.上课. 注意主谓一致。 (C)4. A) breakfast B) supper C) lunch D) dinner 【详解】lunch .n.午饭. 从时间"twelve fifteen"判断是中午,所以应该是午饭。 (D)5. A) but B) because C) so D) and 【详解】前后句并没有转折和因果关系,所以用连词 and. (A)6. A) evening B) afternoon C) morning 【详解】从"supper"判断时间是傍晚或者晚上。 D) noon

(A)7. A) family B) father C) mother D) friend 【详解】family .n.家庭. 从谓语 have 判断此处为集体名词 family. (B)8. A) look at B) read C) see 【详解】read newspapers .ph.看报纸. (D)9. A) make B) watch 【详解】listen to .ph.听. (D)10. A) goes to school C) hear D) hear

D) listen to

B) has supper

C) plays football



goes to bed 【详解】go to bed .ph.睡觉. 从时间 at half past nine 判断答案。

B Dear Bill, How are you? It's very nice for you to write to me. Let me __1__ something about my life in China. I think you __2__ to know it. I live in Li Lei's home. He is my __3__. His father and mother are both teachers. Their house isn't big. __4__ of them are very friendly __5__ me. They teach me Chinese __6__ I teach them English. Now I __7__ with them in Chinese. But I can't __8__ very well. Chinese is very hard to learn, I think. Mrs Li often teaches me how to __9__ Chinese food. Hmm! How much I like Chinese food! My school is not far. I go __10__ by bike. I __11__ six classes every day. __12__ I play games __13__ my classmates. I have a good __14__ here. Don't you want to come? Please write __15__ soon. Love from Jim. (D)1. A) speak B) talk C) say you D) tell you 【详解】tell sb about sth 告诉某人有关……。tell 的意思是“告诉”,后面跟 宾语或双宾语结构。常用于 tell sb (to do) sth 结构。say 后面不能跟双宾语结构,speak 后接表示语言类的词。talk 意为“谈话”、“交谈”,指相互之间的的谈话。 (A)2. A) want B) have C) like D) forget 【详解】want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事。 (C)3. A) student B) teacher C) classmate D) boy 【详解】student 学生;teacher 老师;classmate 同学;boy 男孩。根据上下文可 知答案。 (B)4. A) Some B) All C) Both D) Any 【详解】表示“三者或三者以上全都”用 all,表示“两者全都”用 both. 这里是 指李磊,李磊的父母三个人。 (C)5. A) for B) with C) to 【详解】be friendly to sb 对某人友好。 (D)6. A) but B) so C) or 【详解】连接两个并列句用 and. D) at

D) and

(B)7. A) am speaking B) am talking C) am saying D) can talk 【详解】talk with sb 和某人交谈。根据"now"可知用现在进行时,句意为:我现在


正用中文跟他们交谈。 (B)8. A) say B) speak C) talk 【详解】speak 的宾语往往是某种语言。 D) tell

(C)9. A) make B) do C) cook D) study 【详解】cook .v.烹饪。表示做食物用 cook,不用 do 或 make. (A)10. A) there B) to there C) here D) to here 【详解】固定搭配 come here 来这儿,go there 去那儿。这里 there 指代“学校”。 (B)11. A) do B) have C) study 【详解】have classes 意为“上课”。 (B)12. A) In class over 【详解】after school 表示放学后。 (B)13. A) and B) with C) for 【详解】with 表示和“某人在一起”。 (C)14. A) day B) book C) time 【详解】have a good time 玩得高兴。 (A)15. A) back B) to back C) for me 【详解】write back soon 意为“尽快回信”。 D) by B) After school D) make

C) In the room

D) School

D) week

D) letter




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