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2018年最新高考英语语法易错题分类解析 被动语态考点

被动语态考点 ◆典型陷阱题分析◆ 1. “Do you like the material?” “Yes, it _____ very soft.” A. is feeling C. feels B. felt D. is felt 【陷阱】此题容易误选 D,想当然地根据“这布料摸起来很柔软”这一句意,认为“布料” 应是“被摸”,所以 feel 选用被动语态. 【分析】其实,此题正确答案为 C,因为 feel 在此为连系动词,而连系动词均为不及 物动词,不能用于被动语态,尽管有时其汉语意思有被动意味.请看以下类似例子 (答案均 为 D): (1) Her forehead _____ hot. I’m afraid she is ill. A. is feeling C. is felt B. felt D. feels (2) The new school has been completed. It _____ very beautiful. A. is looked C. has looked B. looked D. looks (3) The dish _____ nice, but the milk _____ sour. A. is smelt, is smelt C. smells, is smelt (4) The story of his life _____ interesting. A. is sounded C. has sounded B. is sounding D. sounds B. is smelt, smells D. smells, smells 2. He was angry _____ your work. He said that he _____ at all. A. at, didn’t satisfy C. at, wasn’t satisfied 【陷阱】几个干扰项均有可能被误选. 【分析】最佳答案为 C. be angry at (about) sth 意为“对某事生气”,许多同学常按汉语意 思将其中的介词 at (about) 换成 to,这是错误的.另外,许多同学将汉语的“不满意”直译为 1 B. to, didn’t satisfy D. to, wasn’t satisfied not satisfy,这是是不对的,因为,satisfy 在现代英语中只用作及物动词,其意不是“满意” 而是“使(人)满意”,所以其后不能没有宾语,除非本身是被动语态(或是系表结构). ◆精编陷阱题训练◆ 1. The president _____ a cool reception when he visited London. A. gave C. had given B. was given D. had been given 2. A red sky in the morning _____ to be a sign of bad weather. A. says C. has said B. is saying D. is said 3 If you go there alone after dark you might get _____. A. attacked and robbed B. to attack and rob B. attacking and robbing D. to be attacked and robbed 4. What I wanted to know was when and where the meeting ______. A. was holding C. was to hold B. had held D. was to be held 5. New medicines and instruments ______ every day to extend life. A. develop C. are developing B. are being developed D. have developed 6. I’ll come after the meeting if time ______. A. permits C. is permitted B. is permitting D. has permitted 7. The students _____ £50 a year to cover the cost of books and stationery. A. give C. have given B. are given D. to give 8. With the development of science, more new technology _______ to the fields of IT. A. has introduced C. is introduced B. is being introduced D. was introduced 9.”How about the dishes, Dear?” “The beef didn’t taste very good. It ______ too long.” A. cooked C. was cooked 2 B. had been cooked D. had cooked 10. He kept a little notebook, in which ______ the names and addresses of his friends. A. wrote C. was written B. was writing D. were written 11. “Look! Everything here is under construction.” “What is the small bui

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