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高考英语一轮复习 完形填空学生选习题1

湖北洪湖市 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空学生选习题
完形填空。 Students will need to use all of their skills in order to understand the reading selections in Reader's Choice. The book__1__many types of selections on a wide__2__of topics. These selections provide practices on__3__different reading skills to get the__4__of the writer. They also give students__5__in four basic reading skills: skimming, scanning, reading for__6__comprehension, and critical reading. Skimming involves reading quickly through a text to get an overall idea of its contents. This kind of rapid reading is__7__when you are trying to decide__8__careful reading is desirable or when there is not__9__to read something carefully.Like skimming, scanning is also quick reading.__10__, in this case the search is more__11__.To scan is to read quickly in order to__12__specific information. When you read to find a__13__date, or number you are scanning. Reading for thorough comprehension is__14__reading in order to understand the total__15__of the passage. __16__this level of comprehension the reader is __17__to summarize the author's ideas but has not yet made a critical evaluation of those ideas. Critical reading demands that a reader __18__judgments about what he or she reads. This kind of reading __19__posting and answering questions such as “Does my own experience support that of the author?”, “Do I __20__ the author's point of view?” And “Am I convinced by the author's arguments and evidence?” 文章大意:本文教你阅读理解的基本步骤,介绍了一些阅读方法与技巧。 1.A.contains C.put 答案:A B.uses D.writes contain“包含”,这是本包含很多话题的文选。 B.variety D.subject a variety of 表示各种各样的。本题易误选 D。 B.understanding D.employing

2.A.sense C.kind 答案:B

3.A.making C.speaking 答案:D

employ“使用,利用”。本题易误选 A、B。 B.secret D.nature

4.A.message C.content 答案:A

message“信息”。阅读这些文章,了解作者要表达的,传递的信息。本题易误选 C。 B.point D.opinion

5.A.power C.practice

答案:C 用 practice 表示给学生提供训练。本题易误选 D。


6.A.better C.general

B.basic D.thorough

答案:D 从前后动作的顺序来看先是大略地看,然后是彻底理解,再然后是批评性阅读。 7.A.suitable C.wrong B.interesting D.true

答案:A 在这种情况下是最合适的(suitable)。 8.A.that C.when B.if D.why

答案:B 从语意看这里表示“是否”合适,因此用 if 或 whether 引导宾语从句。本题易误选 A、C。 9.A.interest C.time B.habit D.desire

答案:C 在没有充足的时间时就用这种办法。本题易误选 D。 10.A.Moreover C.However B.Anyway D.Therefore

答案:C 上下文表示转折关系,前面说相同,后者说不同之处,因此用 however 连接上下文。 11.A.funny C.perfect B.concentrated D.important

答案:B 虽然是略读(scan),可是比跳读(skim)要更集中精力。本题易误选 D。 12.A.deal with C.go over 答案:D B.get in D.find out

find out“寻找”(信息资料),如下面提到的寻找日期或数字等。 B.different D.particular particular“具体的,特定的”。 B.slowly D.perfectly

13.A.common C.fine 答案:D

14.A.carefully C.quickly

答案:A 既然是为了“彻底地了解”,那么自然是仔细地阅读。本题易误选 B。 15.A.design C.meaning B.explanation D.feeling

答案:C 理解文的内容和含义(meaning)。 16.A.To C.At 答案:C B.On D.In at this level 表示在这个层次面,阅读进行到这个阶段时。本题易误选 B、D。 B.able D.simple

17.A.impossible C.difficult


答案:B 此时我们作者就能够(able)做到这点了。 18.A.makes C.puts 答案:A 等。 19.A.lacks C.demands B.requires D.affords B.finds D.offers make+(a)+动词的名词形式表示该动词的含义,如:make a (an)answer/apology/living

答案:B 此时需要(require)这么做。本题易误选 C。 20.A.tell C.share B.express D.argue

答案:C 既然是 critical reading,那么就是要表示自己的观点,share(分享)表示与作者有相同的 观点。本题易误选 D。

【2015 高考复习】完形填空 The day finally came,when I had to leave the warm home where I’d grown up.I ran to the back yard, as tears came up from my heart.Suddenly I__1__a hand rest on my shoulder.I looked up to__2__my grandfather.“It isn’t__3__,is it,Billy?” he said softly. Gently__4__my hand in his,we walked,hand in hand,to the front yard,__5__a huge red rose?bush sat alone. “What do you see here,Billy?” he asked.I looked at the flowers,not knowing__6__to say,and then answered,“I see something soft and__7__,grandpa.” He pulled me__8__.“It isn’t just the roses that are beautiful,Billy.It’s that special place in your heart that makes them so.”“Billy,I__9__these roses when my first son was born.It was my__10__of saying ‘thank you’ to God.I__11__to watch him pick roses for his mother.Then,as a young man of only 20,a terrible war robbed him of his life.” Grandpa slowly stood up.“Never say good?bye,Billy.Never__12__to the sadness and the loneliness.Instead,I want you to remember the joy and the__13__when you first said hello to a friend.” A year later,my grandpa became very__14__.Then all members of the family were__15__back,and I returned to the old house.When it came to my__16__,I took his hand as__17__as he had once taken mine. “Hello,grandpa,” I__18__.His eyes slowly opened and said,“Hello,my friend.” With a brief__19__he died.Suddenly,and truly.I knew what he had __20__ about never saying good?bye—about refusing to give in to sadness. 【语篇解读】 本文为一篇记叙文。文章主要讲述一天“我”为离开温暖的家而伤心难过时,祖父过来安慰


“我”,并告诉“我”无论发生什么永远不要说再见。直到祖父去世时,“我”才真正明白祖父所说的“永 远不要说再见”的真正含义——不要屈服于悲伤和难过。 1. A.felt C.watched B.fixed D.heard

解析 根据语境可知,此处指“我”跑到后院,任泪水流淌。突然“我”感觉有只手放在“我”的肩膀上。 feel 感觉到,符合语境。 答案 A 2.A.watch C.see B.interview D.discover

解析 此处指“我”抬起头结果看见是祖父。see 强调看的结果;watch 强调有意识地“观看”。 答案 C 3.A.difficult C.easy B.hard D.comfortable

解析 由上文可知,祖父看到“我”因不得不离开家而悲伤难过得哭了,所以他会说“不容易是吗”,故此 处应为 easy。 答案 C 4.A.making C.leading B.taking D.carrying

解析 根据倒数第二段最后一句话“...I took his hand as________as he had once taken mine.”可知, 此处应填 taking,与下文相照应。 答案 B 5.A.where C.which B.when D.while

解析 “________a huge red rose?bush sat alone”为非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 the front yard, 先行词在从句中作地点状语,故填关系副词 where。 答案 A 6.A.what C.who B.how D.whether

解析 此处指“我”看着花不知道该说什么。________to say 为宾语从句,从句中缺少成分,故应用关系代 词 what 引导,作动词 say 的宾语。 答案 A 7.A.red C.funny B.tasty D beautiful

解析 根据下文“It isn’t just the roses that are beautiful,Billy.”可知,此处应填 beautiful, 与下文相照应。


答案 D 8.A.close C.far B.hard D.around

解析 根据语境可知,此处是指祖父把“我”拉近。close 符合语境。 答案 A 9.A.bought C.treated B.planted D.discovered

解析 根据语境可知,此处是指当祖父的第一个儿子出生时,他种植了这些玫瑰。plant 意为“种植”,符合 语境。 答案 B 10.A.approach C.way B.method D.solution

解析 method 指相当精心安排的技术技巧所构成的方法,强调以效率与精确为其目标;way 为普通用语,指 一般的方法,a/the way of doing sth./to do sth.意为“做某事的方法”;A、D 项之后都接介词 to。 答案 C 11.A.preferred C.referred B.wanted D.used

解析 由下文“a terrible war robbed him of his life”可知,此处为祖父过去常常看儿子摘玫瑰花给妻 子,而现在无法看到了,因为战争夺去了他年轻的生命。used to do sth.意为“过去常常做某事”,符合语 境。 答案 D 12.A.give up C.give in B.give off D.give away

解析 give up 放弃;give off 发出(气味等);give in 屈服,让步;give away 赠送;泄露,出卖。根据文 章最后一句话“...about refusing to give in to sadness.”可知,此处应填 give in,与下文相照应。 答案 C 13.A.word C.sight B.happiness D.memory

解析 由并列连词 and 可知,空格处与前面 joy 相呼应。 答案 B 14.A.ill C.old B.weak D.serious

解析 由下一句“Then all members of the family were________back,and I returned to the old house.” 可知,祖父这时病重。 答案 A


15.A.ordered C.delivered

B.called D.sent

解析 由于祖父病重,所以把家里所有的成员都叫回来。call 符合语境。 答案 B 16.A.pleasure C.turn B.duty D.wish

解析 此处指祖父临终前和家人作临终告白,当轮到“我”时??turn 意为“轮流”,符合语境。 答案 C 17.A.happily C.carefully B.sadly D.gently

解析 由第二段“Gently________my hand in his...”可知, 当轮到“我”时, “我”像祖父曾经抓住“我” 的手一样轻轻地抓住他的手。所以 gently 符合语境。 答案 D 18.A.laughed C.added B.shouted D.whispered

解析 laugh 笑;shout 喊叫,大声说;add 接着说,补充说;whisper 小声说,耳语。此处指“我”小声地 说:“你好,祖父”。A、B、C 项皆不符合语境。 答案 D 19.A.sign C.smile B.sigh D.wave

解析 此处应指祖父和“我”说完话之后是含笑而终。smile 符合语境。 答案 C 20.A.thought C.worried B.meant D.cared

解析 此处是指突然“我”真正明白了祖父曾经说的关于“永远不要说再见”的含义。 答案 B。

完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以 填入空白处的最佳选项。

My father enjoys bike riding. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved going biking with my dad. 36 _ , as I became a teenager, other things began to 37 my attention. It was important to


do things with friends 38

. I saw my dad every evening at home. Why did I have to 39 my Sundays

to all-day bike trips with him, 40 ? If my indifference (冷漠) 41 him, my father kept silent, but he 42 always let me know when he was planning a bike trip 43 I wanted to come.

It was a Sunday morning, and I was in low __44__ . Two of my friends had gone to the 45 without inviting me. Just then my father entered my room. “It’s a beautiful day. Want to go for a ride today, Beck?” “Leave me alone!” I impatiently 47 he left the house that morning. 46 . Those were the last words I said to him

Several hours later, the 48 called us informing us that Dad had a traffic accident. My father’s injuries were serious. It took several days before he could _49 speak. Beside his bed I held his hand gently, 50__ of hurting him.

“Daddy ? I am sorry ?”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll be okay.”

“No,” I said, “I

51 what I said to you that day. You know, that morning?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t 52

anything about that day, not before, during or after the accident:

I remember kissing you goodnight the night before, though.” He 53 a weak smile.I felt regretful for my thoughtless remark for I never wanted him to leave me alone. My teacher once told me that 54 _ have immeasurable power. They can hurt or they can heal (治愈). And we all have the to choose our words. I intend to do that very carefully from now on. 55___

36.A. Besides

B. Instead

C. Therefore

D. However


【解析】考查副词及上下文的呼应。besides 并且; instead 反而; therefore 因此;however 可是。根据 后面的 other things 可知,这里表示转折关系。可是当我十几岁时,其他的事情又开始引起我的注意,故 选 D。


B. fix

C. draw

D. call



【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。pay one’s attention 注意;fix one’s attention 注意;draw one’s attention 引起注意;call one’s attention 使某人注意。可是当我十几岁时,其他的事情又 引起我的注意,根据句意故选 C。 开始

38.A. in time

B. once again

C. all of a sudden D. on one hand


【解析】考查短语及上下文的呼应。in time 及时; once again 又一次; all of a sudden 突然地; on one hand 一方面。突然感觉和朋友做一些事情是重要的,故选 C。

39. A . devote

B. save

C. start

D. waste


【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。devote 致力于; save 挽救; start 开始; waste 浪费。

devote...to 是固定搭配,意思是“投入??做某事”,即我为什么也要花费整个星期日和他骑车啊。故 选 A。

40. A. too

B. either

C. also

D. as well


【解析】考查副词及上下文的呼应。too 也,用在肯定句或疑问句中,通常位于句末; either 也,用在否 定句,放在句末,之前加逗号; also 也,用在肯定句,句中; as well 一般不用否定句,通常放在句末, 强调时可放在句中。这里是疑问句,故选 A。

41. A. wounded

B. harmed

C injured

D. hurt


【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。wound 用作动词时,意思是“使?受伤,伤害”。可指身体上的伤害,也可 表示感情上的伤痛,是及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语,可用于被动结构。指枪伤、刀伤、刺伤等皮肉之伤,


是出血的、严重的伤,尤其指用武器有意造成的伤口、伤疤或战场上受伤。harm 表示人的心理、健康、权力 或事业上的损害,程度较轻; injure 比 hurt 正式,主要指意外事故中损害健康、容貌等,强调功能的损失。 hurt 为普通用语,既可指肉体上的伤害(可被 badly, slightly, seriously 等修饰),也可指精神上、感 情上的伤害(被 very much/rather/deeply 修饰),多指伤痛。这里指心理上的伤害,如果我的沉默伤害 了他,他就保持沉默,故选 D。

42.A. could

B. would

C. might

D. must


【解析】考查情态动词及上下文的呼应。could 能;

would 过去常常,将要; might 也许;must 必须。

根据 always 可知这里表示过去常常,但是他总是想让我知道他什么时候进行自行车旅行,故选 B。

43. A. unless

B. in case

C. so that

D. as if



除非; in case 万一; so that 以便; as if 好像。 in case

意思是“以防(万一)”。当他计划自行车旅行的时候总会让我知道,万一我也想去。故选 B。

44. A. spirits

B. conditions

C. emotions

D. hopes


【解析】考查名词及上下文的呼应。spirits 精神; conditions 条件; emotions 情感;hopes 希望。in low spirits 是固定短语,意思是“情绪低落”。由空后 “我的两个朋友去看电影却没叫我” 可知答案。故选 A。

45. A. supper

B. movies

C. school

D. office


【解析】考查名词及上下文的呼应。supper 晚饭; movies 电影; school 两个朋友去看电影(movies)却没叫我,故选 B。

学校;office 办公室。我的

46. A. whispered

B. shouted

C. warned

D. announce



【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。whispered 低语; shouted 大叫; warned 警告;announce 宣布。我不 耐烦地大叫(shouted)到,“让我一个人呆着。”故选 B。

47.A. until

B. when

C. before

D. after


【解析】考查连词及上下文的呼应。until 直到; when 什么时候; before 在??以前;after 在??之后。 在他那天早晨离开我的房间之前(before)那是我给他说的最后的话,故选 C。

48.A. teacher

B. friend

C. passer-by

D. police


【解析】考查名词及上下文的呼应。teacher 教师; friend 朋友; passer-by 过路人; police 警察。 几个 小时之后警察(police)打电话通知我们,说父亲出了交通事故。故选 D。

49. A. generally

B. broadly

C. strictly

D. finally


【解析】考查副词及上下文的呼应。generally 通常地; broadly 明显地; strictly 严格地;finally 最 后。几天后父亲才最终(finally)开口说话,故选 D。

50. A. tired

B. afraid

C. aware

D. sorry


【解析】考查形容词及上下文的呼应。tired 累的; afraid 害怕的; aware 意识到的;sorry 遗憾的是。 我轻轻地抓住父亲的手,害怕(afraid)弄疼他。故选 B。

51. A. think

B. discuss

C. mean

D. care



【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。think 想,认为; discuss 讨论; mean 意思是,指的是; care 关怀。 作者向父亲解释自己对父亲说“对不起”的原因。这句话的意思是:我指的是我那天(早上)对你说的话。 故选 C。

52 A. remember

B. hate

C. like

D. forget


【解析】 考查动词及上下文的呼应。 remember 记得; hate 恨; like 喜欢; forget 忘记。 我不记得 (remember) 那天(早上)的事情了,故选 A。

53.A. managed

B. wore

C. smiled

D. showed


【解析】考查动词及上下文的呼应。managed 管理; wore 穿; smiled 微笑; showed 展示。

manage a smile 的意思是“强作微笑”,他强作微笑,故选 A。

54. A. promises

B. apologies

C. smiles

D. words


【解析】 考查动词及上下文的呼应。 promises 承诺; apologies 道歉; smiles 微笑; words 话语。 语言(words) 有不可估量的力量。由下文...to choose our words 可知故选 D。

55. A. power

B. honor

C. desire

D. experience



权利; honor

荣誉; desire 欲望;experience 体验。即

每个人都有权(power)选择自己要说的话 (作者打算以后更加注意自己说的话)。



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高考英语一轮复习 完形填空编选(1)1.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空编选(1)1 - 广西上林县 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空编选 完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的A、B、C和D项中,选...

高考英语一轮复习 自选训练完形填空1.doc

2014 届高考英语一轮复习自选训练 完形填空 1 维 A 完形填空(每题 1.


湖北省洪湖市高考英语一轮复习完形填空选题1_高考_高中教育_教育专区。湖北省洪湖市高考英语一轮复习完形填空选题1 湖北洪湖市 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空选...

高考英语一轮复习 暑假完形填空学生自练1(含解析)1.doc

高考英语一轮复习 暑假完形填空学生自练1(含解析)1 - 广东新会县 2017 高考英语暑假完形填空学生自练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 ...

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空学生自选题3.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空学生自选题3 - 黑龙江七台河市 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空学生自选题 【由上海市闵行区2014质量调研考试改编】 Directions: For each bla...

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(2)1.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(2)1_其它课程_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语一...A 【2015 届浙江省绍兴一中高三上学期回头考试)】 完形填空(共 15 小题;每...

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(六)1.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(六)1_其它课程_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语一

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(一)11.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选练(一)11 - 湖北建始县 2017 高考英语完形填空一轮选练(一) (2016 高考模拟选编)阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的选项...

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选(四)1.doc

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空选(四)1 - 湖南英山县 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空选练(四) (2016 高考模拟选编)阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的选项中...


贵州都匀市 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空学生自练题 (2016 高考模拟选编)

高考英语一轮复习 完形填空编选(4)1.doc

广西上林县 2017 高考英语完形填空(一轮)编选【2014 模拟】---解析版 完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意.然后从 115 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,...


黑龙江省七台河市2017高考英语一轮复习完形填空学生自选题(五) - 黑龙江七台河市 2017 高考英语一轮完形填空学生自选题(五) 完形填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题...

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