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中考英语听力初级训练22 邀请约会

中考英语听力初级训练 22 邀请约会
本集英语听力围绕男士邀请约会展开,整个情景是郎有情妹无意,十分贴近生活。听力文本 和 MP3 皆来自 esl-lab,供非英语国家练习英语使用的初级听力练习材料。你也来练练吧。 英语听力练习题目:Meeting Singles 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. B. C. 4. A. B. C. 5. A. B. C. Where did Doug and Diane first meet? at school at a restaurant at a party How did he know where she lived? He asked a friend for directions. He followed her home. He looked her up in the phone book. Where does Doug invite her to go with him on Thursday? to a restaurant to a theater to a dance What is Diane's response to his invitation on Thursday? She can't go out because she has to study. She is sorry, but she has another date. She has to work that day, so she can't go. How She She She does Diane feel about Doug's idea for Friday? thinks if would be a great idea if she had the time. feels that it would be uninteresting outing. has done the activity before, so she'd rather not go.

答案 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. at a party He asked a friend for directions. to a theater She has to work that day, so she can`t go. She feels that it would be uninteresting outing.

英语听力原文 Doug: Uh, hi there Diane. Nah, okay. Uh . . . Hi, what's up, Di? Okay, here we go. . . [doorbell ringing ] Diane: Uh, hi. It's David, right?


Doug: No, Doug. Remember? We met at Gary's party last Friday night. Diane: Oh, yeah. Now I remember. You were standing all alone . . . uh, oh, I . . . I mean . . . I mean, you . . . you know. We started talking about school and stuff. [Yeah, yeah.]. Uh, how did you know I lived here? Doug: Well, I just live around the corner, and I asked Gary if he knew how I could contact you, and . . . Diane: And? Doug: Well, I was just wondering if you'd like to go out this Thursday night. [Oh.]. Well, there's this real great movie playing downtown at the theater, [Uh . . .] and I thought . . . Well . . . well, we can't use my car 'cause I was in an accident with this wild man driving this BMW, so I've already checked the bus schedule, and . . . Diane: Uh-hem [Well], Well, David [No Doug! Remember?] Oh yeah. Doug. I'm sorry, but I have to work that evening. Doug: Oh really? Well, I thought you said before that you quit your job. Diane: Well, I did, but I found a new one. Doug: Uh, well, how about this Friday night? We could have dinner and then see that movie. Diane: A movie? How boring! Doug: Well, well, uh, well. A movie? Yeah, for . . . forget a movie. Diane: Anyway, I'm afraid I have to cook dinner for my family, and . . . Doug: Hey, I love to cook. We could whip something up together! I mean, it would be great! Diane: I don't think that's a good idea. It's just a family occasion and . . . Doug: Well, hey, are you free this Saturday night? I have two tickets to the football game, and I thought . . . Diane: Sure. I'd love to go. [Okay!] I've wanted to see a game all year. [Yeah!] My roommate will be so surprised when she finds out I have a ticket for her, and . . . Doug: Well, but . . . Diane: Oh [car screeching . . . ] . . . and here's my brother! He's a defensive lineman on the team. Doug: Well, he doesn't look too happy.

Diane: Ah, he's a teddy bear, but hasn't been the same since someone ran into his BMW. Doug: Oh. Let me guess. Red, right? Diane: Right. [Oh] And, it's just that he's a little protective of me since I am his baby sister. Doug: Hey, well, it's been really nice talking to you, but I have to run. Hey. Here are the tickets. Have a great time and, by the way, can I go out your back door? 英语单词词组 1. whip something up (verb): prepare quickly - Let's whip something up for tonight's party. A few games and some snacks should be fine. 2. lineman (noun): a player in the front line of a team One of the lineman from their team is very big, but quick, on the field.



中考英语听力初级训练27 为野餐做准备

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中考英语听力初级训练18 约翰的汉堡店

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如果我们注重情景,常做一些看图说话的训练,对于克服听英语时母语的干扰,形 成...听力测试所涉及的日常生活话题有:问候、邀请、看病、约会、购物、问路、打电话、...


中考英语听力满分技巧 一、听力试题类型: 中考听力...二、听力的话题: 问候、邀请、看病、约会、购物、...在复习阶段听力训练中,同学们应该对以上提到的试题...


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